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Status Updates posted by SilverMiner

  1. To guys who requested playtesting:

    I apologise for not testing some of your maps at an expected time. I have studies: they take up almost all my free time, and make me think about study at all times, even when I should be sleeping. Last year I had studies as well, but it wasn't that time-consuming


    Maybe I might find time to do it after all, by now I have only a half of a megawad to finish and then I'm gonna get on to something else.





  2. The Memento Mori 2's music fits Heretic very good

  3. 30 years Id software

  4. 	      case 68:	// Arachnotron
    	      case 64:	// Archvile
    	      case 88:	// Boss Brain
    	      case 89:	// Boss Shooter
    	      case 69:	// Hell Knight
    	      case 67:	// Mancubus
    	      case 71:	// Pain Elemental
    	      case 65:	// Former Human Commando
    	      case 66:	// Revenant
    	      case 84:	// Wolf SS

    (I post it here for myself not to forget some further dehacky plans for Ultimate Doom)

  5. Today I attained majority (18 yrs in my country)

    Nothing changed actually lol