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  1. galileo31dos01

    Dark Resolution 2008 - UPDATED VERSION

    Done with these settings: - GLBoom+ complevel 9. - Ultra-Violence. - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset. Pistol starts in maps 05, 10, 11. - Saves every 5-10 minutes or so. A partially cool map collection from various people. It revolves around the same old story about a newer demon invasion, in this case they corrupted an underground base and spread all around the territory, turning every nook into hell. The maps sort of follow that narrative through the visual design, that at least from the second map and beyond, since the first level is simply an introduction. There are plenty of hellish neat-looking techbases to explore either on surface or underground, including one level in a Quake style with dark rusted metal textures. In combination, some maps present an Inferno-ish look with marble/red/rocky structures and lots of flesh to step on. I dig the latest two in particular, with exclusively clean visuals and great usage of fireblu for portals. The deep blue sky fits in about every single map, giving each an extra touch of spookiness. Well, and a subtle TNT vibe, or maybe that was because of some of the music selections. I really liked the midis in map 10 and 11, too bad there is no information in the text file about them. As far as authors styles, it's a varied compilation ranging from traditional easygoing combat to series of lethal encounters, and some peculiar setups involving environmental hazards. I would say, gameplay-wise, the further I got into, the better it turned, mainly because the first half seemed to show the more experimental side of the wad, where the pace is kind of a rollercoaster, and some choices felt tacked on. I mean, the opening map is already questionable, just a dull switch hunt on a quasi-deserted island, not to mention the copious invisible barriers. Printz's map 04 is perhaps the largest and weirdest one. It has a lot of gimmicky ideas, including an outdoors fight where the player's affected by wind, which I wasn't very sold on, aside from slow and unclear progression. On the other side, Craigs' and Stewboy's are peacefully linear and simple to comprehend, and the two by Death Destiny and Butts are as wild and engaging as hitscan-centric maps go, without ever turning into annoyance, unless that's not your thing. The second half of the wad is the section I found more of my taste, aside from having mixed emotions about the last level. The seventh map was a nice short appetizer, and I enjoyed a lot the entries by Icecreamsoldier and Dutch Devil, with an ultimate hitscan hell touch and secrets research. While the increase in difficulty is gradual throughout the wad, the pinnacle might come as a slap in the face to people not used to that particular style in the last two D-D maps, like myself for example. The final map is about tight setpieces involving at least one archvile after the other, while you run around naked (no armor) carrying your SSG. Sometimes there was an escape, and other times things easily went real bad in less than a second. I would suggest to take it on a lower skill assuming you urge a security pickup. His second to last map was actually more cramped, close to unforgiving with the bumpy architecture, but somehow I sorted it out with calm and joy. Guess that makes me a "Doom god"?. I'll pass. Secret-wise, I had issues to find any in map 04, one of them wasn't even hinted at all. In map 10 I wasn't able to trigger one of them, probably due to the sector being too small. Other than those, well, depending on your gameplay styles, you might be able to ease up the majority of the mapset if you commit yourself to explore every nook, not that I'm really in favor of the whole idea to be fairly honest, but the design of the status bar misled me. I would suggest to take a good look to map 05 via iddt, just to check some hidden stuff that are out of reach for reasons unknown... Anyway, favourite maps are 06, 08, 09 and 10. The others varied from fun to dull and everything in between. Overall, Dark Resolution 2008 was, weird, but nonetheless very interesting, save for a few cases. If you're looking for mapsets with varied content, or a die-hard fan of the double barreled, this could be a good place to stop by. My rate is 6/10.
  2. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Finally getting into Hell Revealed 2, that will have me busy for a while.
  3. galileo31dos01

    Name a single distinctive trait from each decade of Doom mapping

    90's: rectangles 00's: detailed rectangles 10's: curves
  4. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Finnished The Journey a couple days ago. Pretty fun, very well designed in most aspects, like generally easy and satisfying at the same time. There were some choices I didn't agree with, like how the SSG was treated as premium in many maps, even if the standard sg/cg combat didn't feel grindy. So now or tomorrow, MAYhem 2012 with glboom+. Still have to review other 4 wads, that's taking me a lot of time :s
  5. galileo31dos01

    Preacher - released 08/21/18

    @Darch No problem man, thanks for watching! I'd probably deleted that failed map09 demo already lol, in part it was my fault for not practicing the finale, my aim was to grab the BFG to kill romero's head, and once I found it, got nailed in one second without a chance to react. I'll get back to it sometime soon, that's for sure.
  6. galileo31dos01

    Preacher - released 08/21/18

    So here's the list of videos updated to map 07, with map 08 coming out in a few hours: I'm gonna have to pass on map 09 for now, after 40 minutes of cleanup only to die unexpectedly in the finale felt like, real bad. Also it was constantly lagging due to all the things happening at the same time. It's a nasty fun map though I'm not patient enough with no saving. :/ Here's also a dumb demo of me finding the "BFG" in map 08 for the first time, after couple attempts: preacher_08nobfg.zip
  7. galileo31dos01

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 40 - Pumpkin Spiced Edition!

