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  2. Colorful list there. This could be the perfect excuse to finally taste Miasma and Criticality by myself... The revenant in the first screenshot reminded me of Jessica Rabbit :x ... ah, I think putting some names in the thread's title could bring more attention to the general public, maybe.
  3. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    Today is zeedewm. Last will be Kuchitsu... Thunderpeak (UV, ZDoom) I think I've been vocal in the past about my very limited experience (or interest) in zdoom, reasons that are besides the point right now, but that's changing. Mercury Rain was a step back into the territory, Hanging Gardens, another step further, Thunderpeak showed me what many other attractions I was missing. There's quite so many highlights in this adventure, most which have been expressed already --the weather effect is awesome indeed, that would have been mind-blowing to me if I've played this when it was still a newborn, and the action-to-adventure balance seemed well judged to me--, so I'll bring up the videos directly instead of text (slept like shit so lazy mode on). Ah, figured out how to avoid the inevitable in-game pause when zdoom looses focus. Assuming windowed mode, since that's more convenient. The key is in clicking the record button -in OBS- immediately after the startup, then quickly click on the window's title bar so it starts capturing from the melt effect, and bibbidi bobbidi boob no annoying pause menu!. It can take a few attempts to get the hang of it... As far as suggestions, though I'm not sure about the future of the club, but if it's still going on, here is some variety: +++ A Hidden Mountain Factory, a 1996 vanilla map with some difficulty, darkness, claustrophobia and lots of secrets. +++ No Quarter, an expansive 2002 limit-removing e1m3 replacement, huge zombiemen spam and techbase/building cute details. +++ Big Woodchip, a medium-sized 2014 limit-removing map, all wooden and corruption (might need boom because of broken monster tele setups) +++ Misanthropolis, a large 2020 boom castle-themed map with tons of stuff to do, bit on the modern challenging side of gameplay. +++ Decimate, a 1999 limit-removing map, pretty short and old-school, runs perfectly fine in crispy/cl2 in spite of being tested in zdoom
  4. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    Kingpin's Lair (UV, Crispy) This is cute 90s-mapping trademark. It has a brief plot with a mission for doomguy, not at all obligatory as it doesn't spoil much of the map, but leaves a lot to the imagination, which is even better imo. The story says you've been drugged with some kind of hallucinogen on your way to the lair's entrance, so that could hint at how progression throughout the map can feel extra convoluted at first. It's configured such as you need to explore and experiment a bit with the environment to find the next piece, lest you fall in a loop of dead ends. A classic thing from 90s maps is to find non-obvious switches or cross an undefined line trigger, and both are present here. It's actually requiring to walk on a trampoline in order to raise a necessary step somewhere else what makes it amusing for me. Add that texturing is very clean for the era and I'm instantly reminded of Memento Mori/Requiem -- hence why a different midi would suit better over d_runnin, like one from Mark Klem for example. I'd even go as far as to say this map reaches cute levels of Memfis mapping... The story also calls monsters "resistance". Nice, because I can't resist to assign them roles!... Nearly all of the roster present is og doom except for two arachnotrons. I like to think the one at the parking garage is the dog guardian of the house, while the other, more easily missed, could be a neighbor hanging out with its cacodemon pals, until they start a street fight. The landlord baron in the northernmost courtyard is teaching his imp nephews and zombies how to swim, while his cousins sleep inside. He unfortunately could only purchase a lower cost pool, those DeepWater branded weren't in the market yet. If I'm honest, I think that pool still looks fancy with the trampoline, plus it's more spacious than the pond where the BK is located. Oh, don't miss the poor soul behind the start, after all, it's lost and lonely. There's a wealthy number of secrets too, including an early RL plus an invul orb perfectly matched together. You can take that RL alone and make quick sauce of multiple imp and shotgunner gangs along the way, or slay a baron if inclined to. From my part, I saved the invul for the zombiemen awaiting for me on the other side (though sure those earlier gibs would have been fun, had I thought about it before). There's another hidden path -secret-in-secret included- which adds an alternative access to the pool. It feels more natural using it to cut backtrack than for the content inside per se, though it's also fun to shock those imps too. A couple blue artifacts nearing the end appear to be inaccessible, maybe an illusion cause of the drug? who knows... Overall, cool stuff (2)
