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  1. holaareola

    Do you use Bitcoin or other crypto?

    The crypto-believer defense would be gold, which while it has real world uses is valued in a way that has almost nothing to do with them. I think there is some truth to this argument. But bitcoin as some beautiful gateway to libertarian utopia with its insane small-nation scale energy consumption? No fucking way. Every node on the network is frantically generating billions of random numbers to solve the same problem and this takes more energy than actually smashing into the bowels of the earth to haul out metals? I do use the Brave web browser, so I suppose I use crypto-currency every month. Brave has a crypto-currency you earn by interacting with adverts that can be cashed out or automatically distributed to the sites you use most. I'm doubtful as to whether the economics will stack up, but I like the privacy focus, hate on-site ads and am all for anything which fixes the broken model of chasing advertising revenue. As for the straight-up currencies, IMO the volatility is too high for real world use, and I can't see it ever being otherwise as long as crypto is only used on the consumption side of the economy. Barring untraceable purchases, the only useful crypto currencies as currencies are the ones that are pegged to or backed by fiat -- and even then they are risky vs fiat. But these in combination with the immutable nature of blockchain plus smart contracts open up many interesting possibilities.
  2. holaareola

    Splitscreen branch (3.42.03a(h2))

    Oi oi, just a drive-by thank you. I found this thread and played some Doom with my little brother yesterday, whose crunchy pixels and simple pleasures he chose over AC Valhalla! Gamepad support worked perfectly, too. Much appreciated, this is by far the best option for PC splitscreen Doom.
  3. holaareola

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    Hectic?! I know, not really part of the game, just being a dick :) I like Doom 64. Its consistent art style (though I also love the collage-esque digital punk of the originals) and the ubiquitous use of gradient lighting gives it a distinct look versus other 3d games. But while there are some standouts I think the level design is more basic and less imaginative than its forebears at their best. Lots of symmetry, lots of orthogonal walls. Where is anything of the interconnected flow of E1M7? Even Pitfalls has you spending half your time squeezing through self-contained corridors. It also lacks the gonzo Sandy Petersen touches of e.g. E3M6 or MAP24 (love it or hate it, you will not forget it). The trial-and-error switch hunting is tiresome, In my book, calling this stuff puzzles is an insult to puzzles. But if you fight past the ugly spots, you have some very fun and atmospheric maps, amazing skies and a plasma rifle sound that doesn't break one's ears.
  4. holaareola

    Post your Doom textures!

    That's really helpful, appreciate the detailed reply. Given me some useful ideas. The info on the first page of this thread is fantastic! Wish I'd seen that earlier.
  5. holaareola

    How would i change the border?

    Ah, I had to do this recently! The lumps you want to include in your wad are, from top left clockwise to left, BRDR_TL, BRDR_T, BRDR_TR, BRDR_R, BRDR_BR, BRDR_B, BRDR_BL, BRDR_L. The corner ones should be 3x3, the rest 8x3.
  6. holaareola

    Post your Doom textures!

    IMO the doors are too washed out, and I've seen them on a couple of displays now. The way they go from light to lighter makes them look a bit like they're behind glass. Flats look good to me. I really like the base layer on the WIP doors though. I think it'd make a great base for hellish marble/stone textures too. Is this one hand painted layer or multiple? I notice your textures have got a mix of colours, something I haven't worked out how to do but is very characteristically Doom. Fourth row second from left and second from right flats also excellent examples of this. I compare this to my textures where brown is mostly brown, green just shades of green etc. I've tried painting random bits of other colours on in a few different ways, also tried selecting based on shadows/highlights and painting that but it's looked terrible every time. Any tips?
  7. holaareola

    Post your Doom textures!

