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About Me

I'm just a 34-year old guy who started playing Doom in 1997...or 1998?. I don't remember :D

Mapping, detailing and testing wads or mods. I also upload Doom-related gameplay content in YT :)
Job stuff is subject to change in time...I have a job now.....yay, hoping that lasts for long.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPD9g6GnIiuz0NyClbP_9mw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leodoom85

Gmail: leozunigamunoz@gmail.com

Discord: leodoom85#6202 ;)


Map list created by me:


Standalone maps:

The UAC Ocean Base (originally done for Dump 3, then released as standalone)

Painful Cave (speedmap attempt)

Perilous Cavern (rejected then remade for GZDoom)


Community maps:

Pigeon Speedmapping Sessions 3 to 6 (a map each)

Confinement 256 (limited size)

Confinement Community Project (boss map)

20 Monsters Challenge (made 3 maps and collab 1 map)

20 Heretic Community Project (one map)

Joy of Mapping 5 (one map)

Spooktober Community Project (one map)


Incoming maps:

Elysium's Void and Violent Duality (both for Refracted Reality)

Romero Is Playing With You (for Project Romero)

Ruined Temple (GZDoom map)

Cyber Abduction (Ancient Aliens-Wireframe theme)