  5. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    Reliving the End (GLB+, HMP-UV) I dig a good "The Living End" reinterpretation and this was no exception. From the huge openness to the breath-taking scale of the layout, to the ominous black clouds and fiery gases reigning over our heads. My mouth dropped a bit when I saw the sky moved. It's awesome. Dynamic skies appear to be criminally underused or else I'm not playing enough boom maps lately - the only other examples I can think of are Adonis map 32 (which once seen it's stuck in your mind forever) or fireblu in a Pinchy joke map iirc. The mapper suggests "HMP for first timers", and my mind went straight to Hellscape's map 29 hitscan welcoming feast, so I obeyed, just in case. Fortunately the ones that greeted me at the bottom were all friendly arachnotrons, who I turned into my soldiers, which meant a good spectacle started. No chaingunners in sight apparently, at least not far away, no sergeants hiding behind corners either, a sign that this might play smoother than its source of inspiration on this first time... which was indeed like that for the rest of the journey, thanks to the generally unrestrained space dotted with goodies and recovery. A replay on UV showed me very few subtle differences -- one that even vanished to a spider mastermind that was already there before -- yet no extra hitscan punishment, so suffice to say, it's pretty accessible as well without the fear of getting pwned too much, if that's a concern. I got a similar vibe to when I (re)played Hoover Dam, in continuation to the club's list, in that the fighting was part of a bigger picture. The bits of choreography and tactical thinking, the infight product of merely exploring further, the transitions to more confined battles in between, the feeling that the deeper I go the closer I am to the source of an evil plan, while always remembering to stand in awe of the infernal view above, that makes Reliving the End an adventure with its own spice that I enjoyed a lot, one that leaves me wondering what else has Alter in store. A couple minuses: some pillar imps will be inevitably knocked off alive either by crossfire or your own ammo. They seem to have their radar up to date as they were usually close to my position anywhere on the last section. The other, I'm not a fan of the secret BFG being an official one-time secret and that late into the map. I do like the required double vile-jump and that it's hinted in the automap, but the cybs or whatever add nothing but annoying distraction. I don't think these stuff matters that much on casual though...
  6. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    I'd just like to say those two newer additions -besides Hoover Dam- were good fun, thank you for picking them. I'll make time for each before the end of the month, possibly have to skip Running Late and Fruit Salad this time (sorry GoS!!) though I can confirm they're good quality stuff -- on the other side, some Kuchitsu level-by-level commentary would be a nice read before bed time, just saying, no pressure (: (I could make them if you don't want to) I played Hoover Dam on december last year and gave my thoughts in the reviews section of it. There's something really charming about visiting maps of all eras. This ol' grandpa of a map keeps in great shape despite its partially anachronistic design, as it's been said before, it's clear the mapper knew what they were doing and accomplished a sweet adventure with moments of adrenaline and literally feeling like you're saving a natural place from evil justimp beavers... (ban me please). It's only a pity the map doesn't include a proper midi or a different sky... good thing you can change that :D Have I mentioned how satisfying is to ninja saw a chaingunner? Even more, multiple chaingunners? That's one gift Hoover Dam gave me through foreknowledge. I also can't not point out how unusually accurate the shotgun was during the first few gunshots, by far the best shotgun in years!
  7. galileo31dos01

