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  1. galileo31dos01

    Deep Space Thruster (Boom map)

    Blool map, have an FDA on HNTR (prb+) KSD_fdabygal.zip It's a bit long I think (15 min at least, one death plus loosing track of progress), so if you watch it you'll notice a couple oddities I wasn't sure about, though in general I did fine. Those include: - Floating cell packs - Some strange delayed tp-ing monsters, though I guess probably intentional. - RK guardian was too frightening, hope she was well paid
  2. galileo31dos01

    Caffeine Injection! (5 levels ep, mbf21)updated!

    Glad to see more stuff from yours every now and then. I had quite some fun and nerve-wracking moments playing the maps, gorgeous themes, multiple surprise traps, diagonals for weird monster movement, vibrant colors contrasted by more subdued motifs between maps. The pink sky map felt familiar, I think I have checked a map or two with a similar setting before, and very sure Bridgeburner streamed the first couple maps long time ago. That said, a few observations: - In map 01, in the section for the red skull, there is line 1385 which is linked to a bunch of teleporting revenants. I managed to avoid it while I flipped the switch, and had the key guardians all by myself without intruders. If the intention is to add the revs to the RK guardians, then a safer method is building a voodoo doll setup, otherwise you could summon the revs and kill them before progressing, which is alright anyways. - In map 03, the hidden switch is unfortunately rendered invisible in opengl. In software you can see it though, and so it's of course a downside from choosing opengl (in reality I get better performance). Nevertheless, would you consider adding a slight tweak to the switch? - In map 05, it's possible to knock off monsters into this pit, and while you can still kill whatever is down there, perhaps some mbf21-exclusive block lines could be added? (revs seem the most susceptible of falling in there) Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hello, I played your RC2 in crispy-doom, UV pistol starts. Cool stuff, I liked the KDTID flavor mixed with E2 atmosphere/lighting, fun shotgun action which is a rare feeling for me, and some nice secrets. Few minor observations: - In M2, this door could be set one-sided in the automap so not to confuse with a potential secret. - In M3, might suggest an exit sign for the secret exit. I flipped the switch not knowing it would end the map, and I was still missing secrets. The switch is hinted in crispy's automap though. - In M8, computer map revealed a host of lines that maybe shouldn't be visible? - There were lots of misaligned textures throughout the maps, some more notorious than others, but none seemed on purpose I believe. If you're interested I can point them out (I actually did take screenies up to M5 or so, but then stopped). Thanks for sharing!
  4. Very cool set, fun combat, fine visuals, lovely fireblu and good music selections. Played on crispy doom, UV/PS and had no serious issues, I knew you were going to pull no punches towards the middle half, coming after lunar lace :p As for minor things: - In map 06, found an arachnotron stuck in the woods. The sector where it teleports needs to be moved away a bit. BTW I loved how you exhibited smaller portions of each "dimension" in the corridor, really added to immersion (yes, pun half intended) - This tiny sector in map 09 is perhaps best not shown in the automap, it could be confused for a secret. Thanks for sharing and hope more folks try this out, and hope to see more stuff from you in the future!
  5. galileo31dos01

    Reclaim the Port (Port.wad) for TNT

    Cool map as usual from yours, solid visuals and freedoom trees heh. Quite dug both rapid guns, in fact I didn't hesitate using the rifle for one hell knight. The slower plasma wasn't too bad - one thing is that I could carry more than enough to melt everything with only plasma, past the point of its introduction. That's a good choice here imo, because I opted to equalize weapon use and every weapon was satisfying. It's unfortunate that it crashed in prboom for me, zdoom got me covered though. Thanks for sharing!
  6. galileo31dos01

    WADs with Plutonia-esque combat

    If you like Ozonia then you may want to check the author's other releases, Moonblood and Exomoon, the latter brings custom bestiary so keep that in mind. There is Urania and Adonis by the same person -- the former is older and it's perhaps best played on HNTR, since the core design is big convoluted maps with multiple tactical challenges at once, which may feel too abrasive if trying to speed up things, and the latter is the sequel, more advanced and "friendlier". Cannonball has made several maps inspired/influenced by plutonia in the past, so you may like his stuff. He's currently developing Atomic, worth a look. Actinia is somewhat recent, I can recommend.
  7. galileo31dos01

