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  1. Ayo? This is pretty cool! Although I can't stand the original retail GBA Doom engine myself and just resort to the PrBoom GBA port. Ha! I did the same thing a while back with the colormap:
  2. Is kippykip.com down? When I visit it I get greeted to a page saying: "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later." Is it down for maintenance?

  3. Kippykip

    port to device with 256k Ram

    What does it look like fam?
  4. Kippykip

    Make all deaths exit?

    Confirmed that does work. Here's a zip with both a .DEH dehacked file, and a .WAD with the same dehacked script in the inside of it. deadwin.zip Happy suicidal speedrunning!
  5. Kippykip

    GBA Doom (source port running on Game Boy Advance)

    I suppose things like unused text wouldn't shave anything off memory wise, just rom size right?
  6. Kippykip

    GBA Doom (source port running on Game Boy Advance)

    Well guys I just had a play around trying to get one of my favourite Doom levels running on doomhack's GBA port. Although it happens to be one of the biggest official Doom maps afaik, so I got Z_MALLOC memory errors for ages until I eventually got it going! (Albeit at a low framerate, I can probably make some further changes) But here it is if you guys wanna have a peak! I also remade this levels music, here's the Impulse Tracker file if you want to play around. D_DM2INT.it.zip I might remake all the TNT music in IT files eventually when I'm not working retail.
  7. Kippykip

    GBA Doom (source port running on Game Boy Advance)

    You are amazingly talented! I never thought I'd ever see full PC doom running this smoothly, at this point we've only seen a Jaguar based/Custom Engine port.
  8. Kippykip

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Damn, now this link is dead aswell
  9. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    I've only been able to move "THINGS" around with the corrupter like the teleporter.
  10. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    UPDATE: I was able to completely corrupt the behaviour of certain enemies! At around offset 2EB500 you find certain names of sprites. I found TROO underneath somewhere (Imp) and messed completely with the values above the "TROO" part. Now I have an unshootable imp with the spectre effect that doesn't move which seem to be shooting invisible archvile heat-blasts? I believe that was the reason, but I've added colour correction to the later Gamma settings which make it similar to how the rom was released, however still looks more accurate to the PC palette on an original GBA model so I have no idea.
  11. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    No unfortunately, but I've been trying but with no luck. I believe that entire section is where all the text messages are stored in the game
  12. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    Not a bad idea, who would I ask here to go about doing that? You can get a flashcart, where you can copy roms to an SD and stick it in the cartridge and load it that way, as that's how I play it with the "EZ Flash IV MicroSD". Oh yeah one thing I forgot to mention is that I made the Gamma palettes have colour correction so the lowest setting is the PC palette, which is good for a backlit SP/NDS, and the highest setting is colour corrected to fit with a original non-lit screen. I find the middle setting looks good on a frontlit SP.
  13. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    Unfortunately there's no way to patch a cartridge itself (ROM = Read Only Memory). Unless you can desolder and happen to have a rom chip writer laying around you could probably modify the original cartridge itself. However you can use a GBA flashcart to load the uncensored one on a real GBA/NDS, I play the patched rom via the "EZ Flash IV MicroSD" device. Also just in case you're unaware what a flashcart is, it's a unofficial cartridge you can buy with a sd slot where you can stick a load of roms on the SD and then use the flashcart to load them into the device (in our case the GBA).
  14. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

  15. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    I'm not sure why I've never bothered to make an account here until now, as Doom is my favourite game, but anyway I've been some developing modding tools for the GBA Doom 2 port by Torus Games in Blitzmax if anyone's interested. Main motivation was to uncensor the game which I've finally finished and made a patch for it too if you all want to download it. But for whatever reason it looks like nobody really modded this version of Doom before, a russian gba modding team "MagicTeam" was able to uncensor the graphics and translate it though. But it looks like it's taken 15 years before a proper modding solution was done haha. Anyhow these tools allows you to replace: *Modify, View & Extract in-game Sprites/Textures/Flats *Modify, View & Extract raw graphics, such as the Hud. *Modify, View & Extract rom Palettes. *Convert all above to and from .PNG files *Modify, View & Extract sounds (partially as of 0.1-0.2 Beta). It doesn't modify anything major like maps, music or proper GBA sprites (like the guns under the hud) or anything fancy like that, since I don't know how those file formats work at all. Here's an old video I did when the Tools were in their early stages where I briefly show some customization: You can make some simple mods for it, so here's another old example where I replaced the Icon Of Sin with Mark Z u c c erburg But the games content file structure in the Rom is a big complicated mess full of different algorithms etc. If you want to read all about it on how it works and perhaps make your own tools or something, there's a Documentation.txt that explains it all in full detail inside the modding tools package. Anyway by using these tools I was able to make a separate uncensor patch, it replaces the PLAYPAL equivalent to the original PC wads palette, all the sprites, textures, and flats were resized and adjusted to fit with the GBA's version. The colormap works a lot differently in this port so I couldn't make it 100% the same as the MS-DOS original but still looks pretty good imo! In a nutshell, all this results in basically everything in the game being uncensored! (With the exception of disappearing bodies, and hanging body sprites as they weren't there in the first place) Here's some comparisons! The left side being the original release and the right side being the modded version: I've also got a video that shows the comparison on the fly so if you want to see that it's here: Anyway I hope you all will find some uses out of these, I'm currently hosting the tools and PC Conversion Patch on my own site. Therefore you can get the Modding Tools themselves here: https://kippykip.com/index.php?threads/gba-doom-ii-modding-tools-0-2-beta.433/ And the Conversion patch here: https://kippykip.com/index.php?threads/gba-doom-ii-pc-conversion-pack-revision-1-3.434/ Hope you have some fun with these lads ;) P.S. Admins, the capacha on the registration is broken, even when you check the recapacha box and is done, I get this: You did not pass the security check. Please try again. So I had to register with Google.