    Your own coined terms for occurrences in Doom

    I often call "jasoning" to chainsaw-centric combat, the equivalent to "tysoning" revolved specifically around 'zerked fist combat. The reference is from this old horror movie Friday the 13th which I watched as a young child and the most visual image registered in my mind about the movie is when Jason walks in the woods chainsawing the shit out of people -- not the best reference perhaps, nor the best scene for a child to watch but I wasn't scared thankfully. Not too long ago I came up with the term "citric chocolate" to refer to the predominant mix of brown and orange in maps like Jimmy's "Pumpkin Hell", which is nothing but a variant of the other term "mint chocolate" for green-brown themes like in Speed of doom, The Mucus Flow, etc. "Cliff imps": self-explanatory, the reason is that I've seen so many times imps placed on rocky ledges or in some weird sniper role in a distance, which I personally don't get the appeal of, because more often than not you're getting in a cleanup phase with chaingun/shotgun (or wasting rockets, assuming these imps have all the minimum enough space to dodge rockets effortlessly). These same imps become such attention whores when you simply decide to focus your joy time on something more doom-productive. Will I clean them up? Yes, absolutely. Is it any fun? Usually not if it's particularly tedious. A slightly worse variant to this is when it's revenants, though I've not seen that many cases so to be worth coining another term for them. On rare occasions, when I see big neat spiral stairs, I immediately think "oh nice Xasers man!" :p
  8. galileo31dos01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Not too long ago I found out splash damage from a rocket can clip through two close one-sided walls under certain -but unclear to me- conditions. I was playing Christopher Lutz's "Inferno", more specifically E3M3, when I noticed this phenomenon happened for the first time. There's a room with a cyberdemon under a crusher, behind a YK-coded door quite halfway in the map. If you hang outside of the room at the door frame, wait for it to shoot, then immediately hug one of the walls nearby the door (which I marked in magenta in the image below), there is a chance you'll soak splash if a rocket hits the wall on the other side. A wall is 16 units apart from the opposite, on both sides. The damage values aren't always the same: sometimes it's a lot, sometimes a little bit around 40, sometimes no damage at all. It's hard to tell where you need to stand in relation to the wall for splash to clip and hit doomguy. I made myself a quick test map to check this further... as far as my ignorance within doom technical stuff can go. splashtest.zip In "splashtest" -requires doom2-, there're three long-ish pillars, each 32u, 16u and 8u wide respectively. I can confirm with the 32u splash never even tickled me (unless I had to wait a day for the "lucky" shot...). With the 16u it's rare, but I get hit sometimes, just like in Lutz's map. With the 8u it's almost always, still dps is kinda random. The other map in the zip is mainly for giggles, instead of having to wait for the cyb to shoot, you use the RL to push other marines onto megaspheres. So in conclusion, there's a few questions unanswered, basically what's the trickery behind this phenomenon, if it's anything related to the clipped mancubus fireball thingy, if anyone could shed a light it'd be very appreciated. I would think barrel's blast is also capable of clipping through walls, but yeah, any information would be great, for the curiosity.
  9. galileo31dos01

    Poll: How do you most typically die when playing Doom?

    I occasionally think about this. On average, let's say 8-9 out of 10 times, it's when I collide into something - walls, corners, pillars, impassable midtex, other hitbox(es), thick particles of oxygen in the vast open - which leads to getting literally glued on shit for an undetermined period of time (half a second is bad enough), then put whatever example that is or isn't in the poll coincides with the moment, and the perfect recipe for galileo's most baffling deaths is complete! Platforming might be second. It does depend on my mood in the moment most times, not feeling sure about my pick of the day can result in negative consequences. Otherwise, map/setup-dependency exists too.
  10. galileo31dos01

    Is a blood floor supposed to damage the player?

    Yes, Vivisection (NRFTL map 05), possibly map 06 has both safe and damaging portions but I don't remember well.
  11. galileo31dos01

