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  1. What are you playing now?

    Next on the list is Hell Ground by Eternal, using glboom+ and not software mode for once in my life. I really dig his atmospheric layouts where combat isn't precisely the most exciting but manages to keep you on your toes. I hope I don't end up hating the last map like DyingCamel sort of did :P
  2. Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I get this error everytime I click to see any reviews from the File Reviews small section:
  3. Good Morining Phobos

    Done on UV/continuous/saves. This is one of those exotic wads I stumbled upon the pictures and thought "Wow, this looks promising!". It certainly captured my attention from the beginning, reason why I had great expectations for the further maps. Truth is, the wad did not disappoint me, about certain aspects, but the gameplay wasn't its strongest feature and I'll mention why later. One thing is for sure, the architecture and visuals are high quality, probably one of the best examples I've ever seen. Those textures (cc4-tex) are excellently used, it was easy later to remember the maps based on the variety of colours that predominate in each episode, like green/brown in the first, blue for the second and red/orange for the third, with also darker shades of grey in all maps, which of course blend beautifully with the rest of the colours. No invasive detailing, a little bit of creepiness with light variation in certain parts. Honestly, no real complaints on this side, except for a few HOMs that once seen can't be unseen, still nothing game-breaking. The set comes with tons of amazing well-known tracks from the iwads and other pwads, I recognized a few from Speed of Doom too, the list of midis used is missing unfortunately and I really need to where does MAP23's track come from, so if the author is reading this, please provide a list. The situation with the gameplay is this: monster placement is mostly found casually in front of the player, sometimes symmetrically in smaller rooms, after you open a door or you're teleported somewhere, which leads to incidental combat, while traps exist less often and at times without a sense of being actually trapped, unless you stay still for too long and get overwhelmed in a second. There're are also tons of teleporting ambushes and hordes after you reach parts of progression, but this is nothing new. In general, these encounters consist of different type of monsters, rather than packs of the same specie. However, a great percentage of the monster composition are former humans. Their usage is what irked me so much in almost all of the maps, because more often than not I found myself having to camp behind a door, pillar or whatever to clean them from a "safety" point, since they appeared in every single setpiece. The situations aggravated when I opted to play more aggressive and get into rooms, I saw my continuous health/armor reducing to none thanks to the abundance of hitscanners, in comparison to other types of enemies, which were used more or less well though, if I ignore the many pain elementals in wide open spaces. I'm not really saying that hitscanners were used terribly, if something is true is that their placement in this wad implicates one could see themselves forced to play conservative most or part of the time, at least in my experience I had to do it regularly, as I never knew when the last sergeant was going to die, with foreknowledge it could be different. On a positive side, you'll most likely see them before they could chunk your health (no snipers, or not that many to feel too tedious). Well, the high difficulty is there, so maybe players that enjoy a slower-pace will find these maps more appealing the way they are. I myself had more fun when other monsters provided more danger than the zombies themselves, or a balance between them. In terms of progression, maps become longer and larger the further you get, part is because of how high is the monster count, which I didn't have a problem with, and they are mostly linear, with some vague sense of non-linearity from time to time, thanks to how the layouts are constructed (reused spaces, optional backtrack from end to start). Weapon progression and ammo is something I cannot speak with the same knowledge a pistol starter would, all I can say is that ammo seemed to be on the tight side, and you can have many different options for weapons in every map, so that's a plus. Secret-wise, with the exception of those that are not marked with any visual/audible clues, I think they are all very easy and useful. There are quite a lot of powerful secrets that might nullify the effect of hitscan attrition, or those that can trivialize an encounter, well, I know a few cases where the secrets are almost mandatory to avoid death, not a fan of those. I should mention that some maps cannot be maxed due to some secrets are impossible to tag on complevel 9, as well as several bugs, you can read about them here. For favourite maps I'll pick 01, 14, 31, 32, 33, 16, 19, 27, and 28. A shoutout to map 30 for not being a non-tedious IoS map! Overall, I think with some more reviews from other people we could provide more feedback so the author can bring us more content, if they can and/or want of course, I'd like to see more of their work. Hopefully, anything mentioned above might capture your attention, or not, whatever, give it a try, we all have different tastes... Ok enough rambling, my rate is 7/10.
  4. What are you playing now?

