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  1. I don't have a dog in this race otherwise, but for anyone reading this who fancies doing vanilla -- uh, ish -- modding, you can make revenant fireballs always home with a specific frame timing setup due to a quirk in the math. Can also give player missiles smoke trails via same method.
  2. holaareola

    How do you aproach building maps?

    Love your sketche I don't know if there's a logic, but an important heuristic to my reckoning is planning with monster movement in mind. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what's meant by incidental but the most important thing to me is preserving multidirectional combat by making sure that a) monsters can get around different areas of the map so you can release them around the player and b) that they can't get around so much that they become completely concentrated in one area and narrow the combat field again. @xdarkmasterx is a mapper I find great at doing this.
  3. holaareola

    Kid A mnesia exhibition

    Radiohead have put out a virtual exhibition (think arty walking simulator -- it reminds me of Tale of Tales' The Path quite a bit). I know Doomworld tends to skew heavier, but to any Radiohead fans that haven't heard of it (or people who like weird architecture, unsettling moments and cool computer graphics enough that they reckon they could stand listening to some Radiohead for a bit), I recommend it. It's available free through the Epic store. https://kida-mnesia.com/ Kid A and Amnesiac were pivotal albums for me, and I love them all the more as years go on so I'm very biased, but it made my hairs stand on end in a whole load of places. The frisson of watching giant paintings melt and fly apart - the paint literally goopily flying off the canvas - achieved I suspect by mapping each pixel of the image to a particle stream really tickled both the aesthetic and the nerdy side of me. Quite spooky in some places too, even without the threat element. Also, the opening area art style massively reminded me of @Szuran's amazing look GZDoom project He Came From Beyond. Anyone else tried it?
  4. holaareola

    Silent Lift

    Hmm, yeah sounds like thats the method to me. The distance will be divided by 2 - I'd think offhand 1000 units would suffice but I'm not sure on how far sound carries in Doom. I haven't targeted anything except vanilla so can't help you past that.
  5. holaareola

    Silent Lift

    The sound will originate from the centre point between the two sectors AFAIK, so you need to move your control sector a good distance away from the trigger.
  6. I just had a go at the first map on my lunch break. Hah, the whole tone of this is fantastic and quite a tonic after the usual darkness, hellfire and tech (I love all that too!). Titlepic, the 80s M_DOOM, cruise ship music. This is some mad dehacked work. The quickest to expire spoiler ever for anyone yet to play it, but the first shot of the pistol was one of the most memorable wad starts I've had in years. Yeah yeah, we're all used to the so-called buffed slightly faster and sniper accurate starting pistol. I jump out the boat and swivel to my first opponent -- fetching in a hula skirt -- and click fire, expecting to place my first of maybe 6 perfectly accurate shots to take 'er down. Nope. The pistol is... a shotgun? A full auto shotgun that seems to fire faster than the standard pistol?! Do the weapons go backwards in terms of power here or something? Lots of fun. Great how much you can change the pace and firepower and still keep it challenging and fun.
  7. holaareola

    It's new name is..

    Sorry man, bad on me for being jumpy.
  8. holaareola

    What's the value of anything online?

    Yeah, all things considered (almost no things considered, haha -- there are far too many for my brain), I think I lean with you on this one. If only we could have the internet and digitalisation without its horrible political damage and dopamine-tuned entertainment pull.
  9. holaareola

    It's new name is..

    Oi! Where did I say it was fine? I'm laying out some facts re the general profile of covid. I do think truth is important and exaggeration is IMO often counterproductive. You're arguing with some tribal caricature in your own head. As I've said over and over in the thread, I think preventative measures are the only way out of this -- i.e. I completely agree with you.
  10. holaareola

    What's the value of anything online?

    Collateral damage to us all maybe. But imagine if every composer had to be able to play an instrument or if every graphic artist had to be able to paint well, or if every filmmaker had to pay for the film of all the wrong takes. I dunno, I go back and forth. The elitist side of me says we're under a tidal wave of cultural mediocrity enabled by cheap access, clever tools, and undo/redo. The other side of me says this is fucking amazing, it's punk all over again, fuck the barriers and gatekeepers -- give 'em a computer and anyone can do anything. Procgen though. I've always found it fascinating in games where the computer can create a whole world from a single number, kind of magical. So it's cool to me, as long as it's doing gameworlds and not spam and extremist social media posts...
  11. holaareola

    It's new name is..

    Out of at least 250m infections though. I wouldn't class the effects as mild either, the effects have been huge: it's accelerated tons of trends that were already present in society, massively increased inequality and showed a real weakness in supply chains and the tight margin incentives towards just-in-time manufacturing inherent in competition etc etc. But the virus itself, for the average person, is mild. Outside of greying Western nations, even more so. I have a friend from Senegal (median age of 19 or something mad like that) and she says that amongst her society it's almost not a concern since so few people know someone who has died or been ill, and the only ones that have were elderly. Not saying it's a good thing, better to be careful in my view. This just isn't true. There's a really high proportion of asymptomatic cases. Then there's another large proportion of cases with very mild symptoms, only then do you get onto loss of smell/taste and more flu like symptoms. Finally you have SARS long covid etc. Agree, as I said earlier in the thread, it's the only way out imo. At least for normality within nations with the help of border controls. Globally, it will drag on anyway until we find a universal vaccine or something because lets face it, humanity will never coordinate itself well enough to get 7.7bn people vaccinated within the relatively short immunity window. //edit: ooc would you be for mandatory vaccination?
  12. holaareola

    You Should be Using DoomMake

    Man, this looks fantastic. What a great job, I'll be using this for future projects for certain.
  13. holaareola

    What's the value of anything online?

    Helping others, flourishing in a connected way, dedicating yourself to something bigger than yourself. But I get you, we're most of us hyper-individualists living under America-inflected capitalism. I live my life closer to your conception than mine. Anyway, to be a total pedant about the tape story. I don't see a difference between a tape and a USB stick. The tape is more romantic but on both data is encoded at some molecular level you can't ogle, and you'll need some leccy and equipment to use either. OT a bit. For me, the thing that I dislike most about digital art is that redo-world and its tainted boon of tweaking and tweaking and tweaking massively changes the approach and bleeds into its final character (autotune in pop, massively overproduced rock music, too-perfect digital paintings). As well as that, more time gawping into a screen like absolutely everyone else is not a very romantic view of the artist as well as not a very inspiring environment (check out Francis Bacon's studio. You can see some of it in his paintings). On the other hand, it lowers the bar significantly, which is maybe a good thing on balance. Making shit is a great way to spend some time.
  14. holaareola

    It's new name is..

    All these vaccinations are preventative though, you need them before you get a rabies bite or meet that rusty nail. They're also all more serious illnesses. But above that, isn't it legal to refuse vaccination in most states of the US? You can refuse to vaccinate your kids in the UK. I'm sure I read measles cases are rising globally due to falling rates of vaccination. As I posted above, I'm queasy about forcing things into people's bodies against their will. Especially for a virus that is mild in the general case. But there's for sure a common good case to do so, and I'm quite certain that if governments did what you said we'd be in a much better position.