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  1. Well, today I got trapped in an elevator...and this is my first.

    What happened was the following. Me and my partner were loading the elevator with 16 boxes (the box is a 20x10 rectangle with juice inside, heavy due of bottles being made of glass) per trip. But we decided to load the elevator with 36 boxes....well, that was our mistake. So, the elevator couldn't move because of the weight. Worst of all, that damn elevator has a non-working weight sensor...

    Good thing that claustrophobia is not a thing inside me...so, I took the situation very calmly, without panicking and waiting for technicians to got us out. I was inside of that thing for about 30 minutes.

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    2. leodoom85


      Well, I still did my job regardless of that incident and I needed that elevator to do the thing...

    3. Memfis


      If I die without ever getting stuck in an elevator, I will feel left out.

    4. leodoom85


      on the other hand, you might die if something worse happens inside of an elevator... ;)