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  1. On 7/27/2019 at 7:51 AM, HAK3180 said:



    download the .zip




    The texturing is a little bit bizarre, but I think the space gives this map plenty of cohesion. The layout is basically a central hub with outer areas that all connect to each other. I was not entirely sure what my actual goal was, but that may be because I never visited the exit area until the end, even though it was accessible all along. Appearance is pretty good with some minor nitpicks. The biggest issue was that the huge supply of ammo for very few monsters by comparison. I must have exited with 300 cells and 50 rockets, this in a map of 112 monsters, many of which were low-health monsters.


    Bottom line: good-looking map with nice layout but not enough enemies to fill it


    Thanks for the review! (I'll manage to cut down on ammo)


    Huh, you hadn't noticed a missing texture. Maybe you didn't want to. ( I forget to fix it all the time :) It's near a room where you get a invisphere (line in a sector with imp that lowers when you get a sphere)

  2. On 7/27/2019 at 2:29 AM, Austinado said:



    By @SilverMiner


    Download here


    So, finally i see something with huge difference from the last time i have played maps from this mapper! We have monsters to kill! We have details on textures! We have a map! I enjoyed, i really did. I hope the other maps from this same WAD had a turned around with the example of this map. When i thought there was not more ammo, there it was more to search for. overall, big improvment. Way the go man!


    Final remarks: 


    - I just did not understand why the teleports on the ground, and you could not teleport....maybe the teleports are meant to the "final" cacodeamons/pain elementals fight to them to appear?

    - For me what a great improvment!

    - More comments in the video.


    Thanks for the review!


    I've almost abandoned the work on it, but you got me motivated.


    I must say there were super shotgun (at the beginning of the map get on to wooden shelf, where stays a medkit, and open a computer screen door), berserk (try to click on all the brick lights you see and the right one will open), soulsphere and invisphere (open ashwall2 door in the revenants-and-imps water pool room after visiting the opposing area) and a megaarmor (click on monitor in the first zombieman room on the left you can get to, and the item will be pulled into your hand from the behind) as secret items you could get. The plasmagun was one of that. Only two secrets are counted as secrets by game (super shotgun's and spheres' areas)


    Try to find an easter egg in the yellow key room (by clicking on suspicious looking objects). It's useless for gameplay, but is a reference to the Secret of Monkey Island.