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  1. holaareola

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Hah, cool. The conveyor bits remind me of an old game called Skyroads.
  2. holaareola

    Best way to make new sprites?

    For drawing sprites, GIMP is the closest free equivalent to Photoshop AFAIK. Some people prefer Paint.NET, I haven't used it. Getting your sprites to display in game is a different matter -- can't give you any pointers without knowing if your wad is designed for a source port or vanilla doom. To literally store them in a wad, I'd recommend SLADE. Use it to open your wad and then: 1. Click archive>new entry and name it SS_START 2. Click archive>new entry and name it SS_END 3. Then click archive->import files and load in your images. You'll need to then right click on them and convert them to Doom format. Your sprite entries should be after the SS_START marker and before the SS_END marker
  3. holaareola

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Boom, essay incoming: 5: Awesome. It looks absolutely evil for a start, and the asymmetric openings on the starting side of the arena give a great sense of scale. I liked the sometimes counter-intuitive difficulty curve on enemy types. The packs of troopers were actually a health-chipping threat instead of just fodder at the time of release. The kind of foam of blocks on the ceiling at the two opposite corners was a cool design touch. I'm playing without mouselook and only just caught them, think it'd be great if they were a bit lower to make this excellent detail more prominent. 9: Nice non-essential use of the red key. Good, solid architecture without being overly fussy and adept monster usage-- quite a lot of attacks from multiple directions due to the openness and I can't remember a single fight that felt grindy. 10: Wow. I think this is the best looking Doom map I've ever seen. Seriously, the central structure is so open and graceful, it looks epic scifi. No fussy fine detail, just perfectly architected arcing slabs of that horizontal texture with the foliage giving a great contrast and taking the grandiose feel even further. The chosen textures and structure work together so well, and despite the largish scale of the level look fantastic at lower resolutions due to lack of moire. Combat was an even flow due to the mid-tier enemy selection and the gradual injection of cacos and pain elementals from the perimeter meant there was always something going on. The quadrant-by-quadrant then all at once structure was intuitive and unfolded nicely too. And it even manages to squeeze in a quick crate maze on top! The arena layout foreshadowed the final encounter too. Bravo, inspiring stuff. 11: Nice intro to the next episode, pretty relaxed and a pleasant change of theme for Doom. Music matches the vista like it was written for it, ah, I just read the notes: it was. Mood mission accomplished then. Those astral cacos are bloody nasty! I really love the unpredictable movement, it keeps them threatening even when you've adjusted for the 3 mancball pattern (well, middle is doubled I assume, so 4). It's one of the most interesting monster behaviours I've seen in Doom -- partly evasive, partly offensive. Inspired addition to the bestiary, it's an alarming you-die-first-no-matter-what monster up there with the Archvile for me. Although with the damage, close-in speed, dodging and reasonably high health perhaps a little too dangerous. The wide trees are annoying though. The sprite is so wide, if close, they block your view even as you face away from them. They also blink in and out at oblique angles, at least in PRBoom+ Oh, and two of the secrets are right-under-your nose great :) 12: Not a standout map for me. The end fight was good, took a few goes round to work out a strategy for it. 13: Ah, I really enjoyed this. I really liked the open approach due to the two teleporters. The way the play area keeps evolving around the large staircase that winds the inner courtyard is masterful. 14: Didn't write up after quitting so can't remember much of this one other than that the large arena looked absolutely beautiful and that the yellow key fight took me about 10 goes! 15: Loved the clock arena, so good. Nice architecture, great flow in the areas around and it was weirdly satisfying to watch the enemies 'porting in, wondering how high up the tiers it was going to go. Lots of room to move and the different waves meant you could run around whipping up civil war so the fight was actually pretty easy. And yet enjoyable, a rare combo in a long fight! 30: I liked the vertical layout in the initial area and clever use of jumpable-gap overlaid pathways. Intricate flow without being confusing. It's hard to do a vertical and/or massive area without the 2.5D engine tell of weird structural tallness everywhere, but the architecture here looks great. The canyon area bored me a bit -- some get-out-your-rocket-launcher-and-hold-down-fire gameplay at points. Looked great and exploration afterwards was fun though. Could be skill/difficulty mismatch but I thought there were a couple of bad traps on this map. One at end of canyon area was very doable, but only if you already had plasma out: I had SSG first time and I'd been blocked in by the time I'd changed weapon. Yellow key trap I had to do with 100 health, no armour and no cells and I would say it's nigh-on-impossible first time round in that condition. I'm assuming bugs on red key door and exit have been reported. I found all secrets but couldn't see an exit to 32 anywhere, is that the intended destination of the main exit? Other general thoughts - The robo pinkies. I can see why you added them, they do add strategic depth to many fights. But in my case at a slight expense of fun, I'd like them better if they were either slightly slower or slightly weaker. I had quite a lot of situations where once I was blocked in I was inescapably done for despite decent stats. - ice world torches jump left and right on PRBoom+, dunno if it's sprite alignment or just the port. - I really like the episode format. All maps played from pistol start on UV. Looking forward to playing the rest in RC2. Congrats again to all the team, and appreciate the hard work -- you can see it everywhere. Can't believe this was done in 9 months!
  4. holaareola

    The greatest video game of this decade so far

    A near-decade and an ever-increasing tempo of game releases. Hard to pick, so I'll just go by the most replays: Dishonored and its DLC. Living up to the TTLG legacy with high fidelity isn't really feasible with a non-AAA budget so the maps are much less complex than either of the Thief games. However, the way the game systems interact, the fantastic art style and the interesting and rich setting more than make up for it. I was still discovering new things to do on my fourth time round.
  5. holaareola

    Can't even release my first map, help!

