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Status Updates posted by leodoom85

  1. gotta pay the follow favor 


    1. Bridgeburner56


      Lol. Sup chilli man

  2. Nice name <3

    1. Misty


      Thank you. I had to change it because Myst. Haruko or full Mysterious Haruko grew tired on me :""""") 

  3. I'm tired from work...maybe I'll need some hugs to be relaxed :)

    cya tomorrow for better day 

    1. YukiRaven
    2. leodoom85



      A gentle hug is enough...not a bear hug :D

    3. bzzrak


      You seem like a short guy so most hugs will probably seem bear ish to you, heh

  4. I have a lot of concern about the topic of giving money for map challenges. Before I say anything, sorry for the mods or anyone if it feels that I'm too worried about it but....I'll be very sincere to what I have to say and don't take this comment too serious, it's just an opinion of mine so feel free to take some time and read this or just ignore it completely.


    First point. In honesty, I don't like that the coomunity feels kinda divided for just throwing money to a map because it raises some doubts about it. Yes, you can say that you can take it out of necessity for your own gain and use it for later but...use your money in more important things than a map challenge.


    Second point. I personally feel (again, it's just my opinion) that putting money to a map makes a sort of bait for people to play that map, good or bad, easy or hard. Of course, people can easily ignore it or play it to find bugs and play it casually to tell the maker what is right and what is wrong. 


    Third point. The mappers must do extensive testing before posting a map. See what happened in the Nilum map before fixing the map at least? That's not the way to do it correctly or else, conflict happens. I try to make the maps bugless or be minimized in case that people out there don't find them and enjoy the gameplay. About gameplay, that's another topic that can be done with feedback.


    That's all for now I guess. Thanks for taking the time to see this...if not, then good too. 

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    2. leodoom85


      Let me test you bzzrak with one question about the first 2 points of yours.

      Would you make a map and make a deal with money just like in the other recent maps? Sounds tempting eh?


      New and original spark idea for a stale community? Nah...I'd rather think that this is temporary. I'll be away from chats overall too for a while. Bye.

    3. bzzrak


      If I had the time to make a map (and if I knew how to send people money lol), I guess I would throw in like 3 € or something, yeah

    4. NuMetalManiak


      I don't really want to receive money just for completing a Doom PWAD map. First point is the best of these.


      Also how will currency play a factor when we all live in different locations and countries?

  5. Good night and dream some good stuff...........

    even hot dreams hehehehe

    1. Xyzzy01


      Sweet dreams!

  6. forum staple? 
    I guess that having 2500 posts can get that...

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    2. Xyzzy01


      It's the way people staple papers together. What position in the corner of the papers do you put the staple at?

    3. leodoom85



      My option is still 3 then. Horizontal and vertical...a mix of it.

    4. Catpho


      Ah god staple. That took me way too long to figure out :p

  7. For all chileans here, feliz 18 mierda!!!

  8. Good bye August, you won't be missed. Welcome back September!!! You are my favorite month.... :)

  9. Ok. I decided to take a break. So, see you not-so-soon.

  10. Well, after a lot of thinking before doing and hosting the speedmap project, I decided that I'll take a long break from almost everything, including to not visit forums like this one (however, I'll visit only for new maps released) and whatever chat that I'm involved.

    The main reason why is because I feel that this is distracting me from some very important stuff in IRL that I must do and finish no matter what....and also, it can help me to reduce stress :)

    So uh, after I'm done with the pigeon process (including the upload to idgames), I'll take that long break...it'll be at least for a month, maybe a bit more than that or less, who knows...can't be hard to do that right? ;)

    Yeah...I'll be back and return with great force.

    1. bzzrak


      Good luck buddy


      P.S. the abbreviation IRL already includes the preposition "in", so you can't really say "in IRL".

    2. leodoom85



      just a minor bug that can't be bothered to fix :P

  11. Well, I managed to foil a steal one hour ago. Those fuckers wanted to steal one of our trucks which we use to do delivery. As soon as I showed up, they ran like fucking cowards (they weren't armed and so do I)...and it's in the middle of the day and anyone without noticing that, except me...

    motherfuckers....if I'd just managed to catch one of them, I'd beat them up until I stop...

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      beating people up until eventually you stop is what usually happens when you started beating somebody up :P

    2. leodoom85



      Yup. Still I'd do it so that the dudes can get a lesson...

