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    Done on HMP/continuous/saves. Ever wondered what is that "slaughter" thing that everyone talks about?... Here it is! Well, a part of it, and if you are totally new to this genre, you came to the right place. This is a very fun wad in many aspects, not just the slaughter component but also visually, almost every map is placed in a different theme: starting from ruined techs entering to snowland, then arriving to a gothic fortress and, well more gothic/hellish environments, culminating into a massive dark underground (gothic of course) citadel, which has top notch detailing (and no, details do not interfere with gameplay, I assure you). I quite appreciated this variation, and I have to admit that hordes + gothic textures are a great combination. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing, some strong and some smooth tracks depending on the case, I particularly loved maps 08 and 12 midis as they are more quiet yet fitting. The combat component is pretty consistent, usually offering hordes to slaughter in multiple ways, with a moderate demand of crowd control, trap-based or not. One of the most common ways to handle the situations Rush provide is via circlestrafing + infighting, periodically removing what gets in the way. I preferred the occasions in which you must shape the scenario to be able to control the herd, which required some quick reactions and movement skills. In terms of progression, save for maps 06 and 12 that are more complex, the maps are fairly linear and easy to understand. As far as monster placement goes, revenants can be nasty in this wad, in companion to hell knights for your typical infighting shows. Yeah, mid and high-tiers in the majority, and rare presence of former humans, leaving the hitscan action into your hands, and a few spiders scattered in the set. Plus, there's a new mancubus a bit tougher and creepier than the ordinary, not an outstanding addition but something to be alert of. Archi made good use of the areas to put pressure not only from the monsters on the ground but from a considerate number of turrets. He also didn't abuse of lock-ins, so don't be surprised if you can leave and camp behind a hole, but expect to find more stuff ready to punish you for cheesing. When it comes to my personal highlights, I share some of Alfonzo's ones, particularly his last point, that was hilarious as one second I was exploring all cool all relaxed and the next one I was running in panic on lava like oh shit!. I'll also add that part in map 10 where I was pushed against my will into a room with monsters on grandstands, it was so funny. Secret-wise, they are the usual different/misaligned-texture with a power-up or weapon inside, but there are also secret telefrag chains to save ammo, and secret fights!. The most complex map (12) has the hardest-to-find ones, so pay attention. For favourite maps I'll pick 01, 06, 10 and 12. Unfortunately the last one has a bug that prevented me from exiting, otherwise a gorgeous map. No disliked maps. Overall, I found it pretty accessible to anyone with enough experience in the game, so give it a try, at least on HMP, it's fun and worth of replay. Of course, avoid it if you hate hordes, after all, it's not the author's fault if you don't take a second to read the description ("boom-compatible slaughterish maps", yeah it's pretty clear to me), or play something else... My rate is 8/10.
  1. Yesterday I downloaded Alpha Accident to play with crispy, it's for Ultimate Doom, just not your usual episode replacement... First map was really good-looking, nostalgia feelings came to my body.
  2. Question: In this version and 5.0 there's this "issue" that the game's screen has black bars on the sides, I tried many options in the config .exe and I can't seem to adjust the screen. This didn't happen in 4.2 and previous releases as the game's screen occupied the entire monitor. What can I do? I also noticed that the problem with the maps' titles in the intermission screen was fixed (titles in specific wads didn't appear, like in ConC.E.R.Ned), so that's great!
  3. MAP20: No Such Reverie UV/Pistol start/Saves Deaths: 0 First map so far where I appreciated foreknowledge, some monster placement here can be nasty if you are not well prepared, particularly after taking teleporters, chaingunners greeting you on the other side. It's not a very long map by Reverie standards, and it's a little bit tight on ammo at the beginning. I'm not sure why are there numbers near the teleport pads, if it's all linear and straightforward you always go 1-2-3 without choice. Anyways, not my favourite map but, it was good, I liked the open areas after the blue key where you can see the water.