    Overboard - 6 map island hopping adventure (update 12-08)

    Lovely stuff! Your style for comedic storytelling, ultra cute sectors, and imp usage, is of the most exquisite. I laughed and giggled quite more often than I ever do playing this game and that's a rarity for me, so many joyful events, wholesome details, obviously great punchy action, so really thank you for all of that. One minor thing: for convenience, in map 05 I'd widen the single secret sector around the teleport, since it's kinda easy to miss on the fly like I did the first time. Might check the NG+ part another time, although I did skip to the "real end", which brought back memories along with a cold feel in my back, but it was momentary (:
  8. galileo31dos01

    The new technology

    In map 04 of Adonis there is a conveyor belt shaped more or less like a snake (an orthogonal snake) in some section of an industrial plant, and there is a blue keycard on one of the ends, presumably manufactured by the chaingunners in the same room. In order to claim the key, you press the switch which activates the major part of the conveyor and follow the key as you watch it slide and turn around corners - just don't forget to press the second switch! - til the end point where its dropped on the floor in a theatrical way. I thought that was the pinnacle of "minimalist boomcute" at the time ngl.
  9. galileo31dos01

    Overboard - 6 map island hopping adventure (update 12-08)

    oh damn, mold on doom maps is back, me happy!
  10. Here comes the end of it all: Dusty_Rhodes - File Under Futile + Haven't thought about it in retrospect... somewhere between 11-20 for sure, looks like a solid break between longer maps or focused on exploration - In the current version, the bridge in the second courtyard broke for me everytime. I think it's in the sector adjacent to the control one, its floor height should be 126. The bridge also prevents the imps from seeing me unless I cross underneath or circle around it, and if that's not intentional maybe it should be down initially? There's also when monsters and corpses raise along with the bridge, which looks funky but amusing, I wouldn't change that. - Line 1333 is missing a texture on the lower front side. - I kinda wished there were many more spider masterminds waiting at the exit, get it to a comical exaggerated level, and a couple instapop barons at the door for that extra HR silliness, but this is just me. Worm318 - Eternal Deathmatch of the Spotless Mind + Would fit well within the final maps - Sector 113 is missing a teleport thing, what should have spawned there couldn't do it because of that Argent Agent - Simutech Inc. + My first final impression was that this should go on 32, but if secret slots are filled already then as a map 20 or final map imo. - Texture oddity here - About the secret soulsphere/megaarmor (plus PEs), which becomes inaccessible as soon as you turn around the compblu wall, I would consider adding a second -hidden- opening that you can search for after completing the simulation. This is because I accessed this side with full HP and didn't need the blue goodies at that time, and while I could live without them after the simulation, I kinda wished there was an alternative door or something that I had to figure out, although I'm not opposed to this way of "punishment" for being greedy if that was the intention, so up to the mapper. - I will wholeheartedly request the lift on sector 3096 to drink some coffee and wake up because I don't get why it has to be sooooooo slow and inactive. I actually preferred to noclip out of the pits, seemed less tedious even with my malfunctioning keyboard. - Might suggest a light or something on the RK as well, it was opaqued by a caco corpse (classic) and that's quite easy to happen here. - For the arachnotrons that spawn on sector 1798 I may suggest adding a second spot, since the last couple took quite a bit to spawn with delays of 5-7 seconds in between. - Might suggest replacing the cyberdemon thing 850 with something else, four revenants or an archvile idk -- having to duck from cover to cover while poking one SSG shot at a time isn't interesting, and it can't chase you around either way. That or perhaps a secret switch that sets a crusher on its place? KUBA18i - 90s Cyberspace + I don't know honestly! - No technical issues afaik. galileo31dos01 - Gore Systerna + My aim was an early slot, but I don't know anymore, I'll leave it to others to commentate... - I hate that this box keeps unaligning by itself - I would like to add a few imps in one particular place, to break with predictability a little bit, if I'm allowed :x
