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  1. Holy moly, E1M7. This is incredible! Tough combat but never grindy and what a sense of place. The haunted base feeling is nailed perfectly, so dark and eerie yet really vivid with the coloured lighting. That techy strip near the first area in the vanilla equivalent was extremely cool. Never seen this effect before, had to open the editor but still don't quite get how it's working. A weird interaction between the pulsing light type and change to brightest adjacent? Struggle to understand how this one is within the visplane, drawsegs and blockmap limits -- feels like it has some of the most expansive areas in the pack but they still look so detailed. The meticulous texturing here is superb and suggests a real weight and solidity to the architecture. A more chaotic and trap-filled character than the maps so far, I enjoyed it immensely. Big map anyway but it took me extra-long to get through because I stopped to gawp so often.
  2. On map 6 atm. It's been incredible. It really pleases me to think that had there been the knowledge and tools this could have been released in '95. Hard to imagine more than this ever being eked out of our humble doom2.exe again. Some parts of this must have been absolute torture to make! Love the ingenuity with all the vanilla FX, magicking bugs into features. The transparent floors are so convincing and gave me flashbacks to the stippling in my first can't-afford-a-gpu experience of Quake 2. The coloured flashing area in M2 is incredibly well done- the careful selection of enemies kept the effect believable, felt like I had a bit of an perceptual illusion with my brain tinting the sprites the rest of the way to the ambient colour. The sum of all these tricks is so convincing, the eye gets used to slopes, transparency and coloured lighting. It's funny, because I remember back in the 90s thinking it was really crappy and hacky when seeing lighting baked onto textures etc. But really, why quibble whether an engine is actually calculating a pattern and colour of light on a surface? What is a 3d game if not an illusion anyway? It's objecting to one trick at one layer and ignoring a hundred others elsewhere. The effect is all. I've really enjoyed the downbeat and haunting reimaginings of the original soundtrack too (E1M4 aside). E1M9 has been my favourite map so far, incredibly atmospheric. But they've all been very fun so far, with a constant stream of enjoyable encounters, cool bits of imaginative architecture and visual design -- somehow so ingeniously packed into the punitive vanilla constraints that it appears to have been made without any constraints at all. Map 6 has certainly been the most sprawling so far, but very intelligently routed around the central control room so that it's remained quite navigable. Bbetween the grim visuals and music, it's very funny too, from the re-enactment conceit to the demon energy -> 120v converter. Plan phase 1: make demons leave. So good! Utterly inspiring stuff, perhaps especially to a vanilla masochist like me. The shield mechanic is surely a dehacked first? Looking forward to playing the rest!
  3. holaareola

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    For an early example of the midtex overdraw trick for reflections, check out https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/mcfearsm from '96. Nowhere near as good as KDIKDIZD though, the recolouring and dithering really sell it.
  4. holaareola

    Opinions about pistoil-start balancing

    I think it's a given that you should make your maps completable from a pistol start. By the fact that the game restarts you like this on death, whether or not people load -- and I'm sure most do -- it's a canonical part of the game. Seems to me the real trouble is actually balancing continuous for ammo. Not even one classic-style megawad comes to mind where the demons weren't feasting on every kind of ammunition of my choosing by the midpoint. Outside of a slaughtermap context, the backpack is Doom's biggest design blunder for me.
  5. holaareola

    the use of AI art generator

    Seems to me that everyone is sampling. AFAIK, if you suffer a brain injury that severely impacts your memory, you will also have a severely impaired imagination -- creativity is remixing elements of prior experiences in novel ways. Or non-novel ones. You can find derivative art by the tonne that gets sold or incorporated into products that are sold. No royalties for the clear inspirations there either. Can't see why it would be prohibited for Doom add-ons, which will join a sea already bobbing with content snatched directly from other games. Who could do the prohibiting anyway? I absolutely agree with your prediction, although I don't see it as an uncomplicated overall good (that said, in many contexts for games I would agree with you). I am a silly romantic, but I value craft, human vision, human intention, human texture. Moving away even further from one's own physicality and the deep satisfaction of practice, time and the improvement it brings is a form of impoverishment IMO. And those people who want to charge for prompts or call themselves artists, my god. You have the clever fuckers who came up with neural nets in the '40s anticipating computers that did not yet exist, you have the ones who designed these chips, the ones who manufacture those chips and the now-existing computers containing them, you have all those who came up with the various layers of the internet, the artists who painted the art that got digitised and uploaded to the internet, the AI frontier lot that built on the work of those ahead-of-their-time geniuses to develop these neural net image generation models --- and then you have me, an idea guy with some text to pop on top. A speck of dust on the Colloseum. The 'Artist'.
  6. holaareola

