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  1. Finally finished Urania with Complex Doom+LCA. Now I understood why map 28 is the most hated one on the mapset...just check this...ALMOST got lost on that map...and I did the whole mapset in less than 16 hours in-game (probably 19 or 20 hours in RL time).Screenshot_Doom_20170603_154032.png.9f75512b555793f2f5263c33b14fce5d.png

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    2. galileo31dos01


      Well congrats! I might be one of the map 28 "lovers", and my only complaint was the room with the stairs and sergeants and mancubus lol

    3. leodoom85


      Urania has good gameplay without a doubt. It's the switch hunting that makes it worse and to me, that makes one of my least favorite megawads.

    4. riderr3


      Eternal Doom probably is the most famous switch-hunting megawad.