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File Reviews posted by SilverMiner

  1. It's simply reskinning of original Plutonia.

    Monsters are almost everywhere and I'm running out of ammo - that's a thing that will never be resolved.

    Map07,Map11 and secret maps are pain in the ass. The best are Maps14-19 and Map29.

    Slaughter linear key hunting maps is bad idea. It must be at least 3 ways to reach the exit.

    Overall, it's far not better than Memento Mori 2

  2. DOOM95


    I love cheats added in Doom95. First of all, it's my first source port. I played Doom, Doom 2 and Plutonia on dad's PDA (later I had been solving Hexen puzzles on gran's PC with Vibra 16 sound card AFAIR). Doom and Doom 2 were too glitchy to play and had no music. You may not believe what I say, I saw Doom for first time on my birthday when I got 1 year old.


    The best game ever I seen.

  3. Pirate Doom


    0. The peaceful world and sense of Monkey Island was taken and thrown away.

    1. The cannibals trying to kill the player, not to discuss the way of healthy nutrition or not to simply catch and eat him. It's really annoying.

    2. In some places the textures ain't chording.

    3. The main hero is not The Guybrush Threepwood. It's the marine.

    4. The chordes of demony creatures don't let me to watch the map.

    5. The second map had the script (before I fixed it in mine) killing the player playing in soft.

    6. At the Winds Of Hell, the Port Royale and Plunder Island Fort and other large opened places the monsters in crowds gather to shower me with knifes, skulls and chaingunners simply bullet me out.

    7. The main hero is an old one-eyed drunkard burping all the way he heals himself by simply drinking.

    8. The Circus is the most unwanted place IMHO.

    9. No Rollercoaster Of Death at the end.

    10. No spitting contest.

    11. No Largo LaGrande.

    12. The LeChuck voices contain the parts of music. There still is the way to rip them properly, but who will?

    13. The LeChuck theme music makes me think the game ends. Then the game quickly becomes boring.

    14. The trampolines are cool. But solid. Jumping with falling damage is deadly.

    15. When I firstly heard the Largo Theme, I thought he will appear to take my boomstick, but he didn't.

    16. Pirate DooM is imp ate door easy speedrunnable.

    17. The darkness isn't scary, it simply annoys me.


    Over all, that's all great work!!!

  4. Overall that's cool wad. (I said that's cool of only two lumps here: the PLAYPAL and the COLORMAP, ok the graphics and maps too :)


    But... It said: Boom compatible. But I can't run this in Boom.

    ( Hehe, they thought I won't check this :)


    And so on, ofc, action scripts were used these only work afaik in Eternity 3.40+ and not old Zdoom.


    I don't like Eternal Doom sounds and also arach's and mancubi's sprites.


    And again, that's cool wad


    my rate was (5/5)




    I've grown up a bit, and replayed this wad. The maps are too booo...oooring and my eyes and head were hurt on this. The colours are too epileptic... There's no even a bit of enthusiasm in any map.


    Pushing player on a distant archvile without strong weapons IS NOT GOOD IDEA.


    Forcing player to find keys and switches to lower the pillars where the keys are being IS NOT GOOD IDEA.


    I really love killing large lovely hordes of lovely skeletons with only chaingun, oh yeah ^_^ (no)


    I really love locked doors which look like lamps :3 (nohoohooo)


    This wad weighs around 130 MBytes. Why. It loads for an hour on my gran's comp.


    And more, this wad being boom compatible cannot be runt with Boom202 (OH YEAH, AND THEY THOUGHT NOBODY HERE WON'T CHECK THAT)




    It'd be better if guys who made THIS got on to make a LOVELY OLDSCHOOL ADVENTURE like Monkey Island.


    It's name on the idgames starts with "aa" so it smells like an OVERHYPED CLICKBAIT WAD that is even underrated by its authors at the back of their mind already.


    I suggest authors of this wad to play Knee Deep in Zdoom and see that their work is total crap relating to kdizd.



  5. So I see you, guys, all (except ones) in spirit wanted to build out Plutonia 3. I weren't going to wait a sequel to pl2 when someone does it. And you bursted in envy when I did it. Bfguys, as example, are tough only for you. I playtested the whole wad on NM and it's all finishable from pistol start (even map17). Anytime you encounter a bfguy, you can run away or hide, camp it (with any ranged weap you've), n waste it. You're running pl3 with brutal doom? It breaks dehacked and, of course, some maps aren't finishable without noclipping. In logics of some brutal players, it's my fault they couldn't play without cheatin.

    The level design is poor, I know (but rich technically). pl3 was planned to be running on old comps (I were not gonna finish off gran's one). So I'd read your reviews, guys, there's coming (not right now but sooner) pl3 special edition, reload or smth. With no bfg zombies, as you named bfguys. The sound replacement will be removed. In the reload, se or smth, on map** you'll have archviles to deal with only chaingun, and you'll survive if u shoot accurately, it's about 86 bullets on arch. Sry for my bad English.