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  1. are we going to see another closed thread lol
  2. Its been a minute since ive posted, heres some new enemy/npc pictures and concepts, as usual im smashing it. The game now has over 40 weapons, and nearly 30 enemy types. Over 8 playable classes (Featuring Hedon and maybe later the character from age of hell) and counting. Procedural generated rouge like dungeons Mode, RTS mode, combat arena, unlockables and so much fucking more. Because im just a guy, that keeps on giving.
  3. Ermin

    Favorite Rapper?

    sticky fingaz (also the best character in defjam ffny) all day baby,the guy is a genius and edgy as fuck. (take a listen to his song debo the game) Hes pretty underground when it comes to tone and attitude so he wont appeal to everyone. And if you watch battle raps, id say patt stay, serious jones and iron solomon
  4. Ermin

    Rem (Commercial)

    i actually spoke with @E1M1Zach just a few moments ago, and he recommended going for a less saturated approach. Advised i aim more towards Hellhunts GB visual style and i couldn't agree more, its way more pleasing to the eye. https://t19games.itch.io/hellhuntgb
  5. Ermin

    Rem (Commercial)

    yep i agree with this. Here is a video btw, all prealpha shit with sound and all. still had to reduce video quality tho because of compression.
  6. A new commercial game i made within 1 week, for the Gzdoom engine using the gameboy pallet/art as its source of inspiration. Made using a bunch of shaders and rendering methods. This game focuses heavily on arena style combat, with super quick movement and bouncy like sprites and art. The story follows our protagonist, Rem who has been made a prisoner forced to fight for her survival. Her objective is to please the blood thirsty crowd by increasing their entertainment through a "crowed meter" which increases with each kill made fast and efficiently. But that's not all, her real objective is to escape the arena and find her missing child, kidnapped by the organising leaders of the arena. NOTE : Im uncertain if this is even a good idea to begin with. Because extended play using a pallet like this does actually strain your eyes pretty quick (especially on regular/full brightness). so i may just in fact cancel the project. But if by popular demand people do want this, then i'll carry on with it. Please letme know your opinion, it would help. You can also reach me here... !Ermin#5459 OR https://discord.gg/QRWJmhz Throughout the game you will find a array of super kickass weaponry, shotguns and machineguns alike with some energy based weapons thrown into the mix. Heavy Revolver Auto Loading Double Barrel Shotgun Belt fed Shotgun Sub machine guns Double Barrel Cannon Plasma cannons Railgun Game in motion.
  7. Its funny you mention it, he was the first person i considered asking. But 2 things have been stopping me.. Age of hell, despite the medieval architecture the game still takes heavy influences from the sci-fi genre through its weapons (energy/plasma based) and enemy designs (cybernetics) which clash with this games theme. Of course this can easily be overlooked ... which brings me to... A crusader type character with very similar weapon types already exists in this game, which would lead to 2 (almost) identical classes. These points are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things tho, at the end of the day its about promoting and supporting each others works. I'll wait until age of hell is complete and see how i feel about it then :)
  8. I've had discussions with the Hedon developer. And some of you will be pleased to know that ive been given permission to include Zan (The games protagonist) as a guest Class to the game, sporting most of her classic arsenal, original voice actor and a new custom hud. Ill be making all assets from scratch to compliment the games current art direction. If you have a character you would love to see make a guest appearance in the game (that fits with the medieval theme), drop a comment and ill see if i can get hold of the developers.
  9. Sorry for lack of updates. been crazy busy bouncing between projects. BUT, if you are interested, things have been moving forward. Here's a taste of some concept art and boss themes for the up coming Remake. Enjoy! As always, if you wonna hang out, im always here... https://discord.gg/QRWJmhz https://twitter.com/Erminio_Lucente
  10. There is a flag you can set on sprites in Gzdoom (which selaco is using as its engine) which enables billboarding. It flips/rotates the sprites to always face the camera. Look at this topic here for details its pretty old but you get the gist... https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=58719 Alternatively you can just adjust it in the gzdoom display settings i think.
  11. You can enable bill boarding flags on sprites, so flat looking enemies shouldn't be a issue.