  12. I love the smell of pure air after the rain in the morning :)

  13. Less than one week for the Football World Cup in Russia and guess that news about it will be featured a lot and football matches will be the trending topic...personally, I don't mind watching some matches, especially the quarter finals and above...

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    2. Memfis


      Nooo, get these crazy fans out of here!

    3. Catpho


      What's the chance of meeting you @Memfis? I might be there to stalk you ;)

    4. leodoom85



  14. Well, got my new, original adapter for my laptop as soon as I can. Problem is, thanks to the rain and wind, we have low-voltage-power electricity. That means that low-energy consuming equipment will be the only ones to work...and I'm afraid that my laptop is not in that group....


    This is great....

    1. leodoom85


      edit: Now it's back to normal....

  15. Looks like another big FPS game title is on anniversary.

    Remember the Unreal game? Yes the same one that leads to the all known Unreal Tournament 99 and following games? Today is the birthday of that game....20 years ago man...

    I admit that I never completed that game...maybe now it's a good chance to replay it.

  16. Well, today I got trapped in an elevator...and this is my first.

    What happened was the following. Me and my partner were loading the elevator with 16 boxes (the box is a 20x10 rectangle with juice inside, heavy due of bottles being made of glass) per trip. But we decided to load the elevator with 36 boxes....well, that was our mistake. So, the elevator couldn't move because of the weight. Worst of all, that damn elevator has a non-working weight sensor...

    Good thing that claustrophobia is not a thing inside me...so, I took the situation very calmly, without panicking and waiting for technicians to got us out. I was inside of that thing for about 30 minutes.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leodoom85


      Well, I still did my job regardless of that incident and I needed that elevator to do the thing...

    3. Memfis


      If I die without ever getting stuck in an elevator, I will feel left out.

    4. leodoom85


      on the other hand, you might die if something worse happens inside of an elevator... ;)

  17. Today is 4/20.....nuff said

    Let's see if anyone can blaze this day...

  18. Today, I have 33 years....yeah, bring me the cakes!!!!

    Time sure flies fast eh?

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    2. Catpho



      Have a cake, but you better be quick: those cacodemons dont look like they want to share. But then you can always eat them ;)

      Happy birthday!

    3. Cell


      Yo mate, may the best things come around while you're yet another year older. ;)

    4. leodoom85


      @CellI'm still young though :D

  19. One year has passed when I joined this forum and started to meet interesting people and started to make some friends and, of course, mapping more. Aside of the good, bad, hilarious, cringy, annoying, exciting, crazy and impressive threads, I hope that I can continue in here until I say "I'll stop".

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. leodoom85


      @NuMetalManiakor better (or worse) on a Win95 OS....

      @Nine Inch HeelsTry to catch me if you can.....hehehehe

    3. Catpho


      You will only complete the cycle by disappearing unceremoniously 4 years later ;) (Like so many users here, no goodbye post!)


    4. leodoom85


      @CatphoNo way I'll do full circle 

      nope :P

  20. Hey, doesn't your avatar get sick of all that spinning?

    poor person :p

    1. Misty


      Because, she doesn't know anything better to do besides dreaming ;)

  21. Random comment.....

    Autumn started today and it was hot as hell.....as if the summer doesn't want to go yet. 

    1. Xyzzy01


      need that heat! It's the same for me only it's the cold of the winter that want to go.

    2. Misty


      No end in sight? Same with snow here, it refuses to go away. 

    3. NuMetalManiak


      Weather sure is playing a huge fuck you game this year. Autumns don't even exist, you somehow just get extended summers. Meanwhile in Norfolk, VA I'm getting extended winters and no springs.

  22. To all women, I wish you a happy Woman's International Day. Women are important on our lives, you know :)

  23. Here I go with some photos of the places which I were during my vacations.....enjoy









    I swear it's fire but the cellphone camera recognized it as purple color for some reason. It looks really neat though....


    1. Gothic


      Wow, Ribbiks really stepped it up his mapping.

    2. leodoom85


      sending Ribbiks into the volcano


  24. Well, I'm back at home after a 9-hour trip in bus and being 1 week outside of the capital. I enjoyed my vacations a lot, even if it was a bit short. It was worth it. :)

    1. Misty


      Nice to know that you returned safely and nothing bad happened to you. 

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Sounds good... Work is gonna be a bit more fun now I suppose ;-)

    3. leodoom85


      I hope so Nine :)

  25. We meet again volcano!!!



    1. Alter