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  1. UPDATE 1.3 + DLC DOWNLOAD!!!! Here is the absolute final version of the game. I am 99% certain now that all bugs have been crushed. If you previously tried the game but found it too difficult, please give it another shot. It has been made really easy now with some new features. Here is a list of changes... UPDATES Major bug fixes with newgame+ and token handling. (Newgame+ is now truly repeatable.) New dash movement added. Balancing has been adjusted very slightly. Some Monsters & Bosses have been slightly updated. NEW DLC CONTENT!!! (Battle Royale Mode) A new book has been introduced to the game. Battle Royale mode can now be accessed in Newgame+. Here you can face every single boss in order of difficulty from start to end. Your ammo and health will restore after every defeated boss. Be warned, this may be hard for some. If you wish to access the book straight away then simply type "Give Game_completed" in the console.(Doing this without the additional upgrades found in the game will be even harder, but possible) Enjoy! New upgrade available for Uzi. Upon completing the Battle royale mode, you will unlock the final upgrade for the Uzi, having unlimited ammo and no reload. (Silent hill 3 style uzi) If there is still remaining bugs please post. I will fix them immediately. A reminder to new comers... You will need a powerful machine to play this game, sorry :(
  2. Hi there you actualy just caught me at a good time. im just about to upload version 1.3 with DLC. please wait until then. Concerning your "bug", after the cutscene the player starts in a dark room with a small light above a desk just look around until you see it clearly, if your lost still then walk towards the northeast direction when looking at your minimap "tab key".
  3. bitch! i got my eyes set on the price... just kiddin' :D but seriously... who determines who wins, the players? admins? what do they specifically look for in a wad? i actually dont know, i have only been alive for a few days.
  4. Hi all, While i finish finalizing the DLC for solace dreams in the final 1.3 update coming sometime this week. I would like to hear your suggestions for things you would love to see in the upcoming sequel. I know that the current installment was more or less dead on arrive for 90% of the players due to the voxels, on top of the many bugs and balancing issues which will finally be taken care of in this final update. But what would you love to see be added or taken away if given the choice, give me your suggestions and i will consider them, here is a list of things i have already considered adding in the next installment... (All considered suggestions will be added to this post with your name tagged beside for credit) Same principle as the first game, a new protagonist (Jack - The punk rocker) in a new school hub with new students to find. All 3d models will be MD2/3 format. No more voxels. ingame 3d animated cutscenes. (This will be experimental) Baked texture lighting, less ingame dynamic lighting. (It simply dont look nice with 3d models.) Larger more varied levels. More ingame dialog/story. Can be skippable for the less patient. Upon defeating a boss you will have a choice to free the student, or simply kill them. (Each choice rewarding the player differently) Loads more weapons all with upgrade capabilities. Loads more enemy types and boss fights. Improved movement, crouching, jumping, sliding, dashing, sprinting and more. Voice acting? (Im undecided about this one.) Original score & sound design. (At least most of it will) And finally for newgame+, players will unlock access to solace dreams 1 (remastered) and all boss fights ONLY will be remade and again replayable. If you have anymore ideas please feel free to post and contribute. If you have anything to say regarding the original game then again please post your thoughts.
  5. UPDATE 1.2.1 + HOTFIX Here is the final update from me until another bug is found. Here is a list of changes... DOWNLOAD HERE!!! Re-Enabled the Video/Display options in the menu. Added the Dash skill, use the "Clear dialog/Dash key" in combination with your direction keys for a small movement boost. (Thanks dragonfly for script fix) Dylan fart attack disappears on death, no longer hurting the player. 50% of ingame music has been altered. Some boss attacks have been slightly adjusted. resolved issue of invisible gate map3 ali AGAIN! I may still have missed a bug or 2 so please report any findings or issues. RESOURCE FILES Here is a zip containing all loose wad files of this mod, here for anyone to study and or edit. Have fun! (For modders only) DOWNLOAD RESOURCES!!!
  6. i will return these options and alot more in the final update 1.2 please post any bugs or questions you have in the mean time. Thanks for playing
  7. i agree version 1.0 was extremely hard and unbalaned. but since 1.1 it should now be a breeze seriously, especially with the new weapon that has unlimited ammo. i dont think icarus got that far as he never mentioned the weapon which fixes alot of ammo and balancing issues the game originally had. But like he said, its not for everyone. p.s. if anyone else is finiding this very difficult then consult the walkthrough on the first post. it gives detailed instructions on how to beat all the bosses and find all secrets, i even uploaded (outdated) video walkthroughs of eachlevel.
  8. Here is the upcoming playlist for solace Dreams 1.2 at the highest exported quality. (unlike the compressed ingame version) I have only put together a few tracks at the moment, but they are here for your opinions. Yes they are rip offs of the original tracks i included, however some will be completely original. Check back regularly for new themes. UPDATE: these tunes are slightly outdated.
  9. getting there you wonderful bastard!
  10. UPDATE 1.1.5 (General Gameplay improvements) DOWNLOAD HERE!!! Uzi damage increased. You can now manually reload weapons with your assigned key. (warning, will waste ammo in current clip if unused. Intentional.) loading screens have been removed!!!! Killer clowns and butchers have been updated. tweaks to maps, player and other shit. Main post/guide updated. Minor fixes. UPDATE 1.2 (TBA!) A complete original score. (Cover/Arranged soundtrack to existing music. To remove any copyright concerns. Still waiting on help for this one.) Please post bug reports.
  11. Anyone wona make some money? im looking to go over Solace Dreams and change most of the copyrighten material in version 1.2 with some extra content. Music is my primary concern, but i need some monotone portraits made for the bosses aswell. If your interested inbox me for details.
  12. This looks very awesome. You know when your done we should collaborate sometime. We would make a kickass mod!
  13. sorry had to remove this post, the new project i mentioned has been changed.
  14. I appreciate the time you took to play the game and i thank you. but to regard some of the issues you have encounter i will adress them in the order you presented them here and for everyone else that also feels this way... There are a few things you need to understand with this game, yes it is fucking difficult and yes, you will run out of ammo and health if you are not careful leading to a gameover. these "faults" are all intentional which adds to that difficulty. You have to get it in your mind that this is not doom, and just about everything in this game is limited. If you find that you have wasted alot of health at any point,then go back and load. If you feel like you wont have enough ammo to finish a particular boss,go back to the beginning. This game was made to kick your ass and piss you off, this game is not for everyone. In my defence i did say in my first post and in my guide that this is not to be taken lightly, however there is a newgame plus which literally makes playing a second time a breeze. This game is possible to complete even before v1.1 but you have to be extremely resourceful, it just takes practice and a little geting used to thats all :) But thankyou so much for bringing up these points. despite your fustrations i hope you had some fun at least. p.s. ironically enough the spider boss is the easiest in the game lol
  15. if im not too late i would like to submit my own mod if thats allowed. Has loadsa content average gameplay lengh of 2+hours, interesting and unique stages and boss fights.