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  1. SilverMiner

    Ancient Aliens

    Overall that's cool wad. (I said that's cool of only two lumps here: the PLAYPAL and the COLORMAP, ok the graphics and maps too :) But... It said: Boom compatible. But I can't run this in Boom. ( Hehe, they thought I won't check this :) And so on, ofc, action scripts were used these only work afaik in Eternity 3.40+ and not old Zdoom. I don't like Eternal Doom sounds and also arach's and mancubi's sprites. And again, that's cool wad my rate was (5/5) EDIT: I've grown up a bit, and replayed this wad. The maps are too booo...oooring and my eyes and head were hurt on this. The colours are too epileptic... There's no even a bit of enthusiasm in any map. Pushing player on a distant archvile without strong weapons IS NOT GOOD IDEA. Forcing player to find keys and switches to lower the pillars where the keys are being IS NOT GOOD IDEA. I really love killing large lovely hordes of lovely skeletons with only chaingun, oh yeah ^_^ (no) I really love locked doors which look like lamps :3 (nohoohooo) This wad weighs around 130 MBytes. Why. It loads for an hour on my gran's comp. And more, this wad being boom compatible cannot be runt with Boom202 (OH YEAH, AND THEY THOUGHT NOBODY HERE WON'T CHECK THAT) LOVELY music REALLY fits SLAUGHTER MAPZ, UUUH YEAH (no), SO: It'd be better if guys who made THIS got on to make a LOVELY OLDSCHOOL ADVENTURE like Monkey Island. It's name on the idgames starts with "aa" so it smells like an OVERHYPED CLICKBAIT WAD that is even underrated by its authors at the back of their mind already. I suggest authors of this wad to play Knee Deep in Zdoom and see that their work is total crap relating to kdizd.
  2. SilverMiner

    Anyone need any custom Midi's?

    There's GP5 version, which you can convert to midi thru Guitar Pro 5 https://primanota.ru/arch/tabarchs/Slayer_-_Final_Six_all_tabs_00078071.zip
  3. SilverMiner

    Build Eternity 3.40 on DOS

    Building MBF and Boom, I decided to build Eternity 3.40.00 on DOS. (I simply had seen DOS support in the source, so that's why I want this) I have '97 ver of DJGPP and Allegro 3.0 So, what I have to do?
  4. SilverMiner

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

    Oh, yeah, BROOMstick
  5. SilverMiner

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    That's all our non-adult stuff?
  6. SilverMiner

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    My mental age is 11 and I'm fifteen! (People who don't know me, just looking at, give me 20-30 years, eh, how old am I...) Started playing Doom in my 2... on fathr's pda. Started mapping in my 6... It was doombuilder... By now... I'm playing Plutonia 2 coop with my 2 classmates and 4 neighbors younger than me by 3-4 years. Some of my kith still consider Doom as a Minecraft mod :D and so on that Minecraft is a game of 80s and Doom's of 70s. They also consider me as a game developer (When they see me mapping and source port building :) . And my bro knows doom since his 1/2, now he's 8 to 9, he already parsed Plutonia 2 and Revisited, Alien Vendetta, Bloodstain, Resurgence, Speed of Doom, Scythe 1,2,X, and the Pirate Doom. That's before he seen other games. The second was Quake and its two mission packs. The favourite Doom mod of all my playing doom acquaints is the Pirate Doom, as far as I know.
  7. Version 2 of: "Underslaught" Mostly inspired by E3M2 Build Time: I weren't counting Music: Dark halls Coop and DM full support Demo: see the zip or the wad (ITYTD) New screenshots: here they are Description: Vanilla texture scroll limit pushing map. (64 scrollers); Three keys to end the map. Changes: Removed Commander Keens, added more difficulty. Replaced Red and Blue Skulls. (And the doors, too) Decorated all locked doors like pl2 map32. Now Ultra Violence is rough. infernew25.zip
  8. SilverMiner

    Build Boom on DOS

    Erm, my wad has zdoom support so it's playable without my boom build.
  9. SilverMiner

    Build Boom on DOS

    Hi, guys, I decided to build Boom v2.02 on DOS, I tried searching for tutors, but they all are Win32 at least. Where I do find dev tools and what I have to do? Sry for bad English.
  10. SilverMiner

    Build Boom on DOS

    I mentioned I have built boom 2.02. (About MBF: I'm going to make 2.04 with 3d floors some later) Publish my work? Oh, yeah, including a wad (Not right now, but by the year's end)... The only use of Boom I did is change of monsters' drops (Rocket guys drop rockets instead of clips as example) and the game ending at MAP24.
  11. SilverMiner

    Build Boom on DOS

    Thanks to all, I did it! Now we can close the thread...
  12. Thanks for an advice, I knew this non-keen way before (And used in multiple key locked door in vanilla). But, whatever, the player won't be able to see and hear the keens. Only typing "Monster" in console (Zdoom ports) could reveal them.
  13. @bonnie, the commanders are not seen by player and are in non-playable area. I just use vanilla scripting.
  14. SilverMiner

    Voodoo doll death ending when you kill a monster

    If I want to kill the player by voodoo dooling, I'll be using extended boom dehacked where I'll replace target monster's A_Fall codepointer with A_KeenDie so If all the monsters of that kind die on your map, you, as said @Pegleg, make a conveyor belt with voodoo on it and a door with tag 666. I suggest you to make the belt sector to be floor at 0 and ceil at 128 and the door's ceil at 55 mpx. Then the doll rides over the line, that activates the crusher at the end of the belt, where you place some barrels... I don't know why you wanna kill the guy instead of many other effects you could do with voodoo and conveyor...
  15. In the Underslaught, the exit is activated by killing three commander keens being killed by activating three marked switches on the map. So, the switch isn't only one... I gonna fix the key issue and add more difficulty effects. Guys, I think it'd be cool (technically) if you'll use Commander keens in your maps!
  16. SilverMiner

    HELL.WAD - Hell on Mars!!

    Average '94 map.
    Mmm, cool tweaked Doom palette... And the colourmap makes the game pseudotruecolour...
  17. SilverMiner

    Random Image Thread

    Chainsaw Moooonk!
  18. SilverMiner

    If you were Doom Guy

    If I'd be home, I'dve hidden in the wood next to it, wearing camo. Then, I'd be running thru the woods to my suburbian shelty. There I keep my chainsaw, other tools and sawed-off. I'd stay alive if wouldn't low on gas and limited on ammo. Using fourwheeled drives I could carmageddon them all. Peaceful: If I'd be home, I'dve hidden in the wood next to it, wearing camo. Then, I'd be running thru the woods to my suburbian shelty. Also I could grab all my moonshine... And all the demons would die without any violence...
  19. Wow, how fussy, Underslaught infernew26.zip Most inspired by the second lvl BT: idk Music: Dark halls Coop and DM full support Demo: see the wad Screenshots: not at the moment Description: ...
  20. SilverMiner


    What the font you used?
  21. SilverMiner

    Otherworldly, the song, based off doom enemies

    Cool... I think it could be a plot for a doom mod...
  22. SilverMiner

    Build Boom on DOS

    Ok, now: I decided to implement 3d floors and slopes (also 3d slopes) from cdoom 2.07 to mbf 2.04. Any ideas? AFAIK I have to merge r_plane, p_spec and some more cdoom .c files with mbf. Any suggestions ? (how you would do this?)