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  1. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    SALTY Old scores to settle. Yeah, your completely right and im sorry. I mean we're not even on the same level anymore, but dont worry il keep you posted. I dont want you and your little fan club to miss this after all ;) I forgot to ask, hows Samsara... That game you got other people to indirectly finish for you? God forbid i actually put a little effort into something for once.
  2. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    progress has been slow sadly, but heres showing off some grass on steroids.
  3. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    Sorry to shit in your soup TerminusEst13, but classic rivalry is back. Here is a very small sample Demonstrating the docks of killing time revamped. Remember to join the discord for frequent updates.
  4. Ermin

    Solace Dreams - (Version 1.6.4)

    Thanks for taking the time to play and comment your thoughts on the game, its always appreciated. I do intend to continue work on SD2 more in the future when i get motivated again, its a very big step up from the original featuring tons more planned content but i realise that im biting off more than i can handle. If you didnt already try the alpha then give it a go, its very short but theres enough there for you to see what im aiming for... DOWNLOAD!!! The sequel would have taken a more indepth look at the world and its characters like you mentioned. If my next mod does well then il definitely return to it, thats a promise.
  5. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    its really not hard to create new ones, the weapons are just made of very colourful blocked meshs, and rendered as high res 2d sprites. Even with the content available i think i could make a few unique episodes out of it based on what i know of the game. and plus i really dig its style. I plan to unify the experience of all the old classics, with slightly enhanced gameplay, new content and more in a all in one modification. So far the mod plays excellently, no bugs, and completely dynamic. i can switch from killing time to retro blazer on the fly. But i would like to clarify that this is not a remake of those classics, just a slight upgrade. I dont have much content to show off just yet, but when i do il upload a video demonstrating the games features. Edit: and incase your wondering, the protagonists wont share the same movement and physics, il try my best to replicate there unique style across all games. And this is a single player experience only, but i suppose you could force multiplayer, itl just bug the scripts tho.
  6. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    yes, multiple huds, multiple map overlays, multiple sounds for all different player classes. All using just 1 player class to do it. il have killing time completed in a few months with new content. then retro blazer, and hopefuly exhumed after. Expect a lot coming from this. health and attributes are also stored between each game type, and pressing H at any point in the game sends you back to the hub.
  7. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/508001576061763604/511008775277117455/2018-11-11_02-45-14.mp4 Here is some progress... ---
  8. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    A quick look at the new addition, Retro blazer!
  9. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    Mod page reactivated after many years, be sure to come back once in a while for new updates on either discord or moddb. (still need to modify page description)
  10. Ermin

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    Sorry buddy, here is the new link https://discord.gg/yUdgM29 ive uploaded alot of new ingame images and movies aswell demonstrating ingame effects so check those out on the chat.
  11. A complete overhaul of the original Classic Rivalry i made over 5 years ago. This time removing the random nature of the original and focusing purely on gameplay. This game will feature every major (good) FPS from 1995 - 2000, upgrading every aspect while maintain core game play. A demo is expected to be released early 2019. I dont have enough completed yet to post this in the WADs section, so for now consider this news for the time being. Join discord server for frequent updates and news : https://discord.gg/yUdgM29 CONCEPT (images included in spoilers) You play as Binary trapped in the data stream, the main HUB of the game... Here you can select a game you would like to play from the TV's scattered around the HUB... KILLING TIME will be the first example, here are some shots demonstrating new hud automap elements and extended sprites for NASHs sway mod. (which is still in development i think.) I have also made the hud weapons 3d for smoother animations and included norm & spec maps. You can transition from 1 game to other on the fly, playing killing time one moment and then duke nukem the next, continuing exactly where you left off.
  12. Ermin

    SURVIVE - (Version 1.2) WARHEAD UPDATE!

    WARHEAD UPDATE 1.2 !!! Here is a complete list of changes below... -2 New legendary weapons from the shadow warrior series. -The sticky bomb can now be used as a item and can be acquired when purchasing ammo. -The Nuke launcher can now be obtained, making this the most devastating weapon in the game. -Legendary weapons has a 20% increase in appearing. -Museum has been slightly altered. -A few price changes. -A fix for reloading the fostech shotgun. -Intro sequence cut from the boss stage. -100MB shaved from the game. If you would like more from this mod then show me your interest, notify a friend. Help the mod grow. Please report any bugs and changes you would like to see. DROPBOX DOWNLOAD!!! MODDB DOWNLOAD!!!
  13. Ermin

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    its obvious i was picking apart the comment he made in his article about the mod, but it was nice of you to point out the most irrelevant thing in my comment... the point i was trying to bring across is how the developer was bragging about how graphically impressive his mod is (which it is) and then went on to say "trying to break the stereotypes"... and so on when in fact it turned out to be a generic mod itself so i responded with "this is just another doom2 mod with fancy decorations. your not fooling me." are we on the same page now?
  14. Ermin

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    This is hilarious... I was down voted and bashed on for my scrutiny towards this mod by saying it won't live up to its expectations. Now here we are...
  15. Ermin

    Bladerunner/Cyberpunk ideas

    you should stick to using fewer light sources and add some bright maps to your textures. a lot of people on here still use laptops to play doom on and it's highly likely it will lag.