  12. I've tried to keep things simple, the original intention was to make certain access points available to exclusive classes but level design would be a nightmare. and im no expert in that field that's for damn sure. For this game i like to think of classes as difficulty levels, a way to mix up gameplay. some classes, like the "beast" fight well under water. But classes that use gunpowder are useless. Each have their pros and cons. And your always welcome to switch classes mid game if you feel one is not doing it for you. no 2 classes feel the same in anyway. Every weapon has something new to offer, and there are currently 30 weapons and counting.
  13. You will be pleased to know that ALL enemies have a multitude of death animations and giblets. Each enemy in fact has up to 10 unique death animations. Thats... 3 regular deaths. 1 split horizontal, vertical and diagonal death, upper body gid, full body gib, combustion and implosion. All weapons in some way effect the enemies death, distance from attack is also taken into consideration. Water too plays a huge part in effecting all weapons. For instance gun powder based weapons are useless when swimming. Enemies have the ability to dodge MOST of the players attacks too, so you need to think smart and be quick on your feet. And finally, the ability to stun enemies, knock them down and counter attack plays a huge part for some classes specifically.
  14. I've tested this on a GPD Win 2, and it chugs like a son of a bitch. 30-40fps tops. It will be using the latest Gzdoom (64bit only) with vulkan as the default renderer for performance. This game is certainly not being made to cater to lower end systems, i could do my best to add possible options to remove things like particles, lights and other tid bits. It still wont help with the scale of the levels and abundance of 3d models used. I'll do my best to optimise everything before release :) edit: Mid/High end computers should have no issues running this at a constant 60 fps. Sadly i cant give exact figures.
  15. POSSEST is a new commercial work in progress class based FPS for GzDoom(x64bit), taking its main inspiration from games like Powerslave(Exhumed) and more specifically Hexen 2. The game is a remake of the very first doom mod I ever made dating nearly a decade ago. The game will be based around gothic medieval times and will feature unique playable classes, fully voiced (by a variety of good talent) with different play styles and personality with more to come later after release. Explore a semi open world map with selectable locations, also included is a arena mode with goodies to unlock. The game will be featured on Steam and GOG and hopefully all eventual platforms. In POSSEST you play as a spirit that has been summoned by the lands deity, she explains to you that her lands have been ravaged by a demonic cult who are slowly taking over the continent. And since you was once a superior warrior, she commands you to take over the body of one of the mercenaries in town and use there vessel to take back her lands. Gameplay is varied, you begin the game by selecting one of the many classes each with unique stats and weapons. Levels take on a similar format to Exhumes system, you are presented with a huge world map with many selectable locations. New levels are unlocked by ending a current level through a specific exit(Levels can have up to 3 different exits.). I would like to mention that progress is locked to each character, so you cant swap out characters at any point in the game, but only continue from where they last left off. (hope that makes sense.) Now lets discuss enemies, they are brutal, varied and plentiful. They have many unique attacks based on player distance and unitise basic dodge mechanics. Enemies react and die differently based on the weapon the player is using and distance killed from, so action is always fun to play and even watch. Gold can be found hidden around the levels, which you can use in the tavern to buy in game music, props for 3d model viewers, concept arts or to gamble in a game of blackjack. Each class(currently 5) has something interesting and unique to offer to combat and gameplay in general. Every character has different stats, durability and movement, each wielding 5 weapons (25 in total) each with a unique function and alternative fire mode. No two weapons are alike. Now lets go through them... The game has currently raised nearly $3000 dollars in under 3 months of its development. Every little helps and will be contributed towards buying new voice talent, more art pieces and many other cool things which i can include in the game. If your interested please drop by here https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/iamermin, If not then you can always follow the development here along with many other works from me and other people who are hosted on the channel https://discord.gg/QRWJmhz or subscribe here for future trailers/reveals https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcuVnk18YF2FdFMLH2EHKtQ. At a price i would also be happy to include your own ideas to the game, new classes, new enemy, custom levels, just drop me a PM or hit me up on discord.