  11. NokturnuS - Concrete Cult + Due to complexity and its epic adventure feel, I'd say it can be a good map 11 (assuming 10 and 12 aren't that long). Basically closer to end of episode than starter, as it seems to have extra value if you enter carrying power weapons. - Only two armors in lower skills might be a little extreme, granted not everyone's gonna stick to find the blue one even if isn't hard to find. On UV it's tight enough to make the first half just bearable with the hitscanners everywhere, and the blue armor gave me all the cushion I needed afterwards, except the hitscan rate was greatly reduced in the second half (for reference, "first half" to me is up to the sewers, though I know it's not the best way to measure sections in this one). I can't tell how HNTR plays at the moment, though I would consider either adding an extra non-secret vest somewhere near the sewers, or swapping green with blue. - One thing I noticed was the slow teleporting HKs in the baron+caco brawl, terribly slow, so you may want to tweak that setup a bit: add more spots they can teleport to, as well as refining the monster closet - less dead space between the HKs, more teleport lines. I recommend having a look this if necessary. I get the HKs are meant to "block" the staircase, and maybe you can place a few on top the BK if you want that effect better achieved. - Teleport thing 155 is flagged easy only, so on higher skills the teleport sector 12070 doesn't work, not sure if intentional or not. - The setup with blocked teleporting imps and barons, yeah that one was bit dull. Why not release each group periodically so it's a bit more dynamic than simply shooting rockets to stuff that can't reach you... maybe have a few blocking the switches as well. I also wasn't quite digging the rooms afterwards but that's because I was playing slowly and released each monster group one by one. With the caco/pinky horde outside, next to the four radsuits, how about spawning the pinkies behind the player, as a pincer attack sort of, because pinkies behind cacos don't do anything. - Spotted these misaligned tex: here (actually mismatching the other pillars), and here Pegleg - Third Step from Chaos + Hmm, I think as an episode starter it's good, map 21 for example because of the red sky and castle theme. - Missing sky transfer action for tag 0 sectors here, line 3837 needs the action. - Very minor thing, at the secret BFG you can hear the voodoo teleportation nearby, which isn't too bad though. I would still move the setup far away so as to not "spoil" the behind-the-scenes happening, if it isn't too much hassle, so up to Pegleg. NeedHealth - Could be Worch + Since it's mainly metal-bricks, it might go well somewhere as a map 19 or 20, but if we don't gaf about theme continuation, then somewhere much earlier I suppose - Some platforms on the blood are damaging while others aren't. In fact, the only non-damaging platforms are sectors 130/131 and 276, the rest do have the property. Not sure if intentional or not, it would be more concerning if we were talking about 20% dmg floors... - Like in Pegleg's map, you can hear stuff happening nearby voodoo doll conveyors, and those can be misleading - I thought a secret was opening somewhere and searched around for a while. Perhaps they can be relocated far from the map? - Some ugly misalignments here Bdubzzz - Paralyzing Odds + If sorted purely by combat difficulty, it might be better left for last. There are far more green sky maps than red, so if we considered bunching up all the green sky maps together, then this one still gotta be the final. I don't know man :( - My order was north>south>west. The one thing I recall is coming out very low on rockets from north, because there were a lot of goat leftovers from the BK fight and I wasn't going to SSG them all, heh. This made things interesting in the south wing, the cyb shot right away and hit the HKs and mancs, which helped a lot, but that was a coincidence. You can yeet to the next room, the HKs will follow you and they can be helpful here, by blocking revs while you're dealing with cacos. That's just one observation. I'd perhaps swap the armor for megasphere on the BK fight for skills 1-2 but I haven't tested the current settings so, idk exactly how things go :p ... No technical issues as far as I know. - Another observation, and more of a curiosity: in the finale, some of the cacodemons on multiplayer are on top of impaled human decorations, I think that would render them stuck in zandro or other ports? if anything I'm not sure whether these cacos agree with having a stick up in their holes :x