    I was watching a doc about the Renaissance, and they had some Leonardo Da Vinci sketches featured. Apparently, getting hold of female cadavers was pretty difficult in his early days so he thought he'd have a go at just filling in the blanks. The theory that Da Vinci was gay seems all the more plausible given what he imagined the centre of a woman was like. He imagined it was like something so horrible that it would make a great texture in Doom. I give you: And the overlay so you can make your own.
  8. I don't know a specific post, but for sure something posted by darknation would count for me. That guy was dangerous for my ribcage. edit: I realise now that isn't even a thread. O well, too late!
  9. holaareola

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    If it's too hard on ITYTD, if it's too easy on UV - you've something to complain about. Otherwise? Ergo difficulty levels, matey.
  10. holaareola

    Amazing texture pack - Makkon

    Excellent, thanks for that, I hadn't seen the new packs. OP updated. Man, the first shot you linked is awesome. Love the purple hue and the wood propped on rock combination and those wood textures look deliciously painterly. The Quake community's creating some utterly fantastic stuff at the moment, seems small but ultra-talented. Anyway, I find repetitive, mindless work oddly therapeutic (perversely only when I'm not getting paid for it, hahah), so I'll start putting together a Doom palettised wad of these over the next couple of weeks for people to use. The mod I'm working on has a customised palette or I'd have shared the conversions I've already done. Woah, I just had a look in and there are 770 raw textures total between the two packs. A lot of them are colour variations, some groups of which can be ruled out as they won't convert well to the Doom palette, then there are others where I suspect the detail is too high to survive the downscale. I'm on holiday and not on the computer much atm, but back next week, maybe a way to split the work could be found and creating a wad for the community could be done collaboratively rather than duplicating conversion? Could be as simple as creating two shared folders on Google drive, an input folder containing the raw files and an output folder containing the wad and the texture conversions. After discussing naming conventions and processes (e.g. some of the more detailed cliff textures are shite at 128x128, but do work at 256x256 when converted to two 256x128 textures, one top, one bottom for use with 0-height sectors to fake tall textures in vanilla).
  11. holaareola

    Amazing texture pack - Makkon

    Few months ago I was playing some new-ish Quake maps on lunchbreaks and I kept seeing the same amazing textures showing up in map after map. They're a free set from a guy called Benjamin Hale, and they are superb. While the structural textures are maybe a little more Heretic/Hexen flavoured in style they could work in a hell setting, and there are also tons of fantastic cliff, rock and brick textures. Full-colour exports are available, plus a Quake texture wad. Even if you don't target ports supporting hi-res assets in true-colour, I can confirm they downsize and convert to the Doom palette very nicely, I'm using some in my vanilla project. I can't find a good visual summary of the what's in the pack, so I'll post pics of a few levels using them instead: Green Hale by Chris Holden Oxyblack Fortress by Heresy: Wad and source texture links are in this tweet (the second pack doesn't include everything from the first, so grab both): apparently Makkon posts updates to the pack in the Quake mapping discord (in the resources channel) here: https://discord.com/invite/R3gypt
  12. holaareola

    Of Doom and Darkness

    Lot of variables here, including people's screen brightness, room brightness, even before getting to the settings within GZDoom. Good news is you can strip out one of those variables at least by forcing a particular sector lighting type for your map via MAPINFO: https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO_options_for_GZDoom's_GL_renderer
  13. holaareola

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Not a wad, but part of one. Been doing a 64-wide door over past few lunchbreaks. Quite happy with progress so far, except that to me it doesn't exactly scream door. And the bottom cleft reminds me of arse-cheeks.
  14. holaareola

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Fireblu. Pinkie proudly aloft. Everything is right with this picture.
  15. holaareola

    Starting a level naked/armorless

    You can do it with Dehacked by copying the content between the = bars and pasting it into a text file (conventionally saved with .deh suffix) and than dragging that onto GZDoom with your wad. An even better way is to include it in your wad as a text lump named DEHACKED using SLADE, this way it will be loaded automatically at startup. ================================================== Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 # Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines. Doom version = 19 Patch format = 6 Misc 0 Initial Health = 20 ================================================== The only thing is if you're doing multiple maps, all pistol starts will begin on 20 health. If you want it per map I think you'll need scripting or a trick like wearing the player down first with a crusher or sprint through a long slime corridor...