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  1. Well, after a lot of thinking before doing and hosting the speedmap project, I decided that I'll take a long break from almost everything, including to not visit forums like this one (however, I'll visit only for new maps released) and whatever chat that I'm involved.

    The main reason why is because I feel that this is distracting me from some very important stuff in IRL that I must do and finish no matter what....and also, it can help me to reduce stress :)

    So uh, after I'm done with the pigeon process (including the upload to idgames), I'll take that long break...it'll be at least for a month, maybe a bit more than that or less, who knows...can't be hard to do that right? ;)

    Yeah...I'll be back and return with great force.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Good luck buddy


      P.S. the abbreviation IRL already includes the preposition "in", so you can't really say "in IRL".

    2. leodoom85



      just a minor bug that can't be bothered to fix :P