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  1. FINALLY I DID IT! thanks @leodoom85 It works and all so yeah THANKS!!!
  2. Can't seem to find mapinfo just to help here is a bit of what I am doing first I am using GZDOOM builder second of all my map is in the good old DOOM 2 format hope this helps
  3. Hold on I tried doing this and it did not work could you tell me in more depth on how to do this sorry for annyoing you with my lack of knowledge on DOOM
  4. Okay let me give that a shot
  5. I don't you understand my question what I meant to say is this how do I change the F1_SKY texture to one of theses like in MAP 20 in DOOM 2 This is what I meant see I wanted the F_SKY texture to be SKY_2 texture
  6. So in the DOOM textures there is these textures called "sky" and I think they can change the sky ceiling textures and I want to know if its possible to change it any help would be great.
  7. Am back on this site of cyber fucks and yes I have improve my typing you damn fucks anyways if you continue to harass  me then you are gay lol 

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      Who's from the 1800s now?

    2. raygun30


      wHo's FrOm tHe 1880S NoW?

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      Glad to see you back, username!

  8. I Am Done... 


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      For someone who said they are leaving, you sure are making a lot of posts.

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      Stop Doing That, It Hurts So Bad.

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      Hey guys, what am I missed?

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      Da Werecat

      He said that if you don't capitalize every word, then you're from the 1800s.

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      burry the intruder.

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      hI dONE, iM dAD.


      nICE tO sEE yOU hERE sON.

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      You guys should really stop being so hard on him.


      Maybe English is not his first language and he hasn't gotten the hang of punctuation and capitalization yet.

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      Well oh his older thread he did okay on his typing. 

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      So much for leaving.

  9. Why You Got To Be Such A Fucking Jerk Like Seriously If You Are Just Going To Fucking Be A Asshole Then Fuck Off Like I Am Sick Of Of People Like You
  10. Why Is Everyone So Triggered About My Typing It's Just How I Type Now If You Are Going To Get Mad About It Then You Need To Stop Okay
  11. Well I Sorry I Am Not A Grammar Nazi Like You Who Has To Type Like It's The 1800s
  12. So Thanks For The Help rdwpa I've Mange To Get The WAD Files Out Of The PK3 File And Now I Understand More About PK3 Files
  13. So I've Tried Searching For A Map Editor Like Doom Builder That Could Edit PK3 Files As Doom Builder Can't Edit PK3 I Am Trying To Find An Editor That Can Edit DOOM PK3 Maps So If You Know Any Doom Map Editor That Can Do This Please Tell Me I Need To Know Thanks Also I've Found Out That I've Got Doom Builder 2 Which Is Supposed To Open PK3 Files But I Can't Do It For Some Reason But I May Be Wrong This Is The Version Of Doom Builder I Have Is It 1 Or 2 I Don't Know As It Does Not Say But When I Tried To Download Doom Builder 2 It Said "Doom Builder Already Running" I Don't Know If It Thinks 1 Is The Same As 2
  14. paint.net works THANKS TOREKK!!! i dont need to use GIMP
  15. thanks torekk i will try Paint.net