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  1. thanks. However there is still a issue with the 3d models i forgot to mention. When the 3d model does come in contact with a portal, the entire model is copied to the other portal. So rather than seeing the obstructed model through the portal, you actually see the entire thing. its kinder hard to explain unless you see it... The box model behind the door is actualy a model in a different room thats in contact with the portal. There is actualy nothing but the portal behind the door im looking at in this picture which can be a real issue when your crafting the entire level as a 3d mesh lol This i think has to do with the way THINGS work in combination with portals and models in general with gzdoom.
  2. after some more testing i figured it was not the 3d models that was causing the problem. It turns out it was the line set infront of the portal line that was the culprit, It seems like the portal disappear when the line infront is set to impassible/blocking. removing the line, disconnecting it or changing it to double sided seems to fix the issue.
  3. simply drag the zip archive on to the gzdoom launcher. everything should run correctly. Doom2 is required
  4. Hi, im not sure if it has been mentioned before but i think ive encountered a issue with portals when placed in contact with 3d models. Here is a picture demonstrating the issue, i have 2 line portals exactly the same, one within the 3d door and another away both leading to the same place. Currently im in room 1 in the picture shown below looking into room 2. the portal still works as you would expect until your looking in from room 2 in to room 1. its taken the model from room 1 and placed it in room 2 that has nothing in it. here is a overview here is a link to the zip file DOWNLOAD for the record im using both the latest gzdoom and gzdoom builder
  5. UPDATE 1.5 After a busy few days i finaly put together this update that fixes and adds a lot of new stuff. Here are some of the changes made.... Link here for DOWNLOAD MINOR UPDATES A minor texture fix in the matrix stage (train station HOM). Now correctly displays black texture. The shop (grim reaper) will no longer warn you of low health when lighting rifle is equipped. Boss Lee has had a health reduction of 200hp. Boss Lawrence has had a health reduction of 200hp. Rachel's boulder projectiles can now be shot in mid air. (can still be hard to hit) You are provided with a extra first aid in bossrush mode. Karl's boss theme has been replaced with my own composition. You are no longer forced to take damage on Zygo's (faith) intro boss sequence. The teachers register will now display all achievements on completion of the game Battle Royale has been renamed to Boss Rush Mode. The quick dash has new graphics, you will now have a faint blue bar shadowing the health bar. Yuna (secret) boss fight now has a small dialog sequence. Updated guide to include all new content. New sound effects for item usage has been added. MAJOR UPDATES The quick dash (ACS code) has been removed from all levels and put in to a compiled ACS ZScript. A new star icon has been placed above the characters portrait, the points of the star represent all the available upgrades in the game. When you acquire a upgrade, one point of the star will be filled out gold. Can you become a star pupil and find all 5 hidden upgrades? NEW CONTENT (Game completion is required to access new content, here is code for instant access. "Give Game_completed") ART GALLERY : A new door has been added to the hub, when on completion of the game grants you access to the Art Gallery. Here you can view every Enemy and Boss in the game, when persistently interacted with emit all the sounds they make along with there walk animation cycle. There is also 2 Jukeboxes here were you can play all stage & Boss themes of the game. Enjoy! SURVIVAL MODE : On completion of the game a new book will spawn on the opposite side of Boss Rush Mode, here you will find the Survival Mode. Here you will enter a small arena were you will be faced against hordes of continuously spawning enemies and bosses. During this mode you will earn points and gain health and ammo periodically, dont worry Bosses have been adjusted and balanced for this mode. I will also upload a score board on the first post of this thread, so hit me up with your scores :D (A score board has been placed under the strategy section right at the bottom) Ive put remastering all dialog on hold until i hear back from my friend, consider this the last major update at least until thats complete or any bugs are found. Thanks.
  6. UPCOMING UPDATE 1.5 Soon i will be releasing a new update that will feature a gallery/model viewer on completion of the game, here you can view every enemy with there walk animation and some minor details. There will also be 2 jukeboxes here were you can play all theme songs of the game. Along with this new update i will also be adding a survival mode, were you will face hordes of random enemies and bosses with continuous regenerating health and ammo. A friend is also working on remastering all dialog and notes in the game, this may be released in a separate update im not too sure just yet. Hopefuly these updates should be with you by the end of this month. Thanks for your support & Takecare.
  7. I have not played this mod so i may be wrong by saying this, but after watching james and mikes play through, it just seems like 50% of the gameplay is whipping candles for hearts. I know its optional but it does come across to me as tedious and boring, i know this was the core gameplay of the original but there must be a better way of implementing this.