    I'm going to play a TC called Nerves of Steel by Impie, using ZDoom and hoping it works all fine. It's a remake of an old FPS game that seems to be crap, that's what I read. Anyway, first map was interesting, bunch of hitscan and melee enemies, plus one bastard of a plasma gunner. Let's see the rest.
  5. How intelligent are various monsters?

    I think they are all as intelligent as also dumb. They have built their environment, they have an universal radar to always know where you are. Who knows what they're doing while you don't see them, perhaps all that groaning that can be heard from the other side of the walls is actually chatting in their language. Yeah, that would explain why archviles are always laughing, they must be planning my death, or telling jokes to each other. Being serious, I always thought pinkies/spectres were the dumbest monsters, but if you think about it, they're actually smart, you won't see them chasing you in a straight line most of the time, and that's because their initial aim is your butt, not the face. Makes sense, right?
  6. So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    Fixed yours ;)
  7. So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    Good gameplay for me is everything that can make me smile, enjoy myself, make me feel like replaying it someday, or at the end of the day feel excited that tomorrow or whenever, I'll be playing more of it. Bad gameplay, the opposite effect. Now objectively speaking, I can only think of "lazy" design, something that doesn't benefit any of the features in the game, like visually all textures misaligned, or a few pinkies behind a monster block lines, to name a few examples. Something that at first sight is clear that the mapper didn't care at all about what they were doing, or made something just to please others, that would be dumb, out of a specific context of course. The stuff I usually opt to play generally impacts positively, so, it's hard to speak about good or bad gameplay without being subjective. Everyone will judge differently, there won't be only one truth, about gameplay.
  8. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    (Scientist 2, MAP09) Where can I get one of those machines??
  9. What are you playing now?

    I'm going to play Scientist 2 with crispy, a megawad from 2005. Tested the first two maps, gameplay seems to be average, hitscanners and no armor and such things, I did find a peculiar use of lost souls: In other words, lost souls exploitation part 3.
  10. 3 Heures d'agonie

    Done on UV/continuous/saves. Fun mapset, a mixed bag of varied styles. The set is all speedmaps by different authors, some I recognized in their maps, like JC or FranckFRAG, and others completely new to me, so it was nice to meet all sorts of offerings. Visuals aren't the strongest feature, of course, still many authors managed to create some nice looking areas using mostly stock and custom textures. A few maps play with lights variation, such as having to find resources in darkness while waking up tons of enemies. The music selection is a mix in between iwad tracks, several others from well-known pwads, and also unused Doom tracks, I had no idea those even existed, really cool soundtrack. As a community based project, there's a lot to see in terms of progression and combat. Each author shows their own style, and the contrast between them is quite notable once you make further progress. I'm not sure whether some of the authors were completely new to mapping or not, since part of the contrast I mentioned before is due to the quality of the content by all meanings (visuals, geometry, combat, etc). This is not to say the ones that didn't stand out for me were bad, because others might find them more suitable to their tastes. However, I was more keen to the maps that provided a higher difficulty while having more than one way to deal with them, and not exactly to particular authors. Speaking of the mappers, you'll probably several contributions from the same guys, such as JC, FranckFRAG, and Datacore. The former one provided some old school slaughter(y) levels, I really liked his earlier maps where you are subject of crossfire in fairly open spaces, indoors or outdoors, he usually put the monsters in the way to find your weapons. I wasn't a fan of the symmetry of certain maps though, nor the repetitive combat that came with that, but still generally fun gameplay. On the other side, FranckFRAG opted for bite-sized maps with small but effective monster placement and traps. His maps are sometimes hard to taste given how short they are, I preferred those where after 2 minutes I still had more enemies to kill lol. Datacore didn't stick to one single style, incidental combat in the majority, the weapon progression is what can put off some players, as using just chaingun for 300 imps in a big box didn't seem so exciting, to name an example, although I did like his second to last map. Other notable contributions include [WH]-Wilou84 maps, his last level was hard to digest, I'm not so fond of that sort of clausterfuck gameplay, personally speaking. There's also the Darkwave0000's biggest map, which was everything I expected from them, and it kicked my ass a lot of times, neat and brutal level. Oxyde's map is another one I really liked, it's heavily congested and has many surprises that can catch one off guard. The rest are some hit-and-miss, such as ZyklonB's two maps that were a little boring, or the HR-ish level by subject_119 which was weird and fun. Necrotikflesh maps can result in a funny or horrible experience, depending on how much you like darkness, or shotgunning a cyberdemon, all I'll say is I made an exception for my "100% everything" rule in the second case. Secret-wise, I don't remember any lol, well being super short maps there isn't much to talk about secrets, FranckFRAG maps surprisingly have more than 1 secret, that they are meaningful or not depends on each one. For favourite maps I'll pick 08, 15, 16, 19, 26, and probably 29 even though I had my anger moments. Overall, a success in my opinion, it might not be the most consistent megawad, but it does provide a little bit of everything for everyone. People seeking a fun time with short maps will surely find something up their alley here. So yeah, my rate is 7/10.
  11. Good Morning Phobos Final Version on Idgames "Link Update"

