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  1. Here are 2 new video trailers/Reveal for the remake. You will notice a lot has changed, 3d weapons have been replaced with 2D pre-rendered sprites. And a whole ton of interactivity has been added, which im still working on. And the melody based Soundtrack has been replaced by ambient sounds.
  2. A demonstration of the mirror boss fight remade. I cheated weapons here so im very OP at this point in the game.
  3. Ermin

    Doom: Annihilation update

    i just finished watching it, worst film of the year i think. 95% talking, 4% gunplay, 1% bfg. NO DOOMGUY WHATS SO EVERRR story 4/10 music 3/10 action 1/10 cgi/effects 3/10 overall i was pretty pissed off. still am. and for the record i knew nothing about this movie before hand.
  4. A (WIP) sneak peak at chapter 3.
  5. A new set of enemies for stage 2, Devrim - Torturer - Headcrab 14 stages left!
  6. Heres a very early WIP of Jeannes boss fight which replaces ALI from the original. Yes it has a health of 4000, and yes you only have a sword. I apologise for the crappy sound.
  7. A look at the first level of solace dreams remake. Make your way into a church into the depths of the crusades hide out. Remember to support https://www.patreon.com/ClassicRivalry
  8. Had enough of weapons? Fine. Let out your inner demon and fuck them up! You can now contribute here https://www.patreon.com/ClassicRivalry , to support both Solace dreams and the ever growing Classic Rivalry.
  9. FATALITY PROTOTYPE A look at the new death animations played through puzzle failure and so on. (all real time in game)
  11. Out with the old... In with the new!
  12. I manage to get some degree of turn based combat, but a much simplified version. The combat is set on auto pilot and the characters move themselfs. This is about the close as i could get to turn based combat.
  13. Im sorry to say but im afraid this is far as ill be able to take it, its way harder than i imagined. Far to many variables to take into account, its beyond my abilities. Im prepared to source this out to anyone able to make a functioning code for the turn based combat FF7 style. I would be willing to pay a fair amount, but thats up for debate. PM me if your interested. If not then i hope someday someone brings true turn based strategy to doom. Heres footage demonstrating as far as i could take it. Maybe il have better luck next time.
  14. Eventually. Right now im just experimenting with the idea while on a small break from my other stuff. I wouldnt dare attempt making a RPG game unless i had at least a solid 10+hrs worth of game play.