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  1. SirScottyi386

    Advice/Criticism for Someone Trying to Get Back into Mapping

    Thank you everyone so far for the thoughts/advice! When I get time tomorrow I'll post some screenshots with a brief description of what I envisioned them to be.
  2. Hey there everyone! It's been a hot minute since I've been really into DOOM and I want to get back into mapping. Problem is that just like I was before I took a break from mapping I can't get over the hump of finishing the map. I'll attach two of the maps that I think had the best chances of being good if they managed to get finished. Keywords here being "I think". What I'd appreciate from any of you is to play them (they're not finished just a heads up) and hopefully, give me some constructive criticism. It's been over two years since I made this so I'll try and answer what questions about them you guys may have. They both use DOOM 2 as the IWAD and run fine on GZDoom and Prboom+. I recommend playing them on UV but there is some difficulty scaling. Thank you guys so much and any criticism/advice is appreciated! prev-wads.zip Edit: After a few suggestions here is a brief description of each map along with a few screenshots found in the spoilers below! The WADs remain in the original state that I uploaded when this thread was created. Hysteria: The shortest out of these two maps. Hysteria, as it stands, was made in the span of one night at my friend's house. While it is nowhere near being complete it is my personal favorite for the combat. The goal for this map was to be ambush heavy, as you'll find out as soon as you play it! The aesthetic was going to be tweaked as I went on so the textures are bare-bones as I was more concerned about getting the combat down first. Skylight: By far what I consider to be the most polished map I have ever worked on. While not finished I worked on the layout, textures, and game play all at once adding as I went on. Compared to Hysteria, this map is a little bit more forgiving as I was focusing more on the feel of the map trying to make it a little fresh with classic elements! This is my favorite map I have ever worked on! Since I haven't touched this since 2017 (along with Hysteria) I want to make sure I remember the vision I had for this map before attempting to work on it again.
  3. SirScottyi386

    Is the .pk3 format supported by BOOM

    I was wondering since I'm thinking of making a map with this format but I want to make it boom compatible. Sorry for the noob question but any help is appreciated!
  4. Hey guys! Just making a WAD which replaces the Arch-vile textures and I put them in the WAD and nothing happens. I'm a complete noob at custom textures so I have no clue what to do. Also whenever I launch it in Chocolate Doom it crashes right when I would see the Arch-vile. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. SirScottyi386

    Custom stuff - how much of them really belong to you?

    If I'm making anything I usually use skypack 1 and 2 and everything else is Vanilla or my own.