    These pumpkeys by god knows whom: Found them in a Jimmy's map.
  8. galileo31dos01

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    Checking the automap every 5-10 seconds, like I became so dependent to it, because it's a gorgeous helpful tool you know.
  9. galileo31dos01

    [New HERETIC map] Village of Rotten Bones

    The maulotaurs seemed fine imo, by nature most Heretic enemies tend to be less troublesome than Doom ones for multiple reasons, and these guys can be the exception if you exploit their numerous abilities. In the context you used them, which I sensed like "casual mini-bosses", cyberdemons wouldn't be much different. On the other side, the d'sparil fight could use backing enemies on skill 4, if you're ok with that. That is true, though I never think of chaos devices when I play the game, so that's on me. That raises the question if it's possible to reopen the bars at the finale from the other side, supposing you used a chaos device to backtrack and find secrets.
  10. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    Map28: Mount Doom Whereas Magnusblitz thinks of Scythe when he hears that midi, I automatically remember Alien Vendetta and not map 25 in particular. Perhaps because that's where I heard it for the first time. Also because the beginning exploration took me to AV27, and man I cringed so much... Fortunately, it was alike AV in essence and spirit though nowhere near to that slog of a map. I'd like to say it felt epic in a certain way, contains all kinds of combat and areas, faux linear progression (that is to say, not feeling straightforward), and lots of dark nooks to explore. Standout was the diverse horde in the huge outdoors part, only dispatched the viles first as infighting did all the job until it left me with a few remnants (some barons iirc). That surprise pit of spectres was evil grr. I also liked the vistas you get when you're on top of a high area. Pretty fun map that I'm not replaying because it's lengthy. In regards to the star shaped platform, I can see why it would entice some players to believe it's all solid to walk. I think I figured the black spaces were holes because the manc corpses disappeared at some point, and also the everlasting archviles never walked on them. The secret invulnerability had me struggling for a while too, for the purpose to achieve 100% everything I looked it up in the wiki. Would have never found it anyways. Map29: Evil Inside Ok so, not the best midi choice, "Death Bells" would suit better somewhere in the mid maps imo. Pretty easy for a penultimate map, yet a bit more substantial in combat from what I've experienced so far by Azamael. The opening mouth is creative, whatever the creature is supposed to be, it's holding a huge lots of things inside, like a house near the end. About the harshest bit should be to get a fair start, the area leaves you exposed to the archvile. The teeth serve as cover, if it stays on the mouth, otherwise it's RNG. On my first playthrough he was hit by a fireball from the stomach imps, so that gave me some leeway in the meantime. Rest is chill, that is even if you're oblivious of the free BFG, but I suppose it's a necessity from a pistol start. Well so, map was good, just in a strange slot. Map30: Call of Cthulhu Ohh so the thing in the previous map was a cthulhu? aaaaa whatever. It's a decent version of the traditional IoS, at least in that there are no timed shenanigans. There is a miniboss cyberdemon setup before that's a little awkward as he likes to stay behind every pillar in the way, and some empty openings for atmosphere. I had it easy in the finale because there were no archviles or pain elementals, only cacodemons and less pesky things. Also the pit isn't inescapable. It went fast and furious, just how I prefer them, traditional IoS wise. Instead of repeating my final thoughts, that I already expressed in a review, I'll post the top 4 in no particular order: - Map10 - "Mudrun" by Nil - Map11 - "The Source" by Shadowman - Map16 - "Dark Cave" by Archi - Map27 - "Onslaught" by Shadowman I'd choose 03, 17 and 23 for mmm runner-ups (?). Also a honorable mention to "Impocalypse" by Archi for bringing a lot of good feelings that I rarely get from imps (:
  11. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    Map26: Hellsky There isn't much to say that others didn't. It's aesthetically quite fancy for being merely narrow corridors, almost like an Alien Vendetta knockoff, thought that doesn't exempt the gameplay from being uninteresting from my pov. I'm just not sold on that layout design, combat is mostly peekaboo, several pointless archviles, spectres and even a caged pinky, a caGED PINKY?!?!?! (gotta admit it was funny though). The BFG via wall bumping is an essential tool for the curvy bridge setup, at least for a mad rush towards the vile/chaingunners, since there is no effective way to avoid damage otherwise. That way of getting the BFG is actually a nice throwback to E4M2, bonus points for that. I suppose "Dragon" has nothing to do with "Dragon Hunter", just two different people. With this and map 18, I'm inclined to believe Dragon is or was inspired in 90's style, which is cool, fits in the project. Map27: Onslaught Whew... back to fun, forgiving yet somewhat taxing Shadowman territory. Similar sandbox setting as in maps 03/21, only difference is more damaging surface. The initial vile/pinkies/etc cleanup can be sped up with a quick dash to the RL, and then the sniping part is the only letdown since the monsters have all the space to relax on your rockets. The maze holding the RK wasn't a big thing, maybe just an excuse to use the chainsaw and that's ok for me. I had a bit of trouble to find the YK on a replay (map is short anyways), it's not that clear that you teleport onto another teleport. The multiple vile/revs releases caught me off-guard though what can you do if they appear without any sound indication :/, well I didn't hear anything lol. I enjoyed the modest BFG participation at the end, with a bunch of archviles everywhere and some male vacas. Funny how you get a load of rockets when there isn't much to kill at that point anyways XD. The map reminds me a lot to one in Unholy Realms, 26 iirc, which is also sandbox-hell style with run-and-gun combat. Pretty fun too. (:
  12. galileo31dos01