    There should be a key in the configuration, see Customize Controls and find "Screenshot". Since this thread has been bumped, I'll take the opportunity to point out a list of bugs/glitches/tuttifrutti I found during my gameplay on Ultra Violence, using GlBoom+ complevel 9.
  12. Things about Doom you just found out

    Here's something odd I found while playing Good Morning Phobos, if I position myself looking to that room, any hitscan ammo I shoot hits an invisible something, it isn't a solid wall because I can walk and nothing blocks me. I recorded a quick demo (gmp_28bullets.zip) to show the oddity, load gmp.wad, map 28. What could cause that?
  13. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Take all the pictures you can, my folder has around 30 of only that map lol
  14. Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

    It was HMP for almost everything, then switched to UV from Eternal Doom because it didn't have a spidey on lower skills. Nowadays, depends on what's recommended. Single maps, yes, maybe. Mapsets, never, it could be the case that both skills 3 and 4 don't have many important differences in difficulty, and so I upper it to 4. No. Only Chex Quest and that's because it isn't violent at all. Yea, every 10 minutes, depending on the circumstances I might save earlier, or totally forget to save, and regret later :P I play continuous but not the "usual" way... Let's say no, I legit don't pistol start for first times. I do later. Not at all, one can play however the hell they want, there is no default skill in general but one's own default skill. To each their own. Best thing to do imo is to explain briefly what's the wad about and most importantly warn about the difficulty. Therefore, it's up to the players if to give it a try or avoid. I guess so, hard is hard, if you choose it while knowing you still aren't ready for it, you can only blame yourself. I would be smart and play it the recommended skill, or not play it yet until I feel like to.
  15. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    He was on a lower step prepared to slice the bald douche. However, another bald douche with a different skin tone ruined Doomguy's plans by missing the shot which hit the bullet spammer, and thus the baby tron claimed its victory. And everyone lived happily ever after.
  16. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    (Good Morning Phobos MAP05) Nope, neither is hitting the other.
  17. Survive In Hell Public Release 2