  4. BUMP! @Archi Just a quick possible bug or something: in map 12, at the triple-colour switch at the end, only the blue and yellow locks lowered, the red lock remained immobile and in consequence the bars never lowered. I had to idclip, which also linedef skipped the archvile I guess.
  5. MAP19: Dusk Town UV/Pistol start/No saves Deaths: 0 Nice short map, this one has its moments, not only combat-wise but the little details, like the revenant popping out from the grave, or the army of chaingunners you can see their heads from below (this was very funny to me, you can see in the video that I stared at them for a few seconds). But combat-wise it can be rough, particularly after you cross the bridge, which btw the whole outside area is an augmented version of the triple-colour-bars section of map 16, now that I think about it... Anyway, the demo is a bit sloppy, of course archviles, and mancubi, I don't care, it was a fun map overall. That's rare, it doesn't happen to me in Crispy or GlBoom+.
  6. MAP18: Sleeping Spirits UV/Pistol start/couple of saves Deaths: 3 How could I forget to mention the trick with the doors from the previous map! That was a good way to make the entrance more creepy. And yes this map is haunted by ghostly imps, fortunately they can't resist a good dose of splash damage. The task is to find more rockets to kill them all, before you choose to get keys, unless you don't care about a few scratches from the walls. To make it even more spooky, the author added a texture to simulate it's raining, I think I saw this in Icarus and Batman Doom too, except here you can run through the blurry rain. I don't know if anyone else noticed you can turn on and off the TV in the bedroom, seems to be an effect valkiriforce liked since you can also turn TVs on in his Oceanside wad. Now, about the blue skull key part, seriously those crushers are annoying, I could come out alive during my recording, but previously I died two times, you have to press the three switches to open a path that has hidden shotgunners in order to max the map. Besides it was also tedious to off that archvile in those conditions. But the rest was enjoyable, particularly the YK part which is easily cheesable by not shooting the mancs until you can leave the room, then let infighting take care of everything. I dig the hub/hallway with torches of different colours, it's a neat way to detail it imo.
  7. There's something in particular in each iwad that has stands out for me, therefore I can't pick two as the best and worse. Here are the reasons: Ultimate Doom is the one that brings most nostalgia: its awesome music, the environment, limited bestiary and no SSG were and will never be an issue for me, rare presence of projectile-based ammo which increased their value, and I still remember how fearsome were the boss maps. Of course nowadays those maps aren't what they used to be, including the monsters, save for the spider which I love as an enemy. Doom 2 is the one that complements the game: a new weapon, formal introduction of some specifics like infighting, barrel chains, narrow platforming... more monsters to add variety, particularly the pain elemental and archvile for their unique abilities, new types of maps (city-ish), a new boss for the whole game, that is still my least favourite addition. No words for Doom 3, 4, 64, etc because I haven't played them. TNT Evilution is the one that brings the best track in the history of Doom, which is for me Death Bells. It also brings nostalgia because it gave me what I needed, after finnishing the main iwads, that is more Doom! It can be a mixed bag but as a whole it has a special value in my heart, as cheesy as it sounds. The Plutonia Experiment is the one that introduced me to hard Doom, with a heavier presence of archviles, revenants and chaingunners, as well as others. It also the one with less zombiemen and lost souls, that's something that always stuck to my mind.
  8. Well the "gotcha!" was totally effective for me the very first time I got to this map, many years ago, I just wasn't expecting to see the two giants together right behind the first door. Plus, had no idea infighting existed, I was too intimidated by both monsters to advance, and didn't know which one to kill first. All I did was spam with everything I had via door camping and pray not to die. In addition, the archvile in the isolated secret tower always got me every time I went there. It wasn't until last summer that I saw BigMacDavis' video of the level, that I found out they were supposed to infight with each other. One night I loaded that map and set the show, only to presence a draw, that was hilarious. But that was my experience, you can also see the gotcha! like karma, you slap the poor shotgunner in the back because you believe he's inferior to you, only to be punished seconds later by two things that are superior to you. That obviously corresponds to first times for new players. Or like others said, you think after killing the two ex-bosses the game is over, but no! I think the meaning is up to your imagination, just like other map names, is Barrels O' Fun literally fun with barrels? Some people think yes, some others not.