    [New HERETIC map] Village of Rotten Bones

    There is a crossbow in the room most nearby the start, that also leads to the bag of arrows on the cracked wall. Thanks, so the map was fun. Killed everything (well, that's impossible to miss because of D'Sparil's death), found 8/11 secrets and, died once because I summoned a clock on my spot by accident, yeah, but a few tense parts too, like the surprise lift with enemies coming from the dark, good use of exploding pods to put the player in risk of dying unexpectedly. Agreed the finale looked out of place, D'Sparil just appears and it's about going back and forth without much to happen, perhaps another enemy combo like teleporting ghosts at the graveyard while lots of disciples/gargoyles at the chamber would have been a cool idea. For the double malotaurs I'd only suggest to lock the player in the area, you can escape at any time, not that I did that.
  13. galileo31dos01

    [New HERETIC map] Village of Rotten Bones

    Just gave it a quick try, until it crashed in Chocolate due to the savegame limit thing. It looked pretty neat so far, lots of monsters without feeling grindy as far as Heretic combat goes. Will keep on playing in ZDoom later (:
  14. galileo31dos01

    The Secret Energy (Boom level)

    Just tackled the map on HMP and saves pre-setpieces. It took me a few tries to get in the mood (=not bonered, against my will), and then it went smoother, tense and satisfying to figure the gameplay. Superb monster placement, each specie used for varied purposes, either threats or helpers, sometimes both, others as obstacles to prevent an easy escape, basically no repetitive ideas. I would have try it back to analyze better each encounter as I beat some of them without giving myself time to see what was going on, like the BFG setup in particular, since the pain elemental looked stuck on the most distant platform but seconds later it floated close to my spot. Clean visuals, I dig in particular the way you generally use the black square texture to simulate boxes, the floating compblu was neat too. Even though this is the first map of yours I tried, you really nail that tech-natural mishmash style. Found all the secrets without problems, no bugs or glitches that I could see. Yeah this map was dope and fun on these settings, so thanks for sharing!
  15. galileo31dos01