  12. Resuming... Salmon - Hillside Dweebs + In my head it goes next to A2Rob's, whether before or after it's the right place imo, unless we want to match exits with starts thematically... - Absolutely no issues General Rainbow Bacon - Mayhem Revealed + Somewhere between slots 11-14 perhaps - Every pinky that spawns on sector 142 is stuck, so that side of the room is free - I'm not sure about the barons and HKs teleporting at a slow rate, I had barons appearing with several seconds of delay in between, though since there's all the shit clogging the way out I guess it's not that bad... - Lots of misaligned textures nearly everywhere, though I'm inclined to think it's part of the "charm"? if so, this one is definitely unintentional :p - In the secret megasphere, you can use splash on the archviles while they're down and possibly "defuse" the entire ambush, or get closer to the edge and shoot BFG, either seem to work, since that part is at the end of the map so if it's inefficient it doesn't matter much, unless continuous. I don't consider this an issue per se, though I'm not sure if something here isn't intentional. - I was conflicted by the invul secret, since it's possible that players access the secret and find no utility out of it, coming after the harshest fight which is the cacos/cybs/imps. BUT, on second thought, you can use it for the (awkward) secret HR1 reference, time is short but enough to at least safely off the archviles first. Or, I guess you could skip past the cyb trio, then on your way back make a beeline for the invul to clean up faster, though there's the risk of several instant rockets when you ride the secret lift, and you have to consider things clogging corridors, so idk, but it's a possibility... anyways, I'm only making this observation because I felt chatty about it. Obsidian - Sumptorium Steel + Very early, like a map 02 or 03 imo. - All good. Cannonball - Beam me up Möller + In the cluster of green sky maps, in my mind that is maps 07-11 so somewhere there - Textures on lines 84 and 65 could be unpegged so the crusher doesn't "push" the walls, so to say. - The water pit behind the exit is inescapable and harmless, not sure if intentional or not, there's no reason to fall down there anyways Large Cat - A Man Shunned + I'm uncertain honestly, I can see it somewhere around 11-14, or 16-20 - All good. Cool chess secret. Danlex - Veteran's Entry + Between maps 16-20, maybe not too close of Xulgonoth's - Minor thing, maybe hide these lines so one doesn't confuse them with a potential secret? Roofi - The Flowing Station + An early slot would suit, as a map 04 or 05 perhaps, or as an episode starter it's also good, so slots 07 or 12 can be considered (yeah I know this isn't very helpful, it's tough!) - Haven't found any issues at all and I dig the little bonus stuff. Scypek2 - High Revoltage + Either slot 12 or 16, but I can see it as 16 - All good Dac - Caco Ball Torture + I don't know honestly - on one side, I'd be tempted to vote for slot 01, considering how tiny it is and strictly balanced for itself, though on the other side, if following maps don't give any cell ammo, you'd be carrying an empty BFG for a while on UV, and that's not bad either. As a map 06, eh, maybe? - I'd unflag the soulsphere at the start on skill 4, I think with two soulspheres is enough - one for cushion, the other for recovering, should you catch one rocket. The room isn't that cramped, if anything it's the BFG part where you can mess up. Up to the mapper, there's nothing wrong with a little generosity! Hitboi - Resorting to Plan B + I suppose map 15 because of the secret exit - Sectors 144 and 45 are flagged secret, but it's not possible to register them unless you use noclip. @Obsidian is this helping so far? specifically the map order thing :x
  13. Well I'm done, yay. All maps were played on the latest of prboom's versions, UV/PS unless I felt like changing midway but fortunately it wasn't necessary. Bare in mind that I'm not the kind of player who actively seeks for breaking stuff (hire someone like Vile for this lol), but whenever I notice something odd on the fly, I do my best and search for any culprits. In non-linear or hub-like maps in specific, I will point out below my experience if it's of any help. Also I haven't fully inspected the other skills yet, and I'd like to ask for assistance on that since there are a few +40 minutes maps here and it would take me extra more days to come back with appropriate feedback, so if anyone wants to contribute, that would be great. As of now, I've only checked maps 01 to 03, and there didn't seem to be any glaring issues in those, which could be good. Anyways, observations will be preceded by "-" while my thoughts on map order by "+". The map order issue becomes harder once you think of skyboxes and themes and