    Done on UV/continuous/saves. Not bad, generally a well received megawad. No story, but I dig the overall theme being hell(ish), meaning red textures dominating the set. There are also some grey/green/brown rooms with tech stuff here and there, not making a huge contrast or for episodic purposes, and at least for me personally maps with only brown textures didn't look quite appealing, although the usage of green in map 29 was an attractive difference. I played with GlBoom+, but on ZDoom there are a few additional details, such as the lava moving different than usual, or smoke that comes out of things touching lava, anyway I think they are worth to check if you like reality effects in Doom. The soundtrack is a mix of stock tracks plus other cool midis that really bust the gameplay imo, the one that I loved hearing again was in map 23, the Jazz Jackrabbit bonus level track!. People who played Hell Revealed and its sequels will find themselves in constant deja vu here. The gameplay resembles the earliest conceptions of slaughter, as in monsters appearing en masse in front of the player where spam mostly hitscan ammo or maybe die is the key. Well that's what HR offered in general, don't know about the sequels, and here the author replicated not just the style but the maps' layouts too, with some minor differences, so it felt like playing the same thing again, which still wasn't much of an issue since JC added the "hellish" visual touch... Of course not everyone is familiar with the old-school too-many-monsters style, so what you can see here in terms of combat is, indeed hordes of monsters as the main concept, but number isn't always correlated with quality. While JC provided tons of cases for each weapon class, either preparing you for sweaty combat or a boring slog, more often you won't need to think twice about what you'll have to do, as these hordes can come in single types or mixed types, and you know what happens in the second case, but in the first case, it can happen that you have more than enough space to implement your ammo spamming without risk, or monsters can't go further due to block lines, which severely trivializes the combat. In other cases, it's possible to be overwhelmed if you don't react fast, or have no idea what's going on (e.g. being infinite-height-scratched when platforming). What can be attractive to some players is that many of these maps allow you to "choose" how many monsters you want in the same area, given size and space, which can elevate difficulty and infighting shows. There are also a few bite-sized maps that empathize in tight combat, those are probably the trickiest ones yet not that interesting on the weapon progression side. Oh and, about progression, generally linear, triple-key hunt, getting lost is never a thing here. The new set of monsters have their ups and downs, mostly downs, and that's due to their usage: Belphegors are abundant, they are red buffed barons that attack twice, I liked them in general, but their usage as walls with health in some occasions really put me off. Afrits rarely appear, they are deadly flying barons that don't wait a second to spam their multiple projectiles, and in this case they can't be pushed too far away, I only wish their appearance was more casual. Last baron's cousin is the Cybruiser, though unlike Valiant's, this one shoots twice and their attack's frame is so short that it's nearly impossible to notice when it shoots, and that was super annoying, keeping a distance is recommended. Then there's the Poison Soul, a buffed skull that shoots green fireballs, they look cool, but hardly ever appear, if not just two times in the whole mapset. The new final boss isn't a joke at close range, I'd say his usage didn't favor him a lot, plus he isn't so aggressive, still a cool looking enemy though. Finally, last enemy is, basically a bomb, can only be found in the bonus map, hopefully fans of that particular game will know better what that thing is. Some stock monsters have been reskinned or modified too: Cacodemons are now grey, less cute unfortunately. Spiderdemons are slower and lack their "boss" class, meaning rockets are more effective on them, and you can't hear them from afar, there's only one case where its usage is hilarious, just pay attention. Revenants and pain elementals won't show blood when being hit with hitscan, which was confusing at first but not a big deal. Secret-wise, what mostly caught my attention is the tiny visual "thing" that can be found in all (or most) of the secrets, a neat something I've never seen in other wads. Aside of that, nothing in particular to point out, maybe the fact that one requires SR50 and can be frustrating for some maxers. For favourite maps I'll pick 22, 23, 24, 29 as they look gorgeous compared to the rest. Overall, while not providing always original contents, I think it's worth to check if merely for the music and all the red going on. Difficulty is there, but I doubt it'll impact on anyone there who has moved on from the 90's slaughter style. Still, if you are keen of the HR trilogy, this could be up your alley. My rate is 6/10.
  18. What are you playing now?

    Tomorrow I'll start Good Morning Phobos with glboom+. From what I tested it looks and feels like TNT and Icarus, which could be good, maybe my fav midi is somewhere there.
  19. I galileo31dos01, do not understand what is going on, and have therefore been EXCISED for my confusion.
  20. What is your favourite secret Level?

