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  1. My personal Account : Ermin#5459 Survive Discussion : https://discord.gg/Huf7jxZ Everyone is welcome. Talk about the game, Q&A, things you like and hate. Ideas, Anything!
  2. My personal Account : Ermin#5459 Solace Dreams Disscuison : https://discord.gg/bVMVmxn Everyone is welcome. Talk about the game, Q&A, things you like and hate. Ideas for next instalment. Anything!
  3. A vending machine has been added to the theme park which supplies the player with unlimited energy drinks which temporarily doubles the speed of movement for 30seconds. More to come in 1.6
  4. Minor update Finally all constructs are completed (at least for the base game). Here is a video demonstrating the strongest defence in the game. Remember to donate if you would like there to be more content.
  5. Minor update Here is the Tesla coil in action... In other news... Solace dreams 1.6 is almost complete, only the music is left with 3/4 left to do.
  6. missile nest a devastating defence system, you can now kill your enemies from afar.
  7. heres his specs ... its a laptop, no were near whats required to run the game. are all the stages running smoothly for you with those settings off? i may just leave them off on the next update if thats the case maybe.
  8. Not really... At the time of developing this mod i was using a out dated version of gzdoom. its advised you play the game using the launcher i provided with the version of gzdoom i made available, all settings have been adjusted to play the mod as intended (thats one reason why i removed graphics settings). You might also experience issues using later/older versions of gzdoom. Its entirely up to you tho. Read the download section of the mod for more details on this. And i apologise for the lag, the only rememdy for this would be to remake the game using sprites or 3d models which i wont be doing anytime soon or atall for that matter.
  9. DHMP candlebra model released

    nice! shame the models dont receive ambient occlusion or project shadows :/
  10. you know whats funny... i dont even like the mod. Its currently lacking soul, personality. I might need to add some voiced dialog and maybe a female character you need to protect. i dont know yet its very early days. i still have at least another 20 weapons to make and around 50 monsters.
  11. MINOR UPDATE -New rocket Launcher with explosion/smoke effects. -shotgun turret demo. Stay tuned more to come - Tesla cannon from blood and missile barrage turret.
  12. Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    i dont ever play mods that dont meet to my expectations. Brutal doom is one of them. however from what ive seen of it, its not bad either. I would have done things differently... by remaking the game entirely in 3d form with dynamic monster hit boxes (expanded), monsters that display surface damaging like quake and true cinematic "fatality's"(mkx style), and most importantly better weapon control/physics and particle effects. Unfortunately this would take so much time to make i would never make it... HA!
  13. What (1) weapon should i include from both shadow warrior & BLOOD, which would you love to see and use most in the game? Im open for suggestions and your reasons why.
  15. MINOR UPDATE Dam! its been ages since i made any changes to this mod... here at last is the machine-gun turret. Here is a demo demonstrating its potential ...