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  1. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlqdigg6q3f2yni/SMSLIDOORS.wad?dl=1 Here's a template Gzdoom just doesn't recognize fragglescript, but despite that, it tries to run it, I guess. I didn't expect that EDIT: I mean I didn't expect Gzdoom would even try to run something that it doesn't support since some time
  2. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    My longplay demo failed but here's some particular feedback: I really like these maps: 3,11,13,17,21-25 Map05 - it's a frustrating linear map. It's like climb a mountain that wants to shake you off and after a long ascend, to be mauled by cybers. Also I don't like the conveyor part being necessary, and non-functional exit switch at the start of the level. Map06 - killing 2 pinkies with a pistol at the start is a chore. Map07 - even HR2 is fairer than that Map09 - personally I don't like arena fights with a fixed arena time. If I want to play arena-styled games, I play them outside Doom. Doom is a shooter after all Map10 - Nice HR2 styled map Map14 - The hellknight in a cramped place is like impending death most the times Map23 - I like the marble and lava style. Reminds me of Quake episode 3. Map26 - Why is the nukage damage made unavoidable? How do I get the radsuit thru an impassable wall? It is a pity that the text screen for the submarine map is not used as a result of it being Map03 instead of Map07. This is probably one of a few maps here of sufficiently high quality, and to which I was able to tie at least a little bit of a decent story that can be useful to go thru this map. Also, it's cool that the maps have a use of sky transfers. IMO, the sky is a significant part of the visual look of the map. And I'm not quite satisfied with the skies some my maps got: map15 and map16 were intended to use sky2 (I mean the plutonia's red sunset sky2) EDIT: The palette and the custom colormap can be removed at all. Objectively speaking, it messes reds and blues
  3. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    I'm ok with what you suggest. I'm gonna maybe record a demo of full longplay of the wad on UV. Also I dunno what to do with switches but I'll try to find the way to fix it
  4. SilverMiner

    Hell Cellar map

    I appreciate both IWAD and source port choice
  5. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    I'd like to build in the project a somewhat sound reverb mod for Zdoom compatible ports as I did for DBP39. Since then, I removed low health effects which some people found annoying and obstructing the gameplay. Proper credits are inside the wad https://www.dropbox.com/s/w7c2poq1jn3ndgo/96BuiltInLR.wad?dl=1
  6. SilverMiner

    Movies That You Think Didn't Need Sequels?

    Home Alone 1 and 2
  7. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Story text for 15-31: The portal into which you entered transported you to a cold, sandstone-lined room. Rumor has it that the local demons have decided to destroy all supplies of medkits and armor, probably to try to kill you quickly at all costs, and to keep you from prolonging your suffering before you die, since by giving you that opportunity, demons always run the risk of screwing themselves up pretty badly :) Before you start, don't forget to check the torch on your right Story for 31-32: You fell down a hole and discovered that there were nazis hiding deep underground. They've had little food left, so the low-ranking soldiers starved to death, but the survived ones were not confused and called in the help of impure forces. Most likely they used their remaining portrait of the fuhrer to perform the ritual. I suggest you clean up the sector and desecrate the portrait. Story for 11-12: You move to another region. It's run by a slightly different set of personalities. In this area, Ensign Zadov has been assigned to oversee the safety of medkits, weapons, and ammunition. He's been in his post for more than a year, and in that, you know, short time, he's already managed to sell more than half of the supplies for the purpose of enriching. When we found out, of course, we wanted to punish him, but fortunately for him, he had already been mauled by the demons that had swarmed in. It's not a surprise for us, of course, our forces in this area were considerably weakened by such an abomination. So keep in mind that the stuff you find there will have to be used more efficiently if you wanna survive Story for 20-21: Not less than 20 sectors you've left behind. You feel relieved. Not just because you've done a great job, but because all your heavy equipment is reduced to just one gun again. There was nothing wrong with the safety of the equipment in this region, so you can expect to have plenty of it at all times. Now it smells like a large horde of undead skinny guys is prepared specially for you in a Hell keep. You find yourself in a large marble building and see a pole with a chaingun in front of you. The demons installed it here as a decorative symbol of violence, but you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to steal the thing from them like you usually do. It won't be a big loss for them, since they still have a blast field gun somewhere in a prominent place Story for 30-end: After realizing their previous mistakes, the demons finally decided to protect their mother from a very simple act of a missile insertion into its brain and suggested that the cyberdemon should get inside to protect with his carcass something important to the demons there and also be somewhat protected from your big gun himself. But, as you can see, that didn't stop you and you won. Congratulations! @Walter confetti the story is done, when's the map compilation?
  8. Doom made me like only the games, where I can modify it in any way I want and do whatever I want. Knowing that I can modify Doom, in 2013, I tried to set up an SDK to start modding Minecraft but it always failed to work. "You're too picky, mine." - thought I and abandoned it. I want to rule the game, not the game to rule me
  9. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    I wrote a story for map06-07 text screen in case if Ballast Breakdown makes it into slot map07. You've reached some kind of a bunker. The demons've captured a submarine here. We sent two guys to scout the area. The first one, our ex-master of stealth, managed to get in the boat and almost got a red key, but was quickly nailed to the floor by a guy with a shotgun. Another dude wanted to sneak down to the docks, but as he was descending, he fell off the mountain and plunged into the water, and his noise attracted the demons flying nearby, who did not wait until he gets his plasma gun, and they quietly put him down. Clear the area and get to the lift on the other side.
  10. SilverMiner

    Whats the best Heretic/Hexen-based DOOM wad?

    Herian 2
  11. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wv2a2h0gz890j9a/96KB New palette and colormap.wad?dl=1 Made a wad containing: PLAYPAL, COLORMAP, GAMEINFO, M_DOOM (used the one from 128kb as a base + bitmap font writer) and 3 midis: Nickelbak - Believe it or not (title) Yellowcard - Breathing (intermission) Chelsea Smiles - Nowhere Ride (text screen)
  12. SilverMiner

    Jokes Thread

    An electrical engineering exam. The professor screws the student. - All right, last question for 3: How many light bulbs are there in the classroom? The student looks up, counts: - Eight! - Wrong, I have one with me, in my pocket. See you at the retake. Retake. The professor knocks out the same student again. - Last question for 3: How many light bulbs are there in the classroom? - Nine! - Wrong, I didn't get a light bulb today! - But I did!
  13. SilverMiner

    Jokes Thread

    A man in the woods found a well. He threw a stone there, another stone, threw more stone, silence. He went to find a piece of rail and threw it, and then a goat ran by and jumped into the well. The man thinks, it's a mystery. Then another man comes up to him and asks: -Have you seen the goat? -I saw it, it ran past me and dived into the well. -It can't be, mine is tied to the rail.
  14. SilverMiner

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    I'd like to
  15. Here's a Zdoom 2.8.1 demo where I finish the map_rc1 in 2m53s. I skipped all the keycards(spheres) and bosses https://www.dropbox.com/s/okladoovw3gjjy8/nameless_rc1_zd281_silverminer_demo2m53s.lmp?dl=1 And I'm sure that the wad can be considered fully compatible with Zdoom 2.8.1