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  1. galileo31dos01

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    All except those that can't become ghosts by default or under certain conditions. Don't recall if I ever got a pain elemental though. @Doomkid You probably mean by an intercept overflow, it's rare and annoying.
  2. galileo31dos01

    I Want To Finish This Map Very Badly

    Keep in mind that scoring 100% wasn't as a "big deal" before as it is nowadays, so don't take it to heart if you can't kill every monster in older maps without cheating, because some may be stuck in inaccessible areas or never see the light, e.g. the token archvile in Anti-Christ (Plutonia map27). Lost souls are the least of your worries, for that matter of course (;
  3. That I hadn't grown teeth yet.
  4. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Every map is beatable. You might be confusing it with MM1 map 31 where the coop half is accessed through a window in one try, and yet not forced to if only to take the secret exit.
  5. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    For historical curiosity, sure, MM is one of the earliest full doom 2 megawads made public, if not THE first ever afaik. Doesn't hurt to know you'll be leaving several maps without a max score, due to areas accessible only in multiplayer (routes to stick your nose into some of them exist, see the doom wiki), items in the deathmatch parts, or unreachable sectors erroneously flagged secret. If that doesn't bother you then the worst situation is to find yourself soft-locked or lost. MM2 is superior and better adapted to single player. Requiem shows off engine trickery and only one map can be a nightmare if you don't know a route. All of them have gorgeous music. I'm talking biased as these three were among my first steps into custom stuff, you might not love them as much so keep in mind they're like the great grandparents of megawads.
  6. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Currently revisiting Memento Mori on UV-PS with a smile on my face. Of the "classic" nominated trio, that is MM1, sequel and Requiem, this is the one I remember less of its particularities at least excluding the obvious most memorable map 28 and vague details of other maps. It has been nice so far, even I could defend Kinetics (map12) now regardless of the rough parts. Onto the secret map. Previous to that was Requiem, though I did remember most of it in depth. The pistol starts were smooth, somewhat engaging when you are short in supplies but a melee tool is provided too (map 24 was alright on paper, polemic concept which I may take in the future), and also managed to get soft-locked in three maps. Highlight was an RJump I did because I thought that part was a coop secret only, though finding the teleport later was a big facepalm. Punching vanilla arachnotrons in map 22 was another moment, those who know the map will get it, wonder if that engine kind-of-bug can be replicated and used in favor... I also felt a strong will to compile the textures and make maps, as long as that's legal, I don't recall much stuff I played which contained them (Jenesis perhaps, but that's it).
  7. galileo31dos01

    is there any maps that use silent teleporters?

    Speed of Doom map 12 has a very subtle transition to the underground area simulating that it's right below from the towers, you don't notice unless you're checking the automap, though you can deduce by the size of said area that's not possible (in boom) to have floors over floors like in real life buildings. Similar in Mayhem 2013 map 02, except it wants to simulate you're actually going up floors. Examples are many, that the player actively goes through them I can think of the two examples above at the moment.
  8. galileo31dos01

    Problems With Save Files

    Source ports will deny that as the save was done with avmovfix, not in av. Restarting the map from 0 is the only way and use different savestates: one at the start of the map, another or two for progress.
  9. galileo31dos01

    What's the most creepy Doom WADs you've ever encountered?

    Maskim Xul and HacX, which is a total conversion edit: if individual maps, also Hell Ground map 04 solely for the music, I had to mute the game and think of flowers and cute puppies to palliate my anxiety; Jenesis map 30, I mean, the fuck is that thing... and perhaps Comatose, the day I fully commit to it dunno when but having to deal with spectral enemies already gets me weird; Going Down even gets into that psychological horror-nightmare mindset nearing the end; anyways, the first two win the lottery.
  10. galileo31dos01

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    It needs to start from hell episode 1 but meanwhile you can have a cup of linden tea and relax, it'll be done when it'll be done (:
  11. galileo31dos01

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    I expect nothing but squeezing a pair of bovine's cheeks
  12. So it seems I'll be hugging my stuffed bunny tonight as I can tick all but the imps case :(
  13. galileo31dos01