whatnot, so for example map with green sky followed by red then by green again is kind of off. E.M. - I Hate The Antichrist + Somewhere around slot 20, better if in between a hypothetical batch of "harder" (longer) maps, as a breather would go fine. - Only thing is skill differences: HMP felt identical to UV, aside from two less chaingunners and one less pain elemental, and both changes almost flew over my head if I didn't look in the editor. This could mean HMP could use a more notable change, like perhaps a freebie soulsphere, or UV have more trouble, like if you grab the secret BFG some extra things spawn at different intervals or something, but that's on the mapper. For HNTR I'd definitely swap the archvile in the RS for a HK, and maybe the caged chaingunners to evileyes (lol). Xulgonoth - Callisto Mansion + Definitely secret slot -- as a map 31 it would match with Eternal Doom, and as 32 you'll likely exit with supercharged BFG+megasphere. - Technically nothing broke for me, and whether the gimmicks are sufficiently intuitive or not I can't tell exactly, because when it's "outside of the box" I don't know where's the line... My biggest roadblocks included the very beginning, the laser, and the TV, all of which were a brainwreck to even figure in the editor. In fact I was gonna complain about the TV, since the one near the fireplace wasn't interactive, but then my brain made the connection with you-know-which hint last minute. I also unintentionally puzzled out the archviles oven ahead of time -- on the HMP general inspection, when I entered the vent they weren't covered, and so I had to remember about the last time when I was experimenting elsewhere and thought "what if I leave these activated...", and yeah there was the answer lol... All good I guess. - Misaligned tex here and here, and in the YK room but those aren't ugly imo. - You can register the secret on sector 536 before raising the soulsphere, not sure if intentional or not. - Kinda wished I had to chainsaw through the hanging bodies to reach the plasma gun :p Roofi - The Sound of Muzak + Easily somewhere around slots 03-05, or else close to maps of similar cargo-industrial theme, since there are quite a few... - You can reach the exit from around the start point by traversing the ledge sector 481, then hopping over the crates to the teleport and then head to the exit. Since there is the hidden goodies inside some lower crates, which don't seem accessible via any other way than from the ledge, I would assume it's all intentional (iirc Roofi likes to put optional, very well hidden things in his maps, as is the case in the other contribution), but maybe he can confirm this? - This bit is misaligned. NoReason - Yet Another Day in Hell + Next to other maps with red sky. A slot 22 perhaps, why not. - No glaring issues as far as I could tell. Good computer map use btw (; gabirupee - Pinho Sol + Early slot, could fit after Obsidian's map thematically - Took me a bit to get the gist of the map, as from a first and second glance it seemed like it wasn't tested in the right port, but I was fooled. No technical issues whatsoever, though I can foresee some people getting awfully confused at the YK, like myself :( Lizardcommando - Cavern Research Facility + Since it ends in a cave, it could precede Obsidian's map, otherwise I don't imagine this one in a latter slot - As a minor thing, perhaps a RL and a few bonus rockets not in plain view, to spend on the cacos and HKs that can't reach you. Some interactivity via objects wouldn't feel bad - e.g. using computers to crash the two caged imps. It's all fine nonetheless, don't have to change anything. A2Rob - Withdrawal + Somewhere in a cluster of green-sky bread-and-butter maps, between slots 07-11 imo... it's a solid episode opener where it is currently - The final part was, little tame? Even as "cathartic rocket climax", it didn't quite get there unfortunately -- space is narrow and you kinda have to let them get closer to see multi kills with rockets in a more satisfying way, at least for me, because most stuff dies behind the walls if I start shooting right away. I would experiment with intrusive cacos on the sides of the bridge, but that's just me. Other than that, all good. Kain D. - Memento Mourn + Mapper claimed slot 31 already, so Xulgonoth's might have to go in 32... that means I now have to rethink about Argent Agent's, dammit.... - Was expecting some convoluted, mazelike progression, but it was straightforward aside from the teleports, which as a setup to confuse players it's quite short. No technical issues on my side. Perhaps the YS wing could include two pain elementals on UV? To be continued...
  14. galileo31dos01