    Building something that you like is key, I think. Get your friends to playtest, for sure, but pleasing yourself is the truest guide to making levels that are uniquely yours. Of course, using every feature in the book might be what's really your thing, but I agree with Boris that it's not a good starting point. Better, if you can, to find something you like working within Doom's doomy core. I think in anything it's best to build towards complexity gradually-- more joy to be had as a newcomer starting with a punk song in mind than a symphony. The other way often lie frustration and messy results. The good thing is that there are as many different tastes in players as there types of maps. Plenty of people prefer wads using a classical-ish feature set, so you'll have players keen to try it. In terms of my own experience, at least you made the wise choice of starting with single maps! I chose a half-megawad (a superwad?) as my first project and am having all sorts of problems -- the most obvious being that you can literally see the lessons learned accumulating in the landscape of the levels. The first maps played are the most rudimentary 'cos I barely had a clue, and dehacked mods I made later have thrown out earlier balance and necessitated rework. Don't know if I'll ever finish it now.
  6. holaareola

    Share Your Sprites!

    Thanks for your generosity, I'll send them a PM.
  7. holaareola

    Share Your Sprites!

    These are awesome. Are you only showing your work here, or would I be able to use them? The large column in particular is perfect for a gameplay object I have in mind, with some hellish edits -- I've tried doing it myself, but I'm fairly shite at pixel art from scratch and it's taking me ages. If you allowed me to do so I would of course credit you and post any frames back into this thread in the same spirit.
  8. holaareola

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Abstract and weird. I like it. Contrast of the generally random look with the orthogonal metal structures works nicely. I reckon some height variations of the outer walls in the second pic would be good and for me the purple hexagon texture is maybe a bit much even for the offbeat feel on display here!
  9. holaareola

    Officiators of Death

    Ah, OK. I would say that even when testing the combos, as the designer, you have the advantage of foreknowledge on layout and thing placement which inevitably influences how you play the map. Anyway, all a matter of taste, it's probably just that I'm not skilful enough to do it first time. I actually thought it was good that the top floor monsters couldn't get directly down into the starting area, because otherwise you could draw them out to the yard where there is the most room to manoeuvre and cause infighting. Look forward to playing more of your stuff!
  10. holaareola

    The worst part of editing in Vanilla

    Yeah, I find visplanes and the savegame buffer overflow to be the two vanilla limits that really encumber you. I remember getting an editor on disk from someone when I didn't have the net as a kid and so couldn't even look up what a visplane was. Too many lines? Too many sectors? Knew it was something to do with one of them, but it just entailed a horrible loop of trial and error on my 386. I think I'd tried to build a pyramid with too many steps. The savegame problem is in a way even more pernicious because of the dynamic nature of the save size and that it doesn't immediately bomb out like visplanes. I've just had to split a level in two because I'd forgot to keep tabs on this, and it's totally messed up flow.
  11. holaareola

    Post your Doom textures!

    Great thread, I've nabbed a bunch from here for my wad (with notes on who to credit of course). Here are some meagre contributions. Sorry, they're small as they're intended to be patches not textures: And a computer edit to make it 64x64:
  12. holaareola

    Officiators of Death

    Hey, just played this on UV. A lot of fun except for one big caveat, thanks for making it. I really liked the start, the pressure is high right from spawn, with a good free-form fight coming from all directions. Appreciated your style of monster placement and usage of space -- the small scale and looped area means you don't have to rely on monster pedestals, deaf or trapped monsters to preserve multidirectional danger because the monsters can usually find their way to you. This combined with the generally mid-low tier monster mix makes gameplay feel less grindy and more unpredictable. I also liked the amount of health. Being so sparing with medikits makes them feel like a treat, and enables you to have secrets (like the jump secret) that still feel rewarding without overpowering the player and unbalancing the map. On the criticism side, I think you can end up with near-unwinnable state due to ammo if you do the areas out of order. E.g. easy to get stuck in RL pit due to baron if you haven't picked up plasma or at least the box of rockets in plasma area. The same for the blue key area if you've only got the SSG. I had to restart a couple of times due to this -- maybe it's intentional in which case fair enough, but I personally think maps should be doable on a first go without prior knowledge. Nice work!
  13. Excellent, thanks for the translation guitardz (and cheers Woolie for original pics). I generally think Doom looks bad with modern graphics effects because of the sprites and vertically primitive architecture but this lowers the fidelity enough to shape it into a cohesive style. The Engoo software-with-benefits engine offers a similar look for Quake: http://leileilol.mancubus.net/engoo/ //edit: also, I just realised you can type writeini <filename>.ini into the console if you want to dump these settings out but not use them for everything.
  14. holaareola

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thanks for the recommendation, missed it on the Cacowards sidebar. I'll add it to the playlist. 49 playable maps though, intimidating!
  15. holaareola

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Get the geometry down first, eh :P Any reason? Encourages more elevation variety is one guess. Great visuals on the hallway there. By x ever map standards, let alone second! Curvy gstone works so well and gives this a distinct style despite the well-used green and red combo. Curvy gstone just isn't used enough in general imo, it gives things such an evilly palatial feel.