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  1. Just curious about your comments on Ancient Aliens. Haven't you finished some harder maps like those in NG2? AA on UV is not that difficult, but I guess you may want a more relaxing experience for this?

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    2. GarrettChan


      To be honest, I always think that modern WADs are usually not for "blind" runs because you need a lot of strategic planning for those maps. Therefore, it's OK to me to savespamming or god mode session because I would like to do god mode session too, usually on harder maps, for some of them, you can't even beat it with savespamming.

    3. galileo31dos01


      I actually did a god mode session for map 18, it was the only map I felt the need to know the way, because I got really pissed off by flying meat inundations. Probably the only map that left me negative feelings, it's practically obligatory to speedrun it and I'm not good at that.

      I guess for pistol starters (I don't know your style) it's more suitable to study harder maps. Then for me, turn god mode on to specific portions that are highly dangerous or smell like deathspam. 

    4. GarrettChan


      I usually run from Pistol start, but more casual gaming, I play continuously. Map18 is a very extreme map that either gives quite good or very bad feeling. Yeah, that's the one you may need god mode session because you're forced to go fast. Even I currently hold the UV Max record for Map18 (because no one compete ;P), there are a lot of problems in the run that I can't tolerate, but I don't want to play that roulette game of "Cacodemon guessing" either...