  9. Between being not sure about what to play and downloading wads to put them off for some other day, I finally decided to play Rush, something totally different from the exploration/grindy gameplay I also enjoy, the first map was pretty good, already expecting more fun slaughter-y-ish-whatever from the rest of the maps. Bye.
  10. MAP17: Fatality UV/Pistol start/No saves Deaths:0 A brown short map starting in a hub. Not much to say, it's inoffensive as whole, and it's easy as monsters are placed to find them always in front of you. I went yellow-blue-red, with the last wing being the longest to traverse. Yeah, it's a fine map, don't really have anything else to say.
    Done on HMP/continuous/saves. This is a very nice megawad dating from last 90s. It consists of moderately short maps, starting with simple compact tech/rocky layouts, extending to bigger open areas, from a forest to hellish environments as far as progression goes. In combination with standard Doom aesthetics there's a set of new good-looking and odd textures, some of them stood out to me like the suffering baron of hell, grey skulls in the icy map, the rotating spawn cube, the vines in the forest map, and the sleeping babies, that one was creepy. I must add, that lava texture is gorgeous, and the way it was used not only on the floor but behind enemies in darkness, very neat imo. There are some special effects, in earlier maps you can hear former humans dying behind walls, I guess that simulates other marines dying in combat, it basically tells the story while you're playing, really cool. And, custom sounds, for your marine and monsters, the imp's new sound was obnoxious, I liked the zombies new low voices though. Honestly, visuals and also music are the standouts, not that combat is bad but that depends on your expectations if you have never heard of this wad before. And well, this is a megawad for relaxing combat, consistent difficulty and moderate progression. I'd say it's on par with Icarus and Evilution, probably similar to other wads of the same style, in terms of monster placement. Sounds easy? Well it is, technically, maybe much easier, but it all depends on your skills. There's not a lack of challenge, but there aren't any gotcha! moments if you exclude a few surprise archviles or some sneaky shotgunners. You usually get your weapons and ammo early, health and armor supplies aplenty, it really isn't tricky to maintain yourself far from death. Plus, monster count rarely exceeds 100, with them being mostly low-tiers. Don't be surprised if you find a BFG and don't have anything worth to use it lol. When it comes to secrets, usually they are behind walls with a different or misaligned texture. They are generally very easy to spot and the rewards can be too very high. Not sure which are my favourite maps, but the ones from map 10 are what I liked the most. Well map 10 is a case of nice spooky atmosphere but a feel of loneliness, because it's dark and big yet almost no monsters. The IoS map, with the boss called TCHERNOBOG, was surprisingly entertaining somehow, even if it was a bit anticlimatic before I got to his heart. So, as an easy set, I like how it played. Probably not appealing to skilled players looking for extreme carnage or multiple traps, but if you are new to Doom and/or love vanilla gameplay, this is a candidate not to ignore. For what it provides, I consider it a success, personally talking, and so my rate is 9/10.
  11. Downloabed. It was goob. Here's my bemo:
  12. MAP16: Dark Zone UV/Pistol start/No saves Deaths: 1 I'm going back to black hub, similar to the start of Tricks and Traps, except all your weapons are right there for free. As usual, each teleport is coloured to mark which key you'll find. In my opinion the best one to start is the blue key section, not as challenging as the others and there's a secret megaarmor useful for the other sections. I say this because I gave the yellow key part a few tries and if it wasn't a fireball it was a bullet spammer (ironically, these fuckers just didn't want to get into infighting), so yeah this part should be the second to choose. Then the red key section and finally the triple-colour bars part. It's all done after that, oh yes the secrets, well for me the hardest to locate is the switch for the soulsphere, the other two are passable but NuMetal is right with the word "subtle". I should hear the midi again because I think I really liked it.