    Secrets That Are More Effort Than They're Worth

    There is a secret in Real World (rw.wad) that requires to SR50 or super precise SR40, one of them, to cross a series of platforms and get a blur sphere at the end. Because it was taking me so long to get the right angle, I ignored it and left the map. Eternal Doom had many of those too, the secret SSG in map 20 that you have to blind fall on a stick to platform over more sticks so close to the wall but you can't see where you're standing and you fail again and again OMG WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE ME THE FREAKING WEAPON AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  16. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Legacy of Heroes is done, super atmospheric and lots of fun figuring out things, also seeing it never went full Eternal Doom with progression is a big plus, or perhaps I was too spoiled by DyingCamel's stream lol. My only gripe was all the invisible barriers somewhat hurting the atmosphere, and I probably would have been disturbed by armor only secrets had I pistol started each map. But all cute. Guess I'll pick The Journey to play with crispy, expecting to have a good time with short-ish maps.
  17. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    Map23: Deuce Take It! Why do I keep reading "Dunce" instead of deuce?... Dunno. Part of it wasn't that fun, like the running around at the start, or the roaming archvile on that giant platform in front of the exit, basically anything up there hard to aim at with rockets. The closeups BFG bumping and several mini encounters went much smoother. The map looks pretty good in its minimalist aesthetics, I'm not familiar with "3EPHOEd"'s work besides the two maps in this wad. They share similar design patterns: big open spaces, irregular geometry, various staircases, block lines, risk to fall into the chasm. Although some of these result in questionable execution, it's an ok map imo. Map24: Blood Lake Nice setting, lots of bloodfalls and marble green walls. The map was interesting on a replay, as I could see better its pros and cons. First of all, I would imagine the start being tricky to accomplish in speed mode, I door-camped the pinkies knowing about the vile, but they also could serve as meatshields for the hitscan snipers, but also not because the vile is there too heeeeh. We all saw the incongruity in the blood rivers, right? It's only safe in the cavern sections, but it doesn't make sense because it's all blood from the same lake. Also, the spectres there can infinite block you forever if they woke up early, if you had rockets then it's problem solved but if not, you might have to restart the map. The highlight is the YK setup, sort of a "tricks 'n traps" gimmick in a much open space. It felt like an old-school Alien Vendetta-ish map, Dragon Hunter's previous maps also felt like that, and his last one in the set is purely AV-like. Well, that's it. Map 25: Hell's Atrium Hmm I'm not doing this one again. It was manageable throughout with extra health/armor from continuous, but on a pistol start it's a roll of the dice at the beginning and throughout. Agreed this would picture an ideal "Thy Flesh Consumed" starter if it had Doom II monsters and less obnoxiousness, the marble/blood is a very appealing combo. I didn't really spot any fun part in the map, the way you start is already a pet peeve of mine multiplied to three: armor shortage, heavy random teleporting hitscan, and forced to steal their guns. The rest feels unthreatening compared to the beginning, although zerking barons is good, until the hidden archviles that are obnoxious as hell to kill. I did gave the map some tries but never got a consistent start and quit, not a fun map at all. @Phobus The wad is limit-removing, complevel 2.
  18. galileo31dos01

    Helpful Monsters

    Helpful monsters could be any that gets to "team up" with you, whether intended or not, and do their job right, for a period of time. If we speak about which single monster is the best to kill other things, the obvious answer would be the cyberdemon due to how mappers have used him since always, he usually does the intended cleanup, most or part of it, since his attributes let him be effective, of course it will depend on the context. Second place should be theoretically the spiderdemon, although being able to defeat cyberdemons, she tends to be stunned by other things (particularly melee monsters) that can easily intercept her excessively huge hitbox. Modifying her attributes does wonders by the way, otherwise it requires block lines, height advantage or a special monster composition to put her on the role of janitor and have consistent results. Excluding the two above, barons are among the most versatile cleaners, they tank a lot of damage and can be used to bar other threats from chasing you. Tricks 'n Traps shows how strong they are, a case where I think everybody cheers for the barons. Mancubi and arachnotrons would fit in the same category, even chaingunners in occasions, but nobody wants them to stay alive (; If we speak of which monster needs to die first in infighting or which enemy casually called the attention of another, then any monster type can be your hero. Archviles are an interesting case. General consensus is they exist to be only primary threats that must die asap, but archviles are multifunctional too. If the circumstances allow it, you can use it strategically to vile-jump out of a fight. A well guided archvile can gift you with plenty of hitscan ammo if he's standing on zombie corpses. Need to fill that 100% kills score but there are monsters in broken closets or lack of ammo to kill a mixed group? Hire an archvile! I still need to see a commander keen kill something for me, but I don't give up hope. Someday... someday...
  19. galileo31dos01