    Well I'll be damned as a feedback reporter/unemployed playtester, I totally forgot about this... Anyways, resuming: 28 - I'd like to suggest, or rather request a lift or steps in this area here, preferably once you have arrived to the brown floor with the arachnotrons. IIRC, every time I dropped off that floor I had to cross the lava sector 281 naked to backtrack all the way up, and I wouldn't complain but I remember health being extremely austere throughout earlier stages so that those -20 or -40 damage add a little too much punishment to what were already very punishing fights afterwards imo. - In the vast lava lake to the west, it's possible to break the big monster pits and render them like this. The thing is, I just checked to see how I managed to do that before, it's been a bit since I played the maps formally and I don't remember every detail, but this time I only managed to break stuff twice and in a different way - merged sectors 380 didn't react to the trigger line. At first I thought it had to with the order you press the switches, because both situations only happened to me whenever I pressed line 3523 first and then the other, but like I said things didn't break consistently enough to point it towards the switches. I think the culprit might be line skips, every trigger line is kinda easier to skip being horizontal or vertical by strafe- running at high speed, so one thing I may suggest is changing walkover triggers to diagonals, specially those that are W1. I also checked the voodoo doll wired to the setup and it seemed to have passed over the lines correctly, so the more reason to believe in line skips. Hopefully that would solve this. - Hell knight -thing 1033- needs more space to move as it was stuck. - It's possible to close the bars -sector 1864- a second time since there are triggers on both entrances, so maybe make it possible to reopen the bars manually. - Mancubus -thing 188- is stuck on the pillars - The cyberdemon -thing 76- looks like it should get crushed or telefragged at some point, given its placement, but there isn't such option, which would make more sense. Killing it is very awkward because there's no way to avoid splash should you get even remotely closer. I camped with CG/SG from the entrance, lucky me that I had the ammo, but it was dull. - I got stuck on this lift (sector 421), it wasn't fully raised to the top yet, which led to the softlock. If I'm not mistaken I found that lift long before crossing the trigger on line 4291, and since that's a possibility I would suggest fixing it somehow - either by having the lift already up and without the need of a raise action, or something else you can think about. - The corpses in this area obstruct the way (things 805 to 808), so you may want to swap them to non-blocking variants or do the dehacked thing I'm sure I mentioned in another post (re: toggle off blocking flag for blocking corpses). - I found this arachnotron unable to move. - In the silver quarters with shotgunners, there are many stuck on each other. These include things 939 and 942, 940 and 946, 955 an 958, 423 and 956, 948 and 954. 29 - These multiple revenant closets inflict maximum floor damage each, which is a bit too harsh for keeping just single rockets and stimpacks, and so it made me not want to grab them. Perhaps change to 5% dmg? - I believe I managed to skip line 1450 once and so the imps and spider didn't raise. Like I said, you can use diagonals, or in some different cases duplicating lines is another tip. - This one is blurry in my head so bare with me... If you happen to miss the switch on line 10778 the first time you land on the teleport pads, the only way back to it is with very very lengthy and tedious backtracking all the way around the bloody areas, at least I seem to recall that. The issue comes with teleporting not facing towards that switch, which is what makes it easier to overlook. I would strongly recommend a shortcut somewhere back to the marble tower in the bottom east of the map, maybe a newly revealed teleport close to that other teleport sector 361. - I would suggest deleting the eye thing 280 so it doesn't block players when they try to jump to the teleport nearby, more for convenience since you can't really see underneath unless you have freelook on, or maybe guide yourself with the automap, but even then it's partially in the way. - Those hanging corpses are all of the blocking variant, and while they aren't really that much obtrusive, still they would be better swapped to non-blocking. - These monsters can't spawn in the map because there are no sectors matching tags with the teleport lines. 30 - This room has all blocking bodies which may obstruct the way unwarrantedly, and while there's little combat there I still suggest changing them. - Misaligned textures over here, lines 1860 and 2076. - I'd suggest adding more lift triggers for sectors 705 and 713, specifically somewhere in hallways with arachnotrons to grab the cells so you can take the lifts back to the hallways below, because otherwise you'd have to drop and backtrack a long way. - The cacos that teleport on the final stages will telefrag each other, not all but several do. I think judging by my ammo situation it was for the better, I think I recall ammo being quite sparse and me skipping some enemies. The next bit with the spiderdemons had to go with god-tier infight for me to be able to kill everything as I recall, so I think there could be more rockets and cells prior the icon finale. That's all, phew finally! Hope this has been helpful somehow, and hope to see a final release candidate someday so more people check this out, as it certainly has a unique feel I'm sure some folks will dig.
  15. I'm currently playtesting the maps from the latest update (0.3) with the main goal of contributing to the map order thing. As of now I have checked up to 13 included, which was the MM10 inspired one, and I'm sorting them out more or less by what is my interpretation of difficulty/demand curve, but more about that later. Also any bugs or issues that jump in in the meantime I'll point them out too, and if I have time I'll do a general bugs check of all skills at the end. Anyways, so that you (Obsidian) know some help is in the process c:
  16. galileo31dos01

