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  1. Things that make you loose your patience in one second: captcha trolling


    I follow the indications and the captcha says incorrect... 15 times, each page. Besides that, it sometimes says "select all squares containing a Car" and there's one f***ing car divided in every square and I never know what to select because apparently if you select more than 3 squares it's just wrong ugh...


    Sorry, bye

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    2. GarrettChan


      Yep, this is my Google+ account...

    3. Nevander


      I fucking hate Captchas. The worst ones are the ones that ask you to click every image with something like a car in it or a store front. Then the ones you clicked fade out and more come in. FFS isn't there a more efficient and less annoying way to prove I'm human?

    4. Ahmed


      Why am I here?