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    I gave maps 01-02 a try until I remembered I already played them before in a demo. There is one cosmetic gripe I seem to have missed to tell which, gonna put it in spoilers: And then checked maps 07-15, some briefly and some even finnished with no intentions to explore much. Aesthetically, it has its peculiarities, like the "portals" using the skybox or the doomcute computer in the downtown-ish map. Otherwise there's not much to write home about, and at times it's evident you're limited to what's possible in strict vanilla. Having said that, this isn't only old-school per se, rather like if the whole thing was extracted from 20 years ago, in "hidden gem" form. From what I've seen, the distinctive trope is the reuse of space via puzzles involving bridges or similar mechanics with lifts, though each map seems to follow their own requisites to figure it out too, and not just in regards to playing with the environment but also non-straightforward combat elements in between like in "Tease" (speaking about map names, the new ones don't appear in the automap). So far it had me stuck playing more than I planned, and I'm intrigued to see the rest so I'm putting it back to the list. Also, bonus points for giving the chaingun a stellar role. I will say though I didn't like some of the Doom tracks where they were used, e.g. the e1m2 midi in map 11, could go better with "into Sandy's city" imo even if it's cliche.
  14. galileo31dos01

    New Journey To Hell demo

    Screenshots look interesting, though SHAWN or whatever silver texture to the sides of those skull and dark grey comp textures seem slightly off place to me. I'm intrigued, so what is this wad's format and source ports meant to be used with?
  15. galileo31dos01

    Which do you hate more, shot gunners or chaingunners?

    None if they don't represent the only credible danger in wads with multiple maps. Hate is too much drama for animated characters from a videogame. Besides hitscanners can be very good enemies in many places. So when nothing else harms, in a sense that hitscan enemies always steal the attention, it's a sign that something else there is failing in their roles. I do prefer chaingunners to sergeants, but I like to see both active in maps for which I'll remember them existing and cooperating. Even want nazi soldiers to frequent in mapsets with different sprites as they're usually dismissed or replaced, they're as valid as every other enemy type. Ironically, I don't miss chaingunners when playing Doom 1 maps.
  16. galileo31dos01

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    That had to be Scythe in first place, like three years ago. Also, if my memory serves me right, back in my high school days when I somehow got Doom to play (would be around 10 years ago, and again since childhood), I looked for videos in Youtube that showed how to get all the secrets, and stumbled upon a playthrough of "Fear" aka Scythe map 26. I was horrified by the apparent violent difficulty and walls of monsters all over the place but amazed by the simplicity the player was handling them, of course not enough for me to try it out by myself, I rather preferred to stick to the original levels. And at that time I wasn't quite sure about what I watched, I had no idea "pwads" or "mapping community" were a thing, even though I did know about Doomworld, none of that was in my radar as far as custom levels for Doom go. However, the pwad I finnished first was Plutonia 2, because it was more in line with what I was looking for gameplay-wise. Scythe was okay but the first levels bored me and quite after map 06, I wanted an adventure, something hard and fearsome as Plutonia and lengthy to stay no less than 30 minutes on each map like TNT (at that time, of course). Eventually I went back to Scythe with a more opened mind and enjoyed it once I got to the second half. In between I played wads like Requiem and Memento Mori which both have several short maps so I learned to digest the small bites too.
  17. Managed to get softlocked in a section which seemed to require the YK to progress, by retreating outside while the stairs were lowering, you can see in an fda I recorded: 5spidersfdabygal.zip For the little I could play, compared to how much stuff was left to do, it picked my attention, doesn't look afraid to put the player to think outside the box a bit. Sort of Eternal Doom so far, which is intriguing. I'll keep it in standby for another time until the softlock is fixed or if by any chance I missed a way out.
  18. galileo31dos01