    Sanguine Cybermancy - A PRCP2 reject

    I played your map, since screenshots and description sell it pretty well to plutonia lovers like myself. I took your disclaimer about UV and went expecting to be demanded a lot, so this is how things sorted out (spoiler alert!): Additional points and rambling: In conclusion, I had fun, it's definitely harder than Plutonia, and you advertised your map pretty well explicitly on that regards. That being said, I don't think it needs any balancing changes imo, the health and ammo given are as tight in numbers as justified for each segment and as a whole, after all you can't just expect to beat a punishing map without getting your feet wet. If lower skills, which exist for a reason, give a bit more freedom in comparison to higher, there's no harm in checking those... Keep it up!
  12. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    knock knock, I would like to bump this to the front page thanks Skepland Occasionally I like to binge watch doom demos that were uploaded on Youtube, and skepland would appear in my recommended every time. Those two available pleasant videos sold it very well: music tracks from Plutonia 2, mm yes please, visuals in plutonia flavor, irresistible to me [- Jessica Simpson], modest enemy count yet seemingly tied to some very harassing environments, all while ill-equipped and running like a mad chicken looking for a safe spot so you remember to adjust your back posture, stuff is going straight to my list then! Two years later, thanks to this wholesome free space, I finally grabbed the damn thing and played with it (the wad!!). As expected, it kicked my ass unashamed and unpunished, as every corner is filled with danger, but perseverance was key to victory -- of course, not without a little bit of salty sweating and blaspheming included, but the reward of silencing the last standing douchebag was much bigger. The maps aren't too difficult to unravel on a second thought: they work like puzzles with specific combinations, in which the higher the skill setting the more limited that initial exploration is. It's getting a foothold the roughest part, no doubt, between skipping past the bulk of mancubi and dodging hitscan crossfire, not to forget the tons of other multiple hitters and meat shields in the way, so that past the first checkpoint you get to breathe and think "we good, now just don't fuck it up". The demand softens a little once you're fully armed (loved the resources stores idea in map 03), becoming more muscle-memory/straightforward battling incidental stragglers, removing snipers and defusing traps in advance, though still maintaining the heavy hitter abundance, thus the risk of getting pwned stays there if you're not paying attention -- speaking of monsters, zombiemen and pinkies are absent, which is understandable. Of all the rest of the roster, spectres surprised me the most in how effective they were in spite of their super cliche role as pit patrols: sometimes one of them would sneak up from below and ruin my timed run to a secret. Skepland has some of the most awe-inspiring Plutonia aesthetics and architecture I've seen in a while, no detail point looks overdone and each area is distinguishable from the rest. If I had to pick a favourite theme it would be the brown-centric layout of map 02 combined with blood and marble cubes outdoors, a limited range of colours that blend perfectly with each other. I also liked those drawings on the floors and ceiling here and there, even though I've no idea what they represent, some kind of logos I guess?... whatever, they're attractive. I quite enjoyed the maps more than enough to give recording a solid try, not before checking a few official speedruns for guidance -- for example, it seemed more fruitful to take the painful endeavor of an early pacifist SSG grab in exchange of regular shotgun grinding meat shields later on, if mostly for safeness. Likewise, there's a bit of potential disaster involved in those slow lifts below the cyberdemon's crotch in map 01, so dealing with that asap was wiser, at the prize of a juicy BFG too (kept this demo for the cyb part with 4 health, wasn't a fan of how the rest went). There's a lot more to talk in depth about each map but I don't have the time to do it... in conclusion, Skepland is good. btw, it's suggestions day, so: +++ Hoover Dam
  13. galileo31dos01

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I just finnished this today and enjoyed it very much. I also found a considerable number of things that might be of interest if there were any plans on updating, all of them minor with the exception of one important "pseudo-softlock" which I'll explain below. My playthrough was on ultra violence with pistol starts. 07. Line 486 has ZIMMER3 unlike in the other columns. 08. At the lift on sector 179, while waiting for it to raise I got inf-height-scratched a lot by an imp. Could line 184 be blocking? 15. A zombieman (thing 413) was stuck on a lamp. Also, how do you get on the secret on sector 278? I pushed myself with a rocket from an upper platform so I could land in the big pot though that didn't seem to make much sense for only a handful bonuses. 16. Few helmets on sector 11 slightly overlap sector 14 which is higher, thus they appear floating and are unreachable. 18. It is possible to get locked in the right wing at the northwestern part of the map (room with big lifts) if you: jump on the blood lake, then go and take the secret computer path, and drop into the big lifts room without the YK, since the door (sector 167) will be closed and can't be opened from that room. However, you can still use the secret megasphere path to leave the area, although the cons is that it becomes mandatory and quite possibly a waste (I had above 100/100 by then). 23. Thing 565 is of the blocking type and almost caused a fatal death during the cyb/cacos medley had I been unlucky. Another thing, that archvile that spawns only if you open sector 307 seems pointless and very easy to miss, in the sense that I was already done with the map excepting that archvile that I had to look its setup in the editor to figure out how to release it, and then it spawned far away in that area I already fully explored before. 29. I saw a candle floating (thing 1161)
  14. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia

    changed my vote to the rowdys
  15. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia

    +++ Garrulismo EDIT: +++ Rowdy Rudy's Revenge, Rowdy Rudy II: Powertrip
  16. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    For the curious, crouching in Thunderpeak isn't obligatory per se, although there is one only half-closed door in the first map you could pass under it to get in a room with goodies without breaking anything, since that same door will be fully opened later. Jumping is necessary. I also finnished Skepland yesterday. That completes the whole current list for me! Barbie Girl My dumb brain didn't connect the "BARBIE" sign with the pinky demon when it's so obvious. I thought it was a reference for the uncultured who never heard the song before, although thinking of it, who in the universe wouldn't know such iconic masterpiece... A very fun map to play casually. The only struggle when recording was at the second test area, the guinea pinky would get lost in the clouds and not trigger the lift in time before the door closed, which sometimes added quite many extra seconds of nothing happening and so I preferred to restart. It's minor and not a downside to the gameplay, in fact a thing I love the most is how the gimmick takes advantage of the few lines monsters can also trigger -- the "lower wait raise" lift, repeatable door" -- in a sort of "behind the scenes" way, while you do need to supervise what the experiment is doing. Those actions came in real handy when I wanted to "script" timed releases in vanilla format, so I consider them special. Capellan has always shown good taste in classic techbase detailing. The highlight for me (in combat), that being when cacodemons and revenants storm the cargo room, was also where the cutest visual thing is located: yes, that rope holding a crate. I was immediately brought to that floating box in the first map of "Suspended in Dusk", just fine and lovely doomcute in all its glory!! Another quite appreciated thing was the scattered buttons that were revealed after I was done with a test area, a neat way to reaffirm you succeeded in the experiments.
  17. galileo31dos01

    Who can recommend a complex and immersive map?

    Any of tourniquet's single maps (Altitude, Miasma, Mutabor...) Remnant Jade Earth Travelling to the Moon Hurt Comatose Rebel Sky all of these have varied degrees of complexity, immersion, difficulty and gameplay. If you want to see more, but don't know where to resort to, I'd recommend you check this blog.
  18. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: lots of things

    A question about Thunderpeak: are players meant to crouch to progress? If so, @rd. could you add that to the OP? It's not specified in the text file. I know jumping is mandatory in some parts, since you'd be stuck otherwise or not get a secret or two I believe.
  19. Still to be continued, I do want to leave more comments on the rest of Glaive 2 because it's good stuff in general, but I'm lacking the energy lately to be expressive. If this doesn't change I would continue after the 15th, not sure when exactly, but maybe posting videos could "fill the gap" better than me rambling without cohesion. I hope there's no problem with that. On another note, if suggestions are open, for multi-map wads that'd fit in the club there's... +++ Running Late +++ Intergalactic Xenology +++ Skepland (these are big and hard, though the club began with swtw so idk :p)
  20. Glaive 2 Fun stuff. I haven't seen the first one yet (prequel I suppose), nor anything by the mapper before, so this was completely new territory. Since it's inspired in Scythe, and we haven't seen a glimpse of Erik Alm in years, I was hyped. These seven maps can be perfectly played in an hour or so, provided that you get the hang of its tough yet swift encounters. All took me idk, an hour and a half at midnight some days ago, well spent time. I didn't record any videos though. 01. Unusual to hear the "bloodfalls" midi in a custom map, but makes complete sense -- this portion of hell is bathing in acidic blood, just like in ol' Scythe's last episode. Would it be from fellow marines who couldn't succeed?, is it an aesthetic demons love so much? I'm sure both answer the question. The start speaks volumes about its source of inspiration -- the mapper doesn't want to play around. From then it unfolds into a series of more incidental pitched fights. They are brief and bloody, requiring sometimes immediate response and staying put, but never forced inside the confines of locked-in setups, so that may give them an additional good speedrun flow, which others could confirm. I think, for example, at the pre-BK part, tethering the HKs to the revenant ambush could be nice. To be continued...
  21. @siege cunt Thank you! Those will be fixed asap
  22. @siege cunt Okay thanks for the feedback. I'd still appreciate it if you could take screenshots of the places you saw missing textures.
  23. galileo31dos01

    IronEagle Competition 27: The Classic Episode

    Turns out I reached the 50mb attachment limit a while ago. Freeing some space unlocked back the paperclip :D
  24. The "missing" textures next to the YK door could be just the invisible sectors, if that's what you mean, they aren't supposed to be visible in prboom/glboom+ so unless it's a non-prboom source port thing that displayed boom fake floor/ceilings differently, or something else in your configuration, there're no other missing textures in that area that I can see, so a screenshot would be helpful if you could take a couple. Same thing in the other part you mentioned, I can see the textures in the editor and in glboom+ Out of curiosity, did you mean the wooden barriers, or the silver columns but you never used the wooden barriers?
  25. galileo31dos01

    IronEagle Competition 27: The Classic Episode

    There's no paperclip visible for me, in either chrome or firefox. It's only the box that says "Insert other media", which isn't to attach new files. Strange, very strange...