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  1. Inf3cted

    When setting up a Doom rig

    Seriously, don't do any of that stuff, besides upgrading to an SSD and keeping your drivers updated. Gtx 1070 and a i9 9800, 16 gb ram, 256 gb SSD, so seriously all that stuff is not necessary, awesome
  2. Inf3cted

    When setting up a Doom rig

  3. Inf3cted

    When setting up a Doom rig

    I'm gonna do a fresh install of win 10 and then do 6 things to prevent problems with win 10 and then just install Doom 2 and tweak out gzdoom and play some wads, keep it simple!
  4. Inf3cted

    When setting up a Doom rig

    Thank you!
  5. Inf3cted

    When setting up a Doom rig

    For classic Doom do we go nuts tweaking out the windows 10 settings?
  6. Inf3cted

    help with new computer (system specs)

    A good solid video card is the gtx 1070
  7. Inf3cted

    Will TV ever be the same after the rise of the internet?

    My Big Screen is setup for streaming mainly for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Google, TV is a thing of the past
  8. Inf3cted

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I am a big fat cat
  9. Inf3cted

    Do you ever take breaks from Doom?

    Taking a long break and don't plan on playing any time soon.
  10. Inf3cted

    Dweller 2

    Mancerx is one of my all time faves back in the DWANGO days!
  11. Inf3cted

    Dweller 2

    Map 11, its one of the best mp maps and yes I will post it in the multiplayer section, sorry about that.
  12. Inf3cted

    The poll of the century

    Hot decaf coffee tied with oj
  13. Inf3cted

    Your favorite fictional firearm?

    Quake 1 Super Nailgun
  14. Inf3cted

    Cheat codes

    Who uses them without feeling guilty?
  15. Inf3cted

    Dweller 2

    I think Dweller 2 is one of the best mp wads out there I play it every time I get on zdaemon