    what is your playstyle

    Short answer: yes. Longer answer: affirmative. Jk, it creates a feeling of reward when the tally shows 100% or above, so whether things pose a credible threat or exist to just bark all day, it has to go back from where it came, and I never truly care if it's in my own terms or some comrade/betrayer that kills them for me, as long as there's a carpet of corpses widespread on the floor. Although I say this as a kind of personal rule, occasionally I won't mind leaving things behind that I cannot kill anymore unless I cheat (or they didn't find their way out of isolated sectors, looking at Garrulismo there). That happened a while ago in some maps I wasn't enjoying enough or felt overly impatient to google them in the map, applies to items and secrets. Not proud of this because it meant I wasn't letting myself play the game in healthy conditions. I care about max scores because it's good for me to see my achievement. Anyways, as far as killing stuff with progress, on a first time I might try and off protagonist enemies asap if they probe to be more invasive than I can bare without knowing what to do (e.g. turrets that are there to live til a certain point). In other cases I can feel tedium by certain placements: the so boring imps on ledges™ trope is one case example that I so want to ignore but always end up slowly sniping one by one because they behave like mosquitoes, so pesky. By extension, revenants on ledges(!!), with plenty of space to zigzag, ugh can you don't... So yes, I do care everything is dead by the end of the map, if that takes 30 seconds or 1 hour I don't mind (well, I do, but that's another story).
  19. galileo31dos01

    Death in Excess (slaughterwad)

    Holy good shit, congrats on the release!. There goes another title in my list, of stuff to check before I grow white hair only.
  20. galileo31dos01

    A.L.T. proper complevel?

    Thought this one required a boom compatible port, guess not? Sacrament only had one inaccessible secret if played on not boom.
  21. galileo31dos01

    Do you prefer Doom 1 or Doom 2?

    Ay ay ay, gonna stick to (Ultimate) Doom for the whole mega arch super hyper ultra cheesy nostalgia and because it already introduced two of my favourite enemies, the mutant cherry and the brain with short-term memory loss. Sure, troopers and sergeants are good people, imps make funny noises, lost souls are dummies but not as pinkies stuck in door tracks or in general, cyberdemons are asexually attractive, barons are fab, and spectres exist, but the former two have a special spot in my heart. Also like the level design, atmosphere, music tracks and textures a bit more.
  22. galileo31dos01

    Halloween doom wads?

    There's this, and there's also this, and REKKR should put you in the mood too.
  23. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    Sorry DOTW, my vote goes for +++ NDCP, nothing halloween-ish in it :x
  24. galileo31dos01

    [release] Chimaera Station (It's a first map!)

    Good first map. It could go with a chaingun instead of shotgun at the start but that's a minor gripe. Health was just about what I needed, though it could use two more medkits for the final ambush, only revenants were a little more douchey than usual :P I did a blind fda, really wanted to ignore the turret imps since SG was shitty today, and it wasn't my intention to exit without the secret but it's hard to see a thing with the sun burning my laptop's screen. About the last ambush, you can camp in the porch with little to no risk of dying, though if you want to seal the doors then definitely more health should go, perhaps a soulsphere spawning in the middle. dac01fdabygal.zip
  25. galileo31dos01

    How would you like your WAD best served?

    Basically the exact same first sentence NIH posted, adding that as a personal factor, episodes and megawads pick my attention more often than single maps, that's naturally changing lately. Then, screenshots matter a lot, usually on a level where I would automatically click "return" if there aren't any or see something I don't feel attracted to. Information about what mapping format and source ports used for testing are relevant of course: if I read compatible with vanilla, boom, limit-removing (or mbf, as odd as it is), then it's going to be bingo in most cases, because I'd be using crispy or prb+, but if I read the word "(g)zdoom" or different then it has to be something specific that captures my attention, like for example the mapper only has knowledge of that port but the screenshots tell the map could perfectly pass for prb+ compatible, or is someone I know a bit more outside of dw and follow their works, or revenant missiles make funny noises like in @Tango's wad Paradise. Mods are off my radar, although there are exceptions every once in a year. Heretic stuff always comes as a novelty, I'd like to see more of that game, perhaps someday I'll give mapping a try. Hexen or Strife content mmm not at the moment. Also, a brief description of the wad in a text file is always good to read, whether it's gameplay overall style or that the mapper(s) feeling proud of their work. Saying "inspired by X wad/author" helps to give an idea and attract curious people. Credits are valuable, more if it's notable when and where there're external assets, no plagiarism in basic terms. Last but not least, for public releases outside of idgames, I really appreciate it when the version is specified in the wad file, I don't like having to guess later which update is outdated or the current if the file name remains the exact same.