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  1. leodoom85

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    @HAK3180Hey, mind if you play my latest map, Suspicious Journey and give it a go?. Kinda needing it for some other feedback. Thanks in advance.
  2. leodoom85

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    Yea. Blue is more focused on indie games. I seriously doubt that he could come back to this mapset unless someone talk to him and finish it (which can also be really difficult to happen)...
  3. leodoom85

    IronEagle 13: Back to Basics

    It has been what time you took to die or finish the wad with a survival for the priority, as far as I'm concerned. In that case, what counts first is the following: First, time (complemented with the amount of maps done) Second, monsters (if time is a tie). In any case, it's up to the player to die faster or survive slowly or the opposite.
  4. leodoom85

    Any paranormal experiences?

    Any paranormal shit? Yes. When I was a kid, my feet were touched by something at night and there was clearly hands. I'm pretty sure that no one was awake and my suspicion was that a possible ghost grabbed my feet....
  5. leodoom85

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    What in the hell is this wad? Well, guess that another blind play will happen. Hopefully I survive this one.
  6. leodoom85

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Don't give me that look, you stupid bird...
  7. Just a casual map. Done. Nah. Here I present a WIP map that I had it saved more than one year and this needed to see the light once and for all. This is a singleplayer map that's only compatible with GZDoom (I tried to make it compatible with Zandronum but, it also uses attenuated lights and setting scripts with the Actor enters sector thing is bugged if it's flagged to activate it once) and uses textures from OTEX (it's bundled in the file) along with some sprites and a decoration. It features a techbase that it'll take around 20 minutes for a casual player to clear the map at 100%. You can jump and crouch as much as you want. I tried everything to clean bugs and other minor stuff that players can catch like misalignments and unused textures/HOM. A tip for players. Save ammo, health and do infighting. Should have enough resources to rip and tear those sorry bastards in that base and look for the secrets as well!!! Image time in spoilers. Time for the info, credits and the download link. Map name: Suspicious Journey Replaces: Map 01 Textures used: OTEX (added to the file) and FIREBLU!!! (only vanilla texture used) Music: Pyre by Psyrus Credits: Ukiro for the aforementioned texture pack. Psyrus for the midi track. Clayton, aka Clay, for the nice tree/bush sprites. (Cool ones indeed) Gothic and Tormentor667 for the UAC holograms decoration and sprite edition. Mechadon for the night sky found in his Box o' Skies Special thanks to Misty because this map was made originally for her recent birthday (it has a major difference in the ending). And lastly, the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbx6xapi7k6fpr2/suspjourney.pk3?dl=1 Have fun with the map and I'd appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. EDIT: Updated link
  8. leodoom85

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    AH Then that's because I added SetPlayerProperty with both full freeze and invulnerability properties to avoid being damaged from monsters. This is toggled on while cutscene happens and toggled off as soon as the cutscene ends.
  9. leodoom85

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    @RonnieJamesDinerCamera has 1 second delay to move again.....hmmmmmI need to check that script again. I might forgot to add another ChangeCamera action that reverts to the player's FOV... EDIT: Yup. Had the wrong value for an argument. Original action: Fixed action: I'm dumb lol.....had the camera's FOV instead of the player's FOV at the end of the script. Incoming update in 5 minutes. EDIT 2: Updated map once again.
  10. leodoom85

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    what's next? Mugen Super Smash Brothers Doom: RPG Edition? I'll go and do it..............FUCK IT!!!
  11. leodoom85

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    Try setting the sector light mode to Standard. Kinda works as a middle setting between Bright and Doom light modes. UAC had lights that consume less energy at the cost of that brightness after all lol... A tip. Run straight to the next area by killing the monsters inside the cave. Then start killing the monsters outside. Luckily, you won't find much vegetation in the lower ground. The whole idea with the darkness is that the very same darkness is a factor to add difficulty to the game. And, since the map is at night, would make no sense if the map is too bright.....right?. That's why it relies on dynamic lights to help you. Now there are 4-5 waves that can popup in a relatively quick pace. The archies will appear at the last wave. I tested it myself with only one archie and it still was easy enough. A tip is that you can do the red key path first, then do the blue key path to have more than enough resources to kill the whole squad. Be lucky that I didn't added a pain elemental.... That's yet another aspect of the map. I made this map kinda intentionally stingy with health. Ammo is abundant to counter that particular aspect. Of course, players can save plenty. Funny that you say that because this map is the literal definition of a linear map that their objectives are quite clear except that you can choose the path that you want to clear. Also, always stay alert with spawns cuz the fights aren't over until every single demon in sight is dead and you learned it the hard way :D And yes, spawned rockets are helpful to take out whatever bastards that are popping up, courtesy of mine nonetheless. I don't think so. It has the same brightness value, which is 112. It's just that the starting point is small compared to the last room and have lights nearby, which it helps your sight. BTW, the map overall should take around 20 minutes in-game (25 minutes in real time), so should be enough for a coffee break :p Obviously, since I know the map, it takes me 15 minutes to clear the map....even less if I dare to speedrun it. One more thing. I think people would be pissed if I added a lot of restrictions to the map like no jump/crouch/freelook/cheats :D
  12. leodoom85

