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Status Updates posted by leodoom85

  1. Time to celebrate my 35th birthday waiting in a warehouse, working with annoying mask on my face thanks to this shitty fucking virus. At least it can't turn you to a zombie......

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    2. seed


      Happy birthday brother ;) .

    3. Xyzzy01


      Happy birthday to you

      Super saiyan god Goku

      Happy birthday dear Leo

      Happy birthday to you!


    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Happy birthday, Leo! <3


      At least it can't turn you to a zombie......

      Not yet, anyway...

  2. Blazing it DW.....



    1. seed


      Hey I also woke up to 80 notifications one day :D .


      I suppose you're following a lot of active topics and sections. Funny that it's exactly 420.

    2. leodoom85



      I let them accumulate in the notification feed....fuck it. And just did it.

  3. Did an icon attempt for the new fork editor, Ultimate Doom Builder.


  4. Prepare to summon the fireblu army with that pentagram...

  5. Guess that I need a break from now on and focus more on what I have to do. 


    I'll be back...

    1. Liberation


      Look after yourself mate!

  6. I see that you love Lain by the avatar :D

    Long live Lain

  7. I bought this cake for my mom to celebrate the mother's day and...this is a way to say that I love my mom :)

    For all the mothers out there, have a happy and nice day and....cherish them. Thanks to our moms, we sons and daughters exists. You just need one minute to greet your mom and say "love you mom" and hug her.



  8. - Happy birthday for me yay...

    - I'll work the whole day probably...meh...just a casual day...


    Yes, 34 years for me now. 

    Any gifts are appreciated, even maps :D

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    2. leodoom85


      Thanks man. Probably I'll get something tomorrow or for the incoming festive days.

    3. Voltcom


      Hey man Happy Birthday! I don't have much spare time these days but I'll try to whip up a map to celebrate your birthday! Hope you had a great day!

    4. leodoom85


      Thanks Volt. No pressure on map ;)

  9. I'm still on vacation and lazy mode is present but then I remembered that next week is job time and I also need to stop procrastinating...it sucks man...

    1. leodoom85


      *next week......

      Wish that status updates had the option to edit the text.....


      EDIT: AH....now it has an edit option........I'm fucking blind too apparently

  10. Two more days...and I'll have my long-awaited fucking vacations...

  11. well........I'm back from my break and I wanted to tell you tha...


    123 notifications......oh well...

  12. Well, here I am to say that I'm taking a 2-week break. I need to clear my cloudy mind to feel better, nothing personal from anywhere and anyone. See ya next time.

  13. Here's 1 hour 10 minutes for new year but...happy new year all of you. And that all your wishes come true with positive vibes.

  14. Hey, gonna stream your collab mapset (second episode and maybe part of the third) in two more hours. Stay tuned ;)

    1. Miss Bubbles

      Miss Bubbles

      Sweet! If we're not doing anything we'll drop in again.

  15. Happy birthday to @YukiRavenand enjoy the day a lot!!!


    PS: I'm a bit sleepy :|

  16. December bitches!!!
    This year passed really fast with quite some rollercoasters....and btw, I don't care about xmas. I enjoy the new year day much more...

  17. Well, I decided that I won't participate of any community projects for 2019. I'll be focused on my own maps and to make videos for YT, along to...hopefully...get better equipment.

    Good night and have nice dreams :)

  18. gotta pay the follow favor 


    1. Bridgeburner56


      Lol. Sup chilli man

  19. Nice name <3

    1. Misty


      Thank you. I had to change it because Myst. Haruko or full Mysterious Haruko grew tired on me :""""") 

  20. I'm tired from work...maybe I'll need some hugs to be relaxed :)

    cya tomorrow for better day 

    1. Remilia Scarlet
    2. leodoom85



      A gentle hug is enough...not a bear hug :D

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      You seem like a short guy so most hugs will probably seem bear ish to you, heh

  21. I have a lot of concern about the topic of giving money for map challenges. Before I say anything, sorry for the mods or anyone if it feels that I'm too worried about it but....I'll be very sincere to what I have to say and don't take this comment too serious, it's just an opinion of mine so feel free to take some time and read this or just ignore it completely.


    First point. In honesty, I don't like that the coomunity feels kinda divided for just throwing money to a map because it raises some doubts about it. Yes, you can say that you can take it out of necessity for your own gain and use it for later but...use your money in more important things than a map challenge.


    Second point. I personally feel (again, it's just my opinion) that putting money to a map makes a sort of bait for people to play that map, good or bad, easy or hard. Of course, people can easily ignore it or play it to find bugs and play it casually to tell the maker what is right and what is wrong. 


    Third point. The mappers must do extensive testing before posting a map. See what happened in the Nilum map before fixing the map at least? That's not the way to do it correctly or else, conflict happens. I try to make the maps bugless or be minimized in case that people out there don't find them and enjoy the gameplay. About gameplay, that's another topic that can be done with feedback.


    That's all for now I guess. Thanks for taking the time to see this...if not, then good too. 

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    2. leodoom85


      Let me test you bzzrak with one question about the first 2 points of yours.

      Would you make a map and make a deal with money just like in the other recent maps? Sounds tempting eh?


      New and original spark idea for a stale community? Nah...I'd rather think that this is temporary. I'll be away from chats overall too for a while. Bye.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      If I had the time to make a map (and if I knew how to send people money lol), I guess I would throw in like 3 € or something, yeah

    4. NuMetalManiak


      I don't really want to receive money just for completing a Doom PWAD map. First point is the best of these.


      Also how will currency play a factor when we all live in different locations and countries?