    Wonderful Doom, v.1.3

    Done with these settings: - Crispy Doom 5.3. - Ultra-Violence - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset. - No saves, mostly. Very decent tribute to the original game. Each map is essentially a remix of the ID's levels, built around the same theme and music tracks per episode, albeit with the author's personal changes to the design. Aesthetically, the only notorious difference, and by no means less important, is the texturing he decided to use in some sections. In general the maps look extra polished, there were no signs of misaligned textures, but I wasn't that attentive to be honest. He did left the most distinctive visual features of each map untouched, for example where it's supposed to be a dark secret dungeon, it is a dark secret dungeon, just not copy-pasted. As said before, Wonderful Doom is just a revamped Ultimate Doom. If you know the game by heart, there may be little room for surprises, so you can take it as a memory test. Of course, the author added his own touch to the gameplay. I would underline the size of the rooms in comparison to the iwad, tending to be more compact though in no way less attractive. In consequence, they lead to a bit more claustrophobic combat, specially throughout the latter episodes, sometimes you'll find yourself in a hairy situation like a slow drop in a cluster of imps and barons coming from the shadows, or starting surrounded of pinkies and barrels to detonate using your ol' peashooter. Another thing is the resource balance, sometimes giving more leeway where there wasn't originally, other times less obvious for the pistol starter. This is part of several plot twists Wraith added here and there to the main concepts to keep it somehow fresh and interesting, but I'm not going to spoil any in particular. Secret-wise, I guess it's not needless to say almost all of them can be found normally, there is one in E2M9 that can't be triggered due to the teleport line. Otherwise, there are no broken sectors or staircases of secrets (sorry to burst your bubble ;P). There are no disliked maps, and so I'll avoid to pick favourites this time. I also didn't care if most maps were extremely similar to the iwad ones, but that could not be the case for you. Overall, I won't lie and say this turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable. It's what I expected from an author with such love for plain vanilla Ultimate Doom. Nostalgia fans should give it a go. Well, as long as you wish to "play Original Doom one more time", otherwise if you expect a thing like "Doom the Way ID Did", it might not be wise to download this. My rate is 8/10.
  20. galileo31dos01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Hard to explain but here it goes. When things that are there become invisible depending on the angle where you see them. It isn't the first time I see this, but it intrigues me immensely to know the reasons. A few examples: Hope someone could enlighten me about this phenomenon.
  21. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Urania sets the tone from the beginning and never holds it back. That is to say long, harsh and frustrating at times, mostly guiding you to be extremely careful with your steps, something that could be appealing for adventure lovers (like me). You either like it for what it is, or disregard it entirely. Though once you know where everything is, with some patience you can speed it up, depending on the map for sure.
  22. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Just a tiny heads up, the author recommends continuous for a first time. Not sure how's your approach, pistol starts are doable, but gameplay won't be any fast paced, at least the majority of it.
  23. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    aaaa I'm too lazy... Map21: Hell's Maw Ok, first of all, gorgeous setting, the sky blends absolutely great with the towers, and very cool umm Heretic(?) midi. So this is one of the most distinctive maps in the set, because we casual players get to know Shadowman's most devilish side. If I exclude the hyper-symmetrical switch hunt in the shadows at the start, it's theoretically a slaughtermap. It's based around classic encounters of the genre: the imps parade featuring cacos to employ the SSG, the teleporting hordes on each bridge plus RL as the primary weapon, and the (secret) BFG for the double invul harassing finale. The towers were horrendous, in particular the one holding the red skull. The perched archviles had full view of the surface but they were out of my FOV most of the time (even with Crispy's freelook), so it was impossible to tell which one was attacking or where to hide, the only cover I found was on the lifts where the hell knights saluted me with a scratch. The fact they also forced to retreat and fall into the pit only added more annoyance. I managed to survive with a super careful approach and a bit savescum, meaning its doable but it sucked completely. The other tower wasn't as awful but it also spammed archviles in the open, which I either had to RNG them or RNG them. Suppose you take out the archviles and barons, I'm still not a fan of thin tall stairs that I can't see where to step when going down (automap helps though). At that point I just wanted to leave the map. It didn't help to find a secret invul in the wrong tower, that would have helped with the last vile/HKs release below the stairs exempt of cover, right after cleaning up the OTHER tower... Thankfully the next couple Shadowman maps are less, frustrating, to call it some way. In fact the last one was pretty fun. Had this been in a GZDoom project, I probably would have enjoyed it, should be a great level. A pity, but the tower setups don't seem to be well balanced without freelook and vertical aim. Map22: Citadel Much better, archviles in my FOV wee!!. It's kind of an old-school slaughter in a sandbox, like Phobos said a hellish version of map 03. Most of the time is spent running around cleaning up cacos and viles, both very active and well used imo. The RL placement is extremely easy to miss, I had to look it up in doombuilder, just to make sure there was one somewhere (obviously, Archi wouldn't go TNT and put useless ammo types for nonexistent weapons). At some point I released a herd of cows and the exit, still missing many secrets and kills, so I guess you can leave anytime you want, not that I did that because #100%everything
  24. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    It's everything or nothing (;
  25. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    So after the quirky Mars War megawad, I downloaded at least 12 different wads to play in the course of this month and next two. They are Legacy of Heroes, Shai'tan's Luck, Hell Revealed 2, Italo Doom, Mano Laikas, Estranged, Absolutely Killed, The Darkening, Based, Return to Daro, The Journey, and MAYhem 2012. Will choose whatever today, probably the first one from the list.