  13. MAP31: Metal Mansion UV/Pistol start/Saves Deaths: 0 This is probably most memorable map in the set for me, and the one that has the highest number of secrets. It wasn't a walk in the park my first time, that I even commented in valkiriforce's video my frustrations with the secrets. Planning a route to record the demo was something new for me, since I generally don't think too much in Doom, and I wanted the demo to be as shortest as possible, of course in my usual pace. The achievement is there, a bit of improvising as I kept forgetting which switch did what. It took me some tries but I finally did it. Now onto the map itself, well NuMetal and tmorrow said pretty much everything. The map goes better when you have foreknowledge of all the secrets and monster placement. The BFG comes in handy for the archviles in the outside area to the north, if not also for the spiderdemons in the case they don't die at infighting. During one of my recordings I found out that, in the yellow switch area with trees, you can accidentally aim to one of the chaingunners on the tall pillars and trigger a switch, which raises the bridges and restricts the space if you haven't killed the monsters earlier. That was really funny but in no way I was going to let that happen again lol. Anyway, I guess the map wasn't so bad, yeah I think I liked it overall. The chicken normal exit sign is a good touch for people who became exhausted at the puzzles, heh, nice touch. MAP32: Deadlock UV/Pistol start/Saves Deaths: 3 or 4 Without doubt this is the hardest map so far, and hey a slaughtermap in the style of valkiriforce! Things that played against me here were ammo starvation (in my first try), stray mancubus fireballs, one puto revenant, and cute angry archies. See when the author wants to put the player in real danger, he does not hesitate. Ok, maybe the map isn't horribly hard (nope, it isn't), but with some care and good usage of the "safe" spots it all goes down quickly. Plus the author generously placed a couple of living rocket launchers to distract the boneheads and barbecuers and save ammo (at least that's how I saw it at first because I psychologically ignored all the ammo in the little room and right after that there were tons of rockets and whatnot, galileo come down to earth for once...). There aren't any other things to point out after the first couple of waves, maybe the spectres could have had the chance to leave that platform, so they could do something. Don't forget the secret BFG to kill the last wave and last monsters faster, and if you're playing continuous there's a soulsphere to start the next map well powered. Actually I believe the BFG could be used earlier, but with the plasma rifle already is enough. One of the megaspheres is in a secret without a hint, and there's also a room accessible via another secret (the labyrinth with bonuses), it doesn't count as secret but it could be some sort of easter egg, maybe? I'd like to know, let's channel @valkiriforce!
  14. No Guts No Glory (Alien Vendetta, first time I came out of the start room I immediately retreated like a chicken) Mount Pain (duh, because duh) Post Mortem (Hell Revealed, my favorite map and the only one I liked entirely) Fear (Scythe, first custom map I saw in a video many years ago) AVC Zone (Urania, which means "archvile crushers Zone", somehow I can't forget the title) Nostrodomo (Eviltech, probably my favourite map of the set) Viper (Memento Mori, for a while I kept thinking why my rockets kept coming back, plus I searched the map in google so many times to remember it) Also I cannot forget a map called Zambies and I haven't even played that wad.
