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  1. My point is.. I just want these boxes on my bookshelf. Would it cost id software so much to replicate them, cds floppies booklets cards et all?
  2. Here's what bugs me about the gaming industry: Why is it that I can still buy a Led Zeppelin vinyl record repress yet id Software aren't keeping their old games in print? Would you love to own a cardboard box replica of the original Doom games? Should we petition? What do you think?
  3. gtsgreece

    Photos that could be great Doom levels

    weird E2M6 vibes.. and a couple more..
  4. gtsgreece

    Photos that could be great Doom levels

    good point, but the photos I uploaded have more to do with the general mood and atmosphere of a setting than the actual architecture they depict
  5. gtsgreece

    Photos that could be great Doom levels

    Glad you guys liked this thread, here's some more tumblr weirdness, hope you find them inspiring:
  6. I'll probably get banned for this, but anyway: post real photos that could be turned into awesome Doom levels. My picks, all from tumblr:
  7. gtsgreece

    The biggest flaws of Heretic (as compared to Doom)

    The weapons are a bit weaker but Heretic is still a masterpiece, a 10/10 game. Comparing the two games is like a Nevermind/In Utero debate.
  8. gtsgreece

    What do you think about ID Software early days?

    Early Id is the ultimate garage band success story. Four brilliant, slightly creepy young men determined to succeed in a world of expensive crappy dos computers. There 'll never be anything like them again.
  9. gtsgreece

    What do you think about ID Software early days?

    What do I think? I've read Masters of Doom a dozen times. The famous Lake House picture is the most inspiring thing for me. But their story could only happen in america.
  10. gtsgreece

    E2M2 is the best map that ever existed!

    It's the most iconic, featured on that Time magazine article in '95, my first exposure to Doom
  11. gtsgreece

    How has Doom helped your personal life?

    Doom/Heretic/Hexen has been my yearly tradition since 1996. Each time I play it, I remember what was on tv or radio every year so my brain overfloods with happy memories.
  12. gtsgreece

    Why are you still playing classic Doom?

    even the cheapest $95 win10 pc stick can run Painkiller from 2004 on max settings, what kind of pc do you own?
  13. gtsgreece

    Why are you still playing classic Doom?

    1. simple and fun, also cozy because I know every inch of a level 2. incredible atmosphere, especially with the neuromancer-grey sky of ep1. Skies are very important, they set up the tone. 3. magic of glittery pixels of 320x200 resolution on Chocolate Doom. Buttery-smooth graphics just look meh on old games 4. no crap info on the screen, no by the hand gameplay, you never know when a monster is dying, no glowing crap, just what you see and hear 5. SCARIEST THING: you never hear a word in english, just growls, which makes you feel even lonelier, exiled on a hostile environment. Simple but so important detail that stupid loud modern shooters just don't get. 6. SCARIEST THING 2: when you die, you can still see the world moving along perfectly fine without you, like your existence never mattered (or was that in Quake?) 7. limited color pallete = easy to parse the visual elements of spaces.
  14. If you like them and use them, please post some screenshots here. I made them for chocolate doom, I hate all the other ports..