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    I'm about to add an update based on previous feedback and these are: Added three waves to the blue key fight, ARCHVILES included. Of course, ammo is added as well but health will be the same to add more difficulty to the fight. Noise alert scripts were also added to move the monsters, preventing spawns to be blocked. Deleted more of the vegetation that can block players. Deleted some useless messages and change some a bit. Now you'll see 4 messages in the map. And that's it. @PhobusCog/poison textures are just random textures that adds nothing to the map but detail :D Glad that you liked the map. Now some people will find the map slightly hard in one of the areas. Updated link. Please redownload the file and enjoy. :)
  13. leodoom85

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    I don't do very difficult maps overall, so that players actually enjoy the map. I might remove a couple of them then. Since the map is relatively...small? Yeah. Like I said on a server in Discord, I should check their decorate (it replaces the vanilla trees/stalagmite things) and change whatever flag it is to not make things solid or simply taking those out of the way. First, probably I'll leave the room empty, then add the initial monsters in a wave as you said it in the second point. I considered adding mancubi but the room is kinda small. Revenants are better in that aspect since it's faster and attacks are more effective. And thanks guys for playing my map. The feedback is not to take it negatively, so be sure to stay tuned with the updates. :)
  14. @DJVCardMasterDon't ignore the fact that the other countries like Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, as well as Colombia and Paraguay also have some issues inside. Basically, this continent is a fucking shitty cesspool...
  15. The ministers replacement was a total joke. Period. They were changed with the same fucking people that had other similar charges. If he quits, then who's left? Because it's the same bunch of fucking flies around the political parties. Needs a complete reorganization and a new constitution as well for this country...
  16. leodoom85

    IronEagle Competition 12: A Taste for Blood

    Death found in map 05 in the yellow key trap. 76/153 monsters and in a time of 1:21:09. Going well until the revenants left me agitated enough to die with a rocket. Fuckers......... Demo: dwie_ATFBLD85.zip EDIT: Forgot to say that was all blind. Never heard or played this set.
  17. leodoom85

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hey...haven't posted some pics recently, so here I go!!! (please, don't mind the missing texture in the last pic)
  18. Violence is NOT the solution. That's what the government wants, to fight against each other and not against the real reason why this country is fucked up...some people needs to see the 2 or 3 sides of the coin apparently. Of course, delinquents can take the chance to do whatever they want....
  19. Prepare to summon the fireblu army with that pentagram...

  20. So stupid that we voted (I don't vote btw) twice for an incompetent woman and twice for a clown that's leading our country. Looks like we won't learn... And also......who's available to be more competent than the shit that we have anyway??? All are the fucking same!!!
  21. leodoom85

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    Duke Nukem Forever? anyone???????? :P
  22. @KVELLERRemember that military in '73 had orders to shoot on sight. Still, it's unacceptable that military AND the police shoots people for whatever reason in these times. Heck, even they are stealing electronic things.....like, cmon....
  23. As a chilean myself, living in Santiago, we are in one of the hardest situations since the dictatorship....even worse than the stronger earthquake from 2010. Now that we know that all of this shit was planned from the beginning to make chaos and to fight against each other, trying to provoke a civil war, we won't stay still and keep fighting but.....the recovery will take months, even years. In fact, I just arrived at home at 11 am because there's no work to do deliveries to the retail (I work with logistics and delivery stuff which it goes mostly to the warehouses related to retail). First of all, our safety is priority and second, it's pointless to load and unload supplies because it only will be another attempt for those motherfuckers to sack markets and stores. Public transport is shit already and now, it's even worse and neighborhoods have an uneasy, daily feeling of houses being sacked. We CANNOT live like this. If we have stress already, with this, more people will be sick. An example is that one of my uncles had a heart attack because of the heavy stress and being extremely nervous thanks to the recent situation. We just want to live in peace but, as long as our shitty government is in place, we'll never be quiet. I'd like to rant more but I don't wanna take a whole page from here to just put an opinion. PS: official statistics about the deaths of people can be a lie. I suspect that can be more, along with other things. PS2: Ministry of Interior should be the first to be taken out of that charge along with the others.
  24. leodoom85

    The DWIronman League dies to: Monster Hunter Ltd.

    @AlfonzoDo what you have to do man. We understand you. And also, Naza with his unofficial leaderboard will inform us about it...at least that part is covered