    Pharaoh, Caribbean, E1M9 and The Mansion.
  21. Artificial Cream: Elmlea Single

    Lovely First impressions: 01 - ok?... mmm... ok. 02 - My interpretation is that, elmle will always insist to death on finding the correct route by himself, rather than people spoiling him (unless it's Eternal Doom), so that's the meme here... right? 03 - Nice, then the archvile appeared and I left. 04 - Funniest thing is that the constant "Picked up a health bonus" message didn't let me see the item count. 05 - That was fast, very fast. 06 - LOL those walls made me feel nervous all the time. 07 - Still not beaten, but that soulsphere tricked me the first time. Played on UV, I guess, and continuous, not that it made much of a difference.
  22. Most favorite level from Episode 4

    Mainly E4M3 and E4M5, they give me the feeling and enthusiasm to keep exploring because I always feel like there's more hidden stuff I don't know. E4M6, because it's possibly the trickiest map of the episode, not knowing the correct route is the biggest enemy there. E4M2 introduced me to a lot of tricks (run, telefrag a monster, BFG grab thanks to BigMacDavis' video), and that's why it's one of the best maps there imo. The rest never impressed enough to remember them from start to end.
  23. Chill Pill (silly complevel 2 mod that turns any wad into Chillax)

    Cool! EDIT: *some minutes after testing*
  24. What are you playing now?

    So, I'm playing 3 Heures d' Agonie with crispy. Yeah, TROP and SIH are done but writing reviews consumes a lot of time, for someone isn't a native english speaker. Anyway, maps 01-03 are completed, since they were so short I didn't even need to use mid-saves. Man, I finnished the third map in the blink of an eye, 30 seconds of combat + 30 seconds to max in secrets lol.
  25. The Realm of Parthoris - 2015

    Done on TAASM... skill 4/continuous/saves. Super fun episode as expected. This is the second Heretic pwad I've played, and I truly enjoyed it from start to end. The visual side is absolutely great, it's notable that the authors designed their maps to fit the new textures in the best way possible, and make each section distinguishable and memorable. Dynamic use of lights to add difficulty in traps, slippery snow that messes up with your dodging, lite platforming on lava not inescapable, varied geometry that aren't just corridors and rectangles, are among other things what the wad offers in terms of details and layout. Besides, custom music, and very enjoyable ones, particularly E1M5's midi which fits perfectly with the start of the map. While the maps don't have any special sort of connection with each other, thematically speaking, they do offer a cohesive style of combat that isn't seen in the iwad. It's very trap based, but also has a lot of incidental combat that can easily overwhelm a careless player. The enemy placement isn't just there for cleanup, despite the differences of RNG with Doom monsters, on wand starts you have to cross through the crossfire to find your weapons, which can be tricky here since the more you advance, more enemies will teleport in and cannot be simply ignored forever. TROP also comes with its own puzzles courtesy of an author who I read is a fan of them (Obsidian ahem...), his E1M9 is what I would consider the "infamous" map of the set, as it requires an unusual approach to reach the exit, plus some quite interesting hazards like automatic exploding pods. The rest of the maps don't have any cryptic clues for progression, they can be linear or non-linear, but since their general size is big (except E2M1 which is clearly a speedmap), exploration is an important feature. What else?... oh yeah, crushers, good old crushers just when you didn't expect them! Hopefully all of these things will catch your attention in a positive way, as much as they did to me. Secret-wise, I'd actually recommend to find them as some will contain a powerful weapon, so the gameplay won't be crossbows-only. They aren't so hard to find, given the new textures it just takes some careful observation. There is one unreachable secret in E1M5, a hidden switch that doesn't work will prevent you to grab a visible item from another room. I also found some HOMs here and there, but nothing that affects the gameplay. No favourite maps, because I enjoyed them all pretty much the same. Overall, no gripes, no dislikes, the mapset is a must-play even if you're only keen to Doom. My rate is 9/10.