  15. MAP15: Blade Runner UV/Pistol start/Some saves Deaths: 2 Ok, this map, I remember not liking it my first time, and my opinion hasn't changed this time. Don't get me wrong, a couple of moments were slightly fun, like the horde that teleports in the YK tower, or... yeah only that, the map is big and like NuMetalManiak said it resembles an industrial zone, with four areas outside including the start point. Now the start involves something that Reverie has been providing so far, chaingunners or shotgunners on upper level that can wreck you in seconds if you don't cover yourself fast enough. That was a bad start for me, but then I got a foothold after entering the main area with buildings, well almost because I died again at the RL part. Yeah this map is very tricky with ammo, for a long time you'll be using shells and bullets and maybe plasma, but rockets are scarce and it's the type of ammo I found the most useful, apart from plasma in certain points. A thing I didn't like were the rightmost building with two symmetrical lifts leading to a bunch of monsters right in your face (best is to ignore and return when you get yourself the PR). The secret hunt can be frustrating to new players, it certainly was for me back then, you have to have a good eye to catch the minimal difference between similar structures. I'm also not sure how you can safely survive the blue switch part, I cheesed the fight immediately as I didn't want to be destroyed by multiple projectiles on bumpy floors, in a small room. And also the cacos outside have so much space that one shot can push them far away, and they don't really add anything. So overall, not a fan of this map. There's a point where whatever you shoot is blocked by an invisible wall, or blockmap, whatever, it was weird. And finally after 6 hours of converting this f***ing demo into a video and uploading it to Youtube, here it is:
  16. (Operation BIOWAR, MAP06) So this is how barons of hell evolve into cyberdemons, interesting.
  17. After tackling the first Community Chest project, I just downloaded Operation BIOWAR to play with crispy. The first map looked so familiar and, well it didn't take too long for me to realize that it was the original map that Operation NOOB copy-pasted. Did well on removing that thing from my wads' folder...
  18. MAP14: Tyranny UV/Pistol start/No saves Deaths: 0 Guys, always check the pits, there might be something useful! I don't think hiding the SSG like that is a very good idea, specially when there're barons! The map was short, a fortress secured by hell nobles and other minions. The red key part was the highlight, not sure how well you can end up if you don't kill the HKs as fast as possible and then leave, but it was engaging at least. And that's it, wow that was fast.
    Done on HMP/continuous/saves. Pretty average megawad over here, a real mixed bag: it has some good maps, some ok, a couple of poor tries, and a few I don't think I'll ever replay. Each author has their own style, most of them created more than one map and once you play the first one it's easy to recognize from whom is the next one. There are some maps with neat visuals and impressive layouts, though not always mixed with entertaining gameplay. The ones that look bland (that is, same texture all over the place, misaligned textures, zero light variety), play either boring or bad, or both. One thing, as a personal recommendation, I'd suggest changing the option to walk under hanging corpses on, just so they don't interfere with your movement. There is no custom soundtrack, apart from a few midis, that's something this wad lacked. However, I played with a custom wad (thanks to Lingyan203) that really enhanced the gameplay, at least a little bit, so I'd also suggest playing with custom tracks. Combat is mostly very low-key, with very little moments of actual threat. I won't complain about this, it's pretty clear that these are amateur maps, perhaps what was considered "fun and challenging" in 2003, but in these days, the mapset doesn't hold its own very well. What you can see is, either incidental straightforward combat all over the map(s), or sheer lack of resources to survive, specially on pistol starts. And don't let the TITLEPIC fascinates you, you'll hardly ever find engaging high-tiers on HMP. Now, onto specific authors, I'd say Thomas van der Velden did the best ones (02, 30), he worked on good visuals and while combat isn't the best, there're some fun moments (e.g. in map 30 you can let all loose and watch enemies telefrag each other, plus a clear easy-to-kill IoS!), while Parsons (03, 11), Leaver (16, 17) and Metabolist (14) did some neat short maps. Bad Bob (08, 09) worked with ammo starvation and tysoning, that was fun for me. Kaiser's map 10 was actually fun, compared to his other maps (15, 26) which included too much backtracking and/or obtuse secrets. The Ultimate Doomer's maps (01, 20) provide some very symmetrical rooms with voodoo dolls as an extra challenge, I thought that was kind of