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Posts posted by RoozyDoom1999

  1. 5 minutes ago, ClonedPickle said:

    When you're 20+ and drunk or high or whatever and reminiscing over your first foray into internet forums, you'll know I was just trying to help

    Shut up, damnit! Shut up, I'm 18 and I'm not fucking drunk!




    Double edit: I am 10 = I am 18 years old. hahahahaha, you can't get me

  2. Just now, MrD!zone said:

    Hmm.. Let me see. The kid has a sonic the hedgehog profile picture, He looks & acts like he's 8 and he threatens to kill people with a fictional weapon and gets salty at everyone. I see no wrong here. *Sarcasm*

    I'm not a kid! I'm 18, and I'm older than everyone in the fucking place!

  3. 1 hour ago, Phade102 said:

    And who exactly are you?

    I'm Roozy Astro Rox, a real person who does Doom mods the whole time everyday. Except for the cacodemon replacement, that was all weird when I took weird pictures of my face and took them into Doom.


    Edit: don't ban me... :(

  4. 19 minutes ago, Albertoni said:

    I saw the mod, it was interesting. Well, the cacodemon was interesting, and maybe the BFG replacement.


    But otherwise, all I could say were criticisms.

    There is a hidden monster called "The Flying Roozy doll".


    You might try it out if you like.

    Or, nevermind.

  5. Someone banned me in the afternoon telling me it is a Terry WAD. BUT, I've gathered a mod called "tii", which is a proper weapons pack for Doom.

    And when I slept, then I woke up at 1:00 AM at the morning. I was unbanned for the rest of my life in Doomworld.

    EDIT: Don't ban me or else I will kill you with an UNMAKER and yes, THIS IS A RELATED THREAD TO IDIOTS WHO BANNED ME OR SOMEONE

  6. Also, if you all think this is a terry wad, or a school shooting wad, "tii" isn't a terry wad, or a school shooting wad.

    And, in case of the pronunciation, "tii" is spelled Tea. This is a reference to McDonald's sweet tea with no ice (My Drink).