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  1. No End In Sight, episode 3, map 07, started at 18:30, it's 22:23 now and I still haven't found the red skull or the cyberdemon or half of the secrets and IDDT doesn't really help.


    Also first status comment hi 

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    2. galileo31dos01


      Sorry for responding a little late...


      That switch must be pressed BEFORE getting into the room with the cyberdemon locked (and the barons/imps). The sequence to get to see the cyberdemon is very tricky and a matter of one chance, so I recommend you to use save states (if you already didn't).



    3. leodoom85


      hahaha...then I screwed up because I haven't pressed that switch before getting there first and I'm accostumed to use only one save for the game...big mistake lol

    4. NaturalTvventy


      FYI, there's a 100% secrets demo pack available. Check the No End In Sight speed demos thread, or the wiki page for NEIS, if you just can't figure it out.