  8. Impressive Kinder reminds me of that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
  9. "How do you turn a model into a voxel model while keeping the colors of the textures?" To answer this question you will need access to Ken silvermans poly2vox convertor which il provide, which obviously converts the 3d models to voxels. (The scale of the model will effect the overall quality of the voxel, keep it small and simple. For larger objects i use multiple voxels together to create a singular object) Have your texture and .OBJ (& .MTL file i think) together in the same folder as the poly2vox, then simply drag and drop the .obj file right on to the poly2vox, using slab you can then import and view your new voxel making any final adjustments. You might notice in some cases the colors all messed up... COLOR CORRECTION Using photoshop cs6 , go to the images tab up top then on to MODE then indexed color, select your desired settings. (i choose pallete:local peceptual, 256) When thats done go to images tab again, then mode and onto color table, click save and make sure its selected as the .PAL format. Goto slab and import your newly saved pallete.PAL before importing the model, the colors should now match your texture correctly. This is honestly the only method i found to exporting custom pallets in PAL format. im a noob!
  10. Sorry to hear, its got soemthing to do with the music (ghost in the shell) used in the video, victor entertainment has it blocked in the US, here is a link regarding this issue. sorry about that :( If anyone would like to be a part of the discussion on solace dreams 2 Development like this post and i will add you to the chat. Here we will discuss ideas, concepts and just about everything to help develop the new installment. Thanks.
  11. UPDATE 1.4 DOWNLOAD!!! Here is another update, adding some minor fixes with a small new realm and a secret boss to fight. Here is a list of changes... UPDATES The new Battle Royale book will now add a new prop signaling the completion of the realm. (A golden trophy) Updated Rory boss battle (Face/Hands can no longer be targeted by allies) Guide updated to including new content. 1.4 resources uploaded for your viewing. NEW CONTENT New sfx Added to items. New Music added New Stage added. (The Void : Here you will face off against your Spirit self.) New "secret" Boss added. (Spirit Yuna, can only be accessed on completion of the game. Key to realm can be found on Yuna's Desk) New item added. "Doppelganger" (Available on completion of The Void) If you have any bugs to report please let me know. Thanks! I will be holding another speed run contest towards the end of the year, the player to upload the quickest complete playthrough including the new boss (excluding the battle royal book) will earn some prize money (Paypal).
  12. UPDATE 1.3 + DLC DOWNLOAD!!!! Here is the absolute final version of the game. I am 99% certain now that all bugs have been crushed. If you previously tried the game but found it too difficult, please give it another shot. It has been made really easy now with some new features. Here is a list of changes... UPDATES Major bug fixes with newgame+ and token handling. (Newgame+ is now truly repeatable.) New dash movement added. Balancing has been adjusted very slightly. Some Monsters & Bosses have been slightly updated. NEW DLC CONTENT!!! (Battle Royale Mode) A new book has been introduced to the game. Battle Royale mode can now be accessed in Newgame+. Here you can face every single boss in order of difficulty from start to end. Your ammo and health will restore after every defeated boss. Be warned, this may be hard for some. If you wish to access the book straight away then simply type "Give Game_completed" in the console.(Doing this without the additional upgrades found in the game will be even harder, but possible) Enjoy! New upgrade available for Uzi. Upon completing the Battle royale mode, you will unlock the final upgrade for the Uzi, having unlimited ammo and no reload. (Silent hill 3 style uzi) If there is still remaining bugs please post. I will fix them immediately. A reminder to new comers... You will need a powerful machine to play this game, sorry :(
  13. Hi there you actualy just caught me at a good time. im just about to upload version 1.3 with DLC. please wait until then. Concerning your "bug", after the cutscene the player starts in a dark room with a small light above a desk just look around until you see it clearly, if your lost still then walk towards the northeast direction when looking at your minimap "tab key".
  14. bitch! i got my eyes set on the price... just kiddin' :D but seriously... who determines who wins, the players? admins? what do they specifically look for in a wad? i actually dont know, i have only been alive for a few days.
  15. Hi all, While i finish finalizing the DLC for solace dreams in the final 1.3 update coming sometime this week. I would like to hear your suggestions for things you would love to see in the upcoming sequel. I know that the current installment was more or less dead on arrive for 90% of the players due to the voxels, on top of the many bugs and balancing issues which will finally be taken care of in this final update. But what would you love to see be added or taken away if given the choice, give me your suggestions and i will consider them, here is a list of things i have already considered adding in the next installment... (All considered suggestions will be added to this post with your name tagged beside for credit) Same principle as the first game, a new protagonist (Jack - The punk rocker) in a new school hub with new students to find. All 3d models will be MD2/3 format. No more voxels. ingame 3d animated cutscenes. (This will be experimental) Baked texture lighting, less ingame dynamic lighting. (It simply dont look nice with 3d models.) Larger more varied levels. More ingame dialog/story. Can be skippable for the less patient. Upon defeating a boss you will have a choice to free the student, or simply kill them. (Each choice rewarding the player differently) Loads more weapons all with upgrade capabilities. Loads more enemy types and boss fights. Improved movement, crouching, jumping, sliding, dashing, sprinting and more. Voice acting? (Im undecided about this one.) Original score & sound design. (At least most of it will) And finally for newgame+, players will unlock access to solace dreams 1 (remastered) and all boss fights ONLY will be remade and again replayable. If you have anymore ideas please feel free to post and contribute. If you have anything to say regarding the original game then again please post your thoughts.