    Retro FPS thread - other games to play

    Btw, as you mention playing in DOSBox, the original Blood shipped with an insane bug where damage scaling is inverted after loading a save. Loading a game saved on easy will still have less monsters but with absolutely lethal attacks, whilst the hardest skill will give you gentle hordes. The middle skill is the only one that functions correctly in the game as released, although it's admittedly still fairly hard. In terms of all-round raw fun out of the box, Blood is the best shooter of the 90s in my view.
  7. On Win 11, right click on chocolate-doom.exe, click show more options and then create shortcut. Then right click and select properties on your new shortcut (or highlight it and press alt+enter) and then change the target to something like below: "C:\Games\Doom\Chocolate Doom\chocolate-doom.exe" -file KDiKDi_A.wad KDiKDi_B.wad -deh kdikdizd.deh On Linux you'd start choco with the same args. These instructions assume the zip is extracted into your choco Doom folder.
  8. holaareola

    CRPG conversations

    Not an aficionado of the genre, but Planescape Torment is amongst my favourite games and for certain my favourite RPG of any perspective despite its flaws. The writings, visuals (no tiles!) and world are fantastic, the game's bittersweet end run actually moved me. Can't say more without despoilment, but the particulars of Planescape's amnesiac protagonist schtick really do add layers of emotional weight by the end of the game. Actually, thinking about the visuals, the character art was pretty shite and not up to the level art. Especially weapon-grade-cringe bikini babe with a tail, Ana. OK so stick that on the flaw show, it will have company by the end of the post. The other thing that I always think of when Planescape comes up is how it's the only party RPG I've played (but then -- not an aficionado) with a cogent in-world reason why each of these poor sods will follow you around as all-in-one servant, soldier and donkey. The world is not quite as branching and responsive as Fallout, but the core story and cast of memorable characters are much more engaging IMO. The Ravel Puzzlewell conversation at the game's heart still remains one of my most fondly remembered gaming experiences. But back to those flaws. The combat is whack whack dogshit. Avoiding it is only to the good of one's experience, so I'd recommend a stealth character or maybe magic if you're desperate to intersperse some death dealing into all the traipsing about and reading, reading, reading. There is also a shortage of voice acting, but forgivable considering the ridiculous amount of writing in the game and budgets being what they were at the time. I'd love to try BG but I feel like it's going to be too expansive for the time I have. To anyone who's played both, is Disco Elysium much smaller? DE is another game that sounds right up my alley and I've heard so many good things.
  9. Just took a look at the dehacked file. The fire actually spawns near whatever the archie is attacking as per usual. The random position is achieved by a) giving archie fire a walking speed of -20 and b) most of its burning frames are changed to duration 0 (so they all play within a single tic of the Doom gameloop) and now call the monster chase code pointer. The fire calls this code 12 times, so it instantly blinks up to 240 (12*20) units away, but as the monster chase code is randomised this can vary considerably. Pretty ingenious. If you want to see it in operation, comment out Bits = 536 on line 12 of the file to make the fire visible and then add some duration to the 0 dur fire frames. But yeah, telefragging and sometimes stuck monsters will be an issue. If you're dead set on vanilla compatibility I can see some workarounds: - Telefragging: give the fire some visible frames at the end of its run so the player has some warning to get away. - Stuck monsters: Ensure big bounding box monsters like arachnos and mancubi are never spawned by copy/pasting different monsters into their slots.
  10. The arch vile fire is always spawned a little in front of the player. Linguica mentions making it walk backwards a few frames to allow even more space for the incoming monster. Whatever calls A_SpawnFly must be targeting the fire. He did attach the deh file so you can check it out: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=88055
  11. holaareola

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    What crash? If this is a crash, I need a new word for what has happened to my portfolio of actual stock in actual companies that produce actual things. You'll just have to hate a little longer, haters. I'm fairly sure the crash you're praying for will be along at some point. I share your scepticism but will not be praying with you.
  12. Nah, the spawn cube flying code pointer just needs whatever mobj (a mobj is anything that can be placed in a map) calls it to have a target set. The target is used to determine the co-ordinates that the spawnfire and monster should be spawned at. Demon spawner cubes target the spawn spot they are flying towards. Luckily, the A_VileTarget function always sets the fire mobj's target to the player, which is why it is able to call A_SpawnFly to create a monster and not crash. // EDIT: Ah no, wait, that would spawn directly on the player. Also, A_VileTarget spawns the fog targeting the arch vile -- so that's not how Linguica's dehackery works. In any case, you don't need a spawnpoint to spawn a monster. Code in question:
  13. holaareola

    What do you think about Wikipedia?

    I've seen the bias creep in as political tribalism has taken on an increasingly religious character. But it's an amazing resource nonetheless and there are still many topics that don't attract political energy thank god, so I still donate every year.
  14. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/114696-stupid-dehacked-tricks/?tab=comments#comment-2137032
  15. Finished this today. Fun little set, the start of that second map really was the most intense and fun Heretic I've played. Great visuals too, crafted with your very characteristic feeling for colour (as I've often noticed in the WAYWO thread). I loved the red trees and yellow flowers against the chilly blues and greens outside in Map02, and the way that generally the outermost areas were predominantly white, blue and green with a much warmer palette in the interior sections. Extremely effective. Neat palette cleansing outro map after the carnage too. Another thing I noticed during play was how much GZDoom's palette tonemapping works for Heretic. Doom can be hit and miss, but check out those walls behind the torches -- they properly look like baked in pixel art lighting: