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  1. Have you ever experienced getting blown away by an archvile that didn't cover you in fire before?

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    2. leodoom85


      It happened to me a bunch of times like the example that I posted above...

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels


      About the exact example of my question, there were a lot of imps that I was rocketing, and the archvile was very far away, I suddenly exploded but I hadn't been covered in fire. It was strange.

      There are still many "ifs" and "buts" to this. That's why having a demo that shows this would have helped a lot.


      There are cases in which a vile locks on to you right before you leave its line of sight, which can make it look like you haven't been targeted at all. If you're unlucky and get back into the AVs line of sight in the exact moment the blast goes off, it may seem like an instant hit. The reason this "happens" is that the flames do not follow you around when you leave the vile's LOS, so there may have been a visual cue that you couldn't see. However in these cases you normally would hear the distinct crackling of the flames, unless there are so many other sounds going on that the sound does not get played in its entirety. If all these things happen at once, then yes, you will be entirely oblivious to an AV having its focus on you, which makes it seem like an instant blast to your face.


      Then there's still the odd chance of something catching an AV's attention. BFG tracers or Rockets exploding are usually prone to triggering these "effects" as well.

    4. galileo31dos01


      Well he was really far away behind the imps, I really can't remember exactly what he was doing. Probably it happened like you said, I got out of he's line of sight without knowing that I was his target, and then when I returned he just sent me to fly, and that's why I wasn't covered in flames. 



      It happened to me a bunch of times like the example that I posted above...

      Yeah specially when you can't avoid the situation because you're surrounded by enemies and you need to free space but he got hit by your shot and then you fly fly fly