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  1. Been practicing how to kill cyberdemons in two-shots, in god mode. Not bad, not bad.

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    2. galileo31dos01


      I'm actually practicing that especially for NGM2's map 07. It's not because I really need to but I took this "break" to get to know the maps before returning to play them for real and it looks like it's a little tight on cells. If it was for me I wouldn't even bother learning the technique, in fact, I'm not a fan of cyberdemons in tight spaces or corridors, but the wad has many of these kind of encounters, so it's good to learn stuff meanwhile. 



    3. bzzrak


      @Nine Inch Heels so rdwpa's pickup lines worked after all? :]

    4. GarrettChan


      Best topic in DW ;P  That's why you should practice your BFG, not your "cheap-ass" double-barreled shotgun.