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  1. Hmm, say you're in a room, you just killed a bunch of enemies, there is nothing else in the room, some seconds later you hear the sound of a fireball crashing into a wall, but there are no more enemies.


    Random non-existent fireballs crashing sound, I think I've read about this somewhere, but anyone out there knows the reasons of this phenomenon?

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    2. galileo31dos01


      Screw my laziness to explain more... Let's change the "some seconds" to "many seconds" which is also validate to the case. Also add that, it has happened to me in different cases, such as getting inside a room and hear the crash in max volume, but there were no projectile-based enemies inside or outside or anywhere. Or also killing all enemies in a map, and while searching for secrets, hearing the crash, in which case I look for the monster responsible, and there is nothing out there. Or, for example hearing the crash to my left, but there's just a wall so it's impossible I couldn't see a fireball coming.


      Am I clear enough?

    3. TootsyBowl


      Let me ask a few more questions.


      1.Have you killed everything on the map? There might be a faraway sniper imp that you missed.

      2. Are you playing vanilla? Several mods I've played have had the monsters attempt to attack me through walls while waiting in teleport closets.

      3. What maps are you playing, and does it have a tendency to have hidden or sniping monsters?

    4. baja blast rd.

      baja blast rd.

      What galileo refers to is an actual phenomenon. I've got it multiple times after clearing out one-room test maps, for example, long after all monsters were killed.


      Someone familiar with the code such as @scifista42 or @Gez might be able to give a suitable answer.

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