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Status Updates posted by SilverMiner

  1. today on halloween by the active members of my faculty, we had Time Runner by Mark Klem (memento mori 2) playing as an opening between the quest and discoteque. Something Doom related happens in real life

    1. Kyka


      That is actually super cool.

  2. Waiting for multiplayer Doom Builder

    1. SuperCupcakeTactics


      YES! The ultimate collaborative mapping fun. The greatest real-time connect-the-dots action puzzle game!

  3. To guys who requested playtesting:

    I apologise for not testing some of your maps at an expected time. I have studies: they take up almost all my free time, and make me think about study at all times, even when I should be sleeping. Last year I had studies as well, but it wasn't that time-consuming


    Maybe I might find time to do it after all, by now I have only a half of a megawad to finish and then I'm gonna get on to something else.





  4. The Memento Mori 2's music fits Heretic very good

  5. 30 years Id software

  6. 	      case 68:	// Arachnotron
    	      case 64:	// Archvile
    	      case 88:	// Boss Brain
    	      case 89:	// Boss Shooter
    	      case 69:	// Hell Knight
    	      case 67:	// Mancubus
    	      case 71:	// Pain Elemental
    	      case 65:	// Former Human Commando
    	      case 66:	// Revenant
    	      case 84:	// Wolf SS

    (I post it here for myself not to forget some further dehacky plans for Ultimate Doom)

  7. Today I attained majority (18 yrs in my country)

    Nothing changed actually lol