    Your Keybinds?

    Movement: Arrows Strafe left/right: A/D_7/9 jk, A/D Use: S Fire: Z Turn 180°: F (never use it though) Slowmo: CAPS (useful when hugging narrow ledges, gotta evade elastic collisions!) Weapons: 1-7 (yea, it is a recurring thing to press 6-7 during a pressuring scenario, and sadly the '3' key has been malfunctioning for a bit) Restart: Home Skip level: Page down Pause: P Screenshot: / Automap: TAB (automap OCD) For Heretic: it's exhausting, specially when flying because it's a lot of key-smashing at the same time
  17. You can see in Garrulismo and judge for yourself, just beware the mapper considered them as complementary in every hitscan salad as the other guys in the roster. I think they're okay, I don't mind the rare surprise Easter egg content, the occasional meme horde or pcorf wolf-in-doom bonus no one asked for (respectfully speaking). That said, there's simply no reason not to use a reskinned variant or to replace him with something that actually adds a fresh flavor to the standard bestiary, like a flying plasma shooter, a fast melee chaser, or a bilingual sheep with a green beret and a mustache. And yes, soldiers are a bit more closer to zombieman's threat level relative to what chaingunners regularly achieve in real play (sergeants' idiotic burst dps is on another echelon imo). Unless you are blatantly ignoring one that's been spamming for hours, the risk is low, much more lower than it seems like. In maps where I was handed a chainsaw somewhere, I have used it on chains of single roaming soldiers with little to no repercussions, something unthinkable if it was sergeants and my health state wasn't very high. It's also the delay between his reaction and attacking is notably slower than of the former humans - you have enough time to react, adjust your pants, take a sip of your coffee and hide before he pulls the trigger, while with shotgunners and chaingunners (and even zombiemen) you often first eat the bullets and then greet the dude who shot them, no matter the context.
  18. Fixed a softlock caused by a misplaced tree, greenpeace approved. gal_mayhem22c
  19. galileo31dos01

    What Makes Screenshots Enticing: Theory Thread

    I like it when screenshots show the body of some particular area or part of it (doesn't need to be a key/main place in the map), as well as a glimpse of something else in another area further away, whether it's a self-contained possible fight or a shiny chainsaw brought by the gods at the top of a mountain in the horizon, if it entices me to think there's more going on than meets the eye, then I will feel the need to find out and that's enough for me to add to the list. Of course you don't want to spoil too much, nor you want to screenshot every single detail (break the rules if you want to!), but a good picture for me leaves something for the imagination. Lots of shots in the "post your screenshots" thread achieve this, whether they're by mappers I've known before or not. This thought process is key when I take shots of my own content, but also from other authors. It applies to a single level or multiple maps in a wad, though in the latter case I'm also going to consider other factors like map count, themes, authors, etc. If it gets harder to pick maps out of a huge selection, I may resort to a full album, like in my review for Modest Mapping where I felt that showing a glimpse from at least one map from every author involved was fair and inclusive (also miniatures naturally eat very little space, so the more reason to go for it). I have said this before: I'm bad at excluding. Another other hard part is finding the right angle, generally shots look the best at around 45 degrees more or less or 90 in some cases imo, you may have noticed this in my contributions for ARSE last year (was it last year omg...), or if I were to choose only one area of the map, which one is exquisitely attractive to me because it tells things that I want others to figure out, and then tell me their experience. A recent example would be this shot, the RL points out something that may be obvious, but what the hell is that bloody structure in the distance, or what is the reason behind the gib decorations on the ground... maybe it's me overthinking as usual while no else will give a shit about the details, but I like to keep some things to myself :p Your comment about a blue skull in the distance reminded me of one of my shots for goopw, I actually now think it's one of my best shots, it says a lot of things and probably sets the expectation that your objective is that shiny thing far away, but you can't tell how things unfold until you open up the map, that's the ✨magic✨. In short words, playing with intrigue is my favorite part of taking/looking at shots. P.S. I usually prefer shots with no monsters in sight, no "in the heat of the action", unless the monster(s) make or complement the identity in the way the shot in the OP does, or say the shot is from a cramped room with webs and you can see the glowing eyes of an arachnotron in the dark, that sort of stuff can be fun in its own way too.
  20. A tiny update which fixes couple tiny trifles. Maribo playtested my map as per request, please make sure to add their name in the future text file. gal_mayhem22b.zip
  21. galileo31dos01

    Your Top 10 Megawads per Decade

    1990s. The Plutonia Experiment Memento Mori II STRAIN Requiem Hell to Pay Perdition's Gate TNT: Evilution Eternal Doom Realms of Chaos The World of DETH 2000s. Plutonia 2 Kama Sutra Scythe 2 Newdoom Community Project Alien Vendetta Garrulismo Scythe Armadosia Hell Revealed 2 Fragport 2010s. Ancient Aliens Resurgence Sunlust No End in Sight Back to Saturn X (E1-E2) Speed of Doom Lost Civilization Valiant Epic 2 NOVA II: New Dawn 2020s. Cydonia Uprising Judgment AUGER;ZENITH Vigor Doom 2 in Spain Only Skulltiverse 1000 Lines 2 Doom: Damnation Anomaly Report Honorable mentions, runner-ups and whatnot, because condensing the lists to just ten each is too tight for me: 90s. Memento Mori, Obituary 00s. Wonderful Doom, Scientist 2 10s. JPCP, Urania, Mutiny, Revilution, REKKR, Plutonia Revisited, 1000 Lines, Jenesis, Base Ganymede, 50 Monsters, Going Down, 3 Heures d'agonie II, Struggle, Mass Extinction, Sparta 2 - Project Vesuvius 20s. CPD, Boaty McBoatlord, The Long Trek Back Home, Demonic Destruction!, Hellevator, Three's a Crowd, A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol, Oops All Techbase, Switcheroom 2, Zone 400, Akeldama As you can see there is a lot of time in my hands so much more that would fit in the lists and I can't just not mention them -- even the '10s extras ended up being longer, that just says how bad I am at excluding, though also how rich that decade is in good eligible content.
  22. Apologies for the delay! Yes what NuMetal mentioned is one case. In E1M3, sector 257 has untextured sides, unlike the other pillar switches, although I first thought it was intentional - the pillar appears hanging on the ceiling, which doesn't look bad at all. Not sure if there's more, those two are all I noticed.
  23. galileo31dos01

    Guess the Map! (20th edition, have some hint fireworks)

    round 2 that's all I know or remember or get an image, and I confirm the theme is exactly what I said before