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  1. The bitching about game difficulty

    Does it take away the smile on my face? :/
  2. The bitching about game difficulty

    Oh my god you are lifesaver! Thank you so much! :D Need to go home and test it, cant wait
  3. The bitching about game difficulty

    Came to this topic by accident, actually was looking for an answer is there a possibility to save your game at any moment instead of minor checkpoints.. From all no weapons challenge games Ive been doing, Doom is most difficult one, and challenging hordes of monsters aside, lack of save games is the most painful issue for me.. Still, I am not giving up yet :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dNLHX6pWYs But, to the topic itself, I haven't played the entire game yet, but for skilled players I think nightmare is enough challenging.. I even started to deeply regret that I took on my no weapons challenge :D
  4. Flashlight OP? :D Doable of course, difference is it would take twice as much to kill (fists 20hp dmg, flashlight 40hp dmg)
  5. Thanks :D As long as possible, I will stick to melee attacks, otherwise if Im stuck I will use pistol as any means necessary
  6. You get -5hp every second.. As far as I remember @7:45 4 seconds more, enjoying mancubus fight and I would need to restart level :D PS. Eventually started Doom (2016).. Lack of quick saves is challenