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  1. SilverMiner

    Plutonia 4 - Back to your hole

    Wow, I didn't know this exists at all!
  2. SilverMiner

    Looking for feedback on my first maps.

    I see your maps... rich in lighting, design, secrets, gameplay reminds me first doom. Enjoyed.
  3. Allow me to give you some advice: Do not release things as sequels to known series, especially when their design, gameplay and overall quality are extremely poor compared to the series overall. Your Plutonia 3 wad is shameless clickbait, that is why it has one star and is renowned as one of the worst releases in 2017. If you had done the right thing and released it as it's own entity, you'd be getting less negative reviews as there would be no preconceived notions for the quality of the product. I'm telling you this because I hate to see people repeatedly make the same mistake. This is intended as friendly advice, not a harsh message.

    1. riderr3


      At least it have sub-name "Going to Surface" So... maybe someday we can see official "unofficial" Plutonia 3 😄

      My Urania megawad also have some Plutonia flavors (along with pinch of TNT's). But I choosed the appropriate name, more or less.

    2. bzzrak



      Do not release things as sequels to known series

      Except if you're too big for rules

  4. SilverMiner

    Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface

    So I see you, guys, all (except ones) in spirit wanted to build out Plutonia 3. I weren't going to wait a sequel to pl2 when someone does it. And you bursted in envy when I did it. Bfguys, as example, are tough only for you. I playtested the whole wad on NM and it's all finishable from pistol start (even map17). Anytime you encounter a bfguy, you can run away or hide, camp it (with any ranged weap you've), n waste it. You're running pl3 with brutal doom? It breaks dehacked and, of course, some maps aren't finishable without noclipping. In logics of some brutal players, it's my fault they couldn't play without cheatin. The level design is poor, I know (but rich technically). pl3 was planned to be running on old comps (I were not gonna finish off gran's one). So I'd read your reviews, guys, there's coming (not right now but sooner) pl3 special edition, reload or smth. With no bfg zombies, as you named bfguys. The sound replacement will be removed. In the reload, se or smth, on map** you'll have archviles to deal with only chaingun, and you'll survive if u shoot accurately, it's about 86 bullets on arch. Sry for my bad English.
  5. SilverMiner

    Sky dehack

    There is no dehacked functions for skies in Prboom. Try using Sky Transfer in maps or compiling Prboom source code.