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  1. SilverMiner

    A set of likely unoriginal but neat ideas I had

    Hypothetically, if I tried to play it, I don't think I could be drawn into the process for long, because the game engine would remind me of Doom, and Doom is not a place where the player only shoots at people and, say, dogs. Hearing only the sounds of people, and well, dogs, I think I'd quickly get bored, because it, compared to doom, will be less varied in types of enemies. It's not even that I want the sounds made by enemies to have variety, I think almost all enemies gonna be hitscanners, and that will entail very poor gameplay
  2. I don't like an unnecessary curse word in its name so I call it Blast Field Gun
  3. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

  4. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Cool switch
  5. SilverMiner

    Random Question for Map Makers...

    I choose random 2002ado/mm2/requiem midi and build a map around it
  6. SilverMiner

    First Doom map VS Now

    I don't know why, but it reminds me of this
  7. SilverMiner

    How do I Push/Pull things in Boom?

    It's a linedef action that makes tagged sector scroll according to this line as a vector
  8. SilverMiner

    How do I Push/Pull things in Boom?

    To carry a voodoo doll you don't have to use push/pull Use 252 action instead
  9. SilverMiner

    Need suggestions on a midi for a new map

    https://static.angryscience.net/pub/hosted/klem/midi/mm2/17 Organic Gods.MID
  10. Updated my map (e4m3) Link is the same; added an optional area with BFG and some early 2000s-like detail
  11. It's a lighting switch. It shouldn't change the gameplay anyway. I might replace it with something, remove or do nothing I knew about that but anyway thanks, fixed(it now can be lowered like a lift). However mine is far from that level of abstraction. Weird thingy EDIT: Hmm, I'll call it "Not a sewer"
  12. I've made a map and haven't come up with name yet. EDIT: the name be "Not a sewer" https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilyfp5q2jk0wj8z/ds4-e4m3.wad?dl=1 E4M3, includes YOURPC patch and midi. Not the best view but here's a screen(gibbed shotguys are buggy): Maybe I could make enemies repopulate after getting red key hmm
  13. To guys who requested playtesting:

    I apologise for not testing some of your maps at an expected time. I have studies: they take up almost all my free time, and make me think about study at all times, even when I should be sleeping. Last year I had studies as well, but it wasn't that time-consuming


    Maybe I might find time to do it after all, by now I have only a half of a megawad to finish and then I'm gonna get on to something else.





  14. Sign me up for map26
  15. SilverMiner

    Random Image Thread

    Weird book cover
  16. SilverMiner

    Guess the map [5th edition] (ANSWERS REVEALED)

    1 - doom 2 map29 3 - plut map 21 4 - doomsday uac e1m8
  17. SilverMiner

    First Doom map VS Now

    I'm showing not my first and not the latest maps cuz the first one is pretty boring, and the latest one is built not quite the way I'd like it to be. So the first one could be my second ever map using map07special it's around or more than 8 years old and it was intended to be map20 in a 79 level Zdoom megawad. I remember it used sky4 from Ultimate Doom in its first iteration but I had switched it to hexen boggy sky and I dunno why. Here's a screen from my third "magnum opus" (Prboom+ and Zdoom compatible map, not sure about GZ) EDIT: I was wrong with build time, the sketch was made in 20s of November and the map finished on 2 dec. Still fast
  18. SilverMiner

    Help with weird map glitch.

    Try dividing the sector in 2 and make them differ in brightness (like 176 and 175) It could help
  19. Will this guy (Dune Warrior from 667) be ok? (his color fits the sky imo) For more contrast, his legs or cape could be recolored to black
  20. SilverMiner

    Good WAD's using the jump feature ?

  21. // Do not spawn cool, new monsters if !commercial if (!commercial) { switch(mt->type) { case 68: // Arachnotron case 64: // Archvile case 88: // Boss Brain case 89: // Boss Shooter case 69: // Hell Knight case 67: // Mancubus case 71: // Pain Elemental case 65: // Former Human Commando case 66: // Revenant case 84: // Wolf SS spawn = false; break; } } In case we want new monsters and decorations: in theory, we can use six Doom 2 hanging corpses + demon spawn spot (87) to place these in maps. I mean we can have more decorative stuff. And maybe this could help with merging ds4 with ds1,2,3 EDIT: Maybe changing editor IDs of things above^ could make it possible to include them as well, so we can expect enough place for dehacked stuff if it was present in ds1,2,3 (I didn't check this) EDIT2: We even could have tech lamps, megasphere and keen heh that's more than enough to merge ds1,2,3,4
  22. As for me, the resource pack and limit removing thingy doesn't give me any ideas on what to draw The fat imps look gross imho, maybe that's the reason I've not started mapping for this yet. However I think, when I have time, I gonna draw something abstract but playable, maxable and somewhat detailed
  23. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    iirc, the Vandalism (map11) is the only map using animated tnt switches. So, to make them working, I made this(2 lumps): https://www.dropbox.com/s/vivy2lu3g7frw0a/VandalismTNTSwitchesfix.wad?dl=1 (SIDEDEFS should be put in map11 and SWITCHES to be replaced) If any other maps have bad switches like that, they probably shouldn't be like SW*FS*1 or SW*FS*4 because I tried to make a SWITCHES entry like that and it didn't work. But SW*FS*2 did. So every switch like SW*FS*1,3,4 should be renamed to SW*FS*2 in order to make it work
  24. SilverMiner

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    I mean he made a pack of plutonia textures for Doom 2 EDIT: