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  1. With all that you mentioned above applied, the issue still occures. Here is a video demonstrating the problem... you will notice that the projectiles on screen (2nd missile) does not inherit the players pitch which technically is the first projectiles pitch. the projectile sseem to be stuck on a horrizontal plane the second projectile when fired from another projectile does not seem to inherit any kind of pitch
  2. yes sir, i tried that already. the 3d model however does not inherit the first projectiles pitch, its stuck at a horizontal angle. the first projectile works perfectly fine, the direction of the model is correct.
  3. Sol lik so like this? A_SPAWNPROJECTILE("GATLING_CANNON_projectile",0,0,0,0 ,PITCH,0) ??? this still makes the projetile face downwards... Here is the whole code Sorry for caps...
  4. Ive come across a issue... I have a gun that fires a 3D projectile with PITCHFROMMOMENTUM enabled, this works as intended. Now i have that same fired projectile fire ANOTHER missile with a_spawnprojectile with a SPEED of 0, however the second projectile does not inherit the first projectiles pitch. it simply faces downwards. Any ideas?
  5. Introducing the Gatling cannon. This monster will lay waste to your enemies. Like this post if you would like me to upload a video demonstration.
  6. A new video demonstrating weapon upgrades and subway environment. Would you like to be a part of development? Then you can. By donating you can have your own creations designed and put ingame by your own specifications. Please read the donations tab in first post for details. Thanks.
  7. can you do more than just midi tunes?
  8. UPDATE PA 0.3 Halo's, Fog and dust particles added. Texture alignments fixed. Adjusted lighting range. Added sparks on dead lights. Changed pipe models. NEW CONSTRUCT - SUPPLY STASH - Grants health and armour
  9. A lighting test against the 3dmodels (no dust & fog added yet)... unfortunately the models dont receive ambient occlusion on its self so the Topology may still look a little flat in some places. Also models dont project shadows still... so i kinder have to fake it with sectors :/ UPDATE PA 0.2 (Lighting and Subway) [image removed] -Construction hammer has been renamed to blacksmiths hammer. -subway updated.
  10. new alpha footage of how constructions will be placed ingame.
  11. Its a blacksmiths hammer yeah (based on the what google images displayed). Are you bothered by the name i chose for it? To be honest i just needed something gritty looking. i can very easily change it, i only need to replace the model, the animations are already in place so i dont need to edit nothing. im up for any suggestions and ideas... now would be the perfect opportunity.
  12. Hi this is Ermin, and i present to you SURVIVE... A single player Total conversion mod exclusively for Gzdoom. This mod is about survival lasting as long as possible against waves of enemies of varying types, theres no story and no bullshit. This mod takes Fallout 4's build mode and implements it here. Construct and purchase supplies and upgrades for your weapons, build turrets and place traps to protect you from the monstrous hordes of enemies you will face... how long can you survive before your inevitable death. TBA - Under heavy development.
  13. The mod is going through a lot of changes. Most if not all of the 2d art, music and in game dialog are being redone completely. Date of completion is uncertain at the moment. Be just a little more patient buddy, il private message you a link once its done.
  14. Sorry about that, the account has been restored temporarily until youve made the changes. I will then upload the new video series of the game once your done :)
  15. Map01 for me please. Theme - Wrestlemania (Wrestling ring Arena) Custom music, textures and some "actors" with a little ACS zscript if allowed.