interesting, although the dolls don't really affect gameplay that much. Other maps didn't appeal to me, whether it's for the lack of variation or threat, or a sense of progression, Magikal (RIP) maps were the worst cases (06 for random walls you have to hit, and 29 for being too long for its own sake, although it has a decent finale). Similar to Use3d maps (12, 13) regarding to progression, except he polished his maps to look good at least. There's map 25 which is the hardest in every non-fun way (lack of ammo, nonthreatening lost souls and spectres to waste the little ammo you get, pretty sure without a secret BFG you can't get 100% kills, and a dumb switch obscurely hidden to progress). As for the other authors' creations, nothing extraordinary, although agreed with Demonologist that some of those maps like 24 felt old-school, so that's a plus imo. Secret wise, well, it's hard to find a secret when the map looks all the same, or when you are supposed to guess where did a random wall opened after you cross a random linedef. Further maps provide secrets that become mandatory, for example a berserk in map 22 (without it, you'll be punching shotgunners...) or the aforementioned BFG in map 25. To me the worst offender was the secret exit in map 15, there's no visual or audible clue for it, you just have to guess what did what and hope it magically becomes available!!. Some maps have more than 10 secrets, imagine to find 11 secrets in a 3-hour straightforward map, nope... For favourite maps, I'll pick 02, 10, and 14, and a special shout-out to map 30 for a being a short, simple IoS map. As for the rest, I think I said it all before. Overall, the set is uneven, that's what happens in community projects with free of choices, it wasn't that bad to be honest. However, do I recommend this to anyone?... No! At least, not entirely, give it a try if only for the maps I said good stuff. But if you like to play all the set, prepare some coffee before playing map 29, and check some videos for those you don't understand what to do. Also, play with a Boom-compatible port (PrBoom+ complevel 9) for a continuous experience, which is the one I recommend for a first time. Overall, my rate is 4,5/10.
  19. MAP13: Stronghold Earth UV/Pistol start/2 saves Deaths: 1 I had some memories of this one feeling bigger than it actually is. Mostly fun and a few things I found unpleasant. While the map isn't hard per se, it starts with an intruder in your house (how the hell he passed through the door?!), and some roamers outside. It's important to find any armor before investigating past the platforms, preferably the green armor near the exit boat, as there're many hitscanners and other monsters of varied sizes waiting on the other side. I found progression to be confusing at times, specially when looking for the blue key, I didn't want to start all over but you can see me lost in my video. That would be the only unpleasant part, because the rest was entertaining for me. There's a blue armor and bonuses hidden in front of a blue torch, they don't count as a secret and that's something I've seen in many old megawads. Anyway, nothing else to point out, I guess everyone else at this point will be expecting a short map after this one :P
  20. MAP12: Armageddon Valley UV/Pistol start/No saves Deaths: 0 Short easy opening for the second episode. This indeed is going to be a thing @TheOrganGrinder, short and long maps mixed together, except the short ones won't necessarily be "breather". In this case you travel in the mines and find lots of secrets (three indoors and three outdoors). I found it smooth to play without much care, although going for the SSG as early as possible would be the best idea. The rest goes down quickly, even more with the secrets that make the level way easier. Good midi, and I liked the skybox too, gradually introducing the player to the hell of Reverie (hell as, harder gameplay, not red rocks).
  21. Well, technically the episode closes after map 11. MAP11: Hello, Cybie! UV/Pistol start/1 save Deaths: 1 Despite what the title implies, this isn't the first time the player meets a cyberdemon on UV, and there are two in this map, which I honestly didn't enjoy it overall. It's a bit slow as there're a lot of shotgunners and chaingunners and very little health and ammo. It's also filled with barrels, some are pointless like the ones opposite to each other in front of the doors, and some will kill your enemies for you (also they will dumbly kill themselves). The final part is what I did like, leading one cyber out at a time seemed the best to kill them both faster, in my first run (second actually, a shotgunner sniped me before) they both went out and came to me together like a married couple. Also, in that run the exit completely failed, as the barrels killed me but not Romero's head... I swear.
  22. (Community Chest MAP20) I'm supposed to be dead, but I'm not, or am I? I can move and grab items... something with voodoo dolls maybe? If anyone could explain this, please.