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  1. Ermi

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    its obvious i was picking apart the comment he made in his article about the mod, but it was nice of you to point out the most irrelevant thing in my comment... the point i was trying to bring across is how the developer was bragging about how graphically impressive his mod is (which it is) and then went on to say "trying to break the stereotypes"... and so on when in fact it turned out to be a generic mod itself so i responded with "this is just another doom2 mod with fancy decorations. your not fooling me." are we on the same page now?
  2. Ermi

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    This is hilarious... I was down voted and bashed on for my scrutiny towards this mod by saying it won't live up to its expectations. Now here we are...
  3. Ermi

    Bladerunner/Cyberpunk ideas

    you should stick to using fewer light sources and add some bright maps to your textures. a lot of people on here still use laptops to play doom on and it's highly likely it will lag.
  4. Here is a sample of solace dreams 2... Dont expect much. Only the hub stage and a small part of the second is complete. Have fun looking around. (I recommend not skipping the cutscene.) DOWNLOAD!!! Just extract folder to your desktop and run launcher! Feedback is appreciated!
  5. Ermi

    Bladerunner/Cyberpunk ideas

    Ive actually been working on one myself, its still in the early concepts stages and it may be something il go back to once SD2 is completed. Here is a small snippet of the in game hud i made from scratch.
  6. Happy to say im out of pre-alpha, with all codes in place to finally continue with the levels and character designs. Here is a sneak peak at prop interactions (book, globe) similar to duke nukem forever, never before seen done in a doom mod. (no sound yet)
  7. Ermi

    Gorgos, the Hidden terror from beyond infinity (WIP)

    This looks interesting. I'll be following this. are all the resources original, because they dont look familar to me? If you need help with anything or just some one to test and give a honest opinion then inbox me.
  8. Here is a very early concept of SD2 demonstration cutscene animations and player model. Everytihng is still a work in progress but you get the idea. Ive decided to go for the gritty quake 2 look with low res textures with decent enough models. All enviroments will also be prebaked, so i wont include PBR and dynamic lighting for those of you with crappy computers. Join the discord for more active updates!
  9. Solace dreams 2 is a Total Conversion for GZDOOM that follows up on the original games story putting the player in the shoes of a new protagonist, Jack. A former lead singer and guitarist of the band SURVIVE. Taking a turn for the worse he plunders into darkness to a unknown world, a void. Only to find himself alone in a place he finds so familiar, with a duty to slaughter or save his former class mates. Unlike Yuna he has the unusual ability to restore the humanity of fallen opponents, or if you choose, harvest there soul for your personal gain. The choice is yours to make! JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER FOR MOST RECENT UPDATES! https://discord.gg/MeaCrw5 https://www.gofundme.com/solace-dreams-2 COMING ON COMPLETION OF MOD!
  10. I honestly dont know, i was just giving you a alternative... at least until you find the better solution. For the time being just set a linedef to activate a script to play thing sound on the elevator.
  11. use a simple acs script... Place a actor with the sound on the elevator then with a ACS script .... playsound(...) make the sound loop obviously.. Then... stopsound (...) When the lift stops moving. simple enough no? Alternatively you can just do thing activate and deactivate.
  12. Ermi

    SURVIVE - (Version 1.1)

    Thats a pretty awesome score! You come across as someone whos played C&C and understands resource management, a few people thats tested this mod didnt even consider building 4 at the start and resulted in a early end game. I experimented with several options, but i wanted to cap the average session to roughly 40minutes. This was to prevent the game getting boring and to avoid lagging as the monsters eventually bloat the level (especially with all the gibbing and effects). To achieve this i had to carefully cap the money so the player has just the right amount to spend during the course of the game. I do understand where your coming from, and i know it can come across as very repetitive. Just know that it is just a casual arcade like experience, if you can even call it that. Another method of play would be a weapons only session, thats more challenging.
  13. Ermi

    ☯ Solace Dreams ☯ - (Version 1.6.4)

    try extracting the game folder to your desktop and run the launcher. from the looks of the image your running the game on a secondary drive (f). I to have issues running it on anything other than the primary drive (c). The game also has issues with usernames with spaces in. It's how the bat file tries to read the locations. I'm still working on a fix, thanks for letting me know.
  14. Ermi

    REKKR - V1.14

    Finally! something original. Good work!
  15. Ermi

    MEMBRANE - Commercial Alien Shooter made in GZDoom

    Im not convinced. Tell don to sort his shit out, these prices are ridiculous. "$15 to pre-order for release" < not necessary atall. "$20 to get early-access to development builds" < extra money grabbing. for this much i can buy a properly developed game. "which we think is a relatively low price compared to other games of this caliber" < like what? have you played any of my FREE total conversions? Hidden here is a list of videos which show some footage of gameplay from a mod i recently made for free which offers more. "physical copy for $50" < for this much im expecting my shit to be gold plated. "a model of yourself in the game for $200" < really? pay me $200 and il make the entire game for you. My point is, Set up a donations, and if people are interested they will pay. simple. EDIT : by the way i went to his indiegogo page and i saw this... "Has been developing the initial designs of Membrane for several years." This is what several years of work looks like... i also made solace dreams and SURVIVE in a single year, 6months each roughly on my own with minor outside help. So for several years of work im expecting ALOT, seriously!