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  1. (Hellbound dumb stories by moi)


    - Map 29 blah blah... 

    - Plays with mastermind

    - Attempts one-shot to move on

    - Mastermind doesn't die nor flinch, instead keeps shooting

    - Red screen plus lag intensifies so hard I can't see shit

    - Second shot goes, somewhere in the void

    - Bye deathless run

    1. rdwpa


      - opens status

      - see it's posted like this

      - closes status


      (Come on, don't join the dark side!)

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      You know what, Galileo? One of the reasons I follow you is that you're doing pretty cool and extensive writeups, and your comments otherwise are among the most charming ones around here. So, I'm gonna have to agree with rdwpa here. You're too awesome to just






      But I get it, at times one just has to rant, but doesn't feel like putting in lots of effort either. I can relate. ;-)

    3. galileo31dos01


      Sometimes I'm not sure if the way I express or what I'm going to express is going to be or look like non-necessary posts, or shitposting, so I erase/write again/erase/write somewhere else. I'm not going to use -... -... -... if that's the issue, but sometimes I need to rant and the DWMC already played these wads so, my apologies for the format.  


      And thanks!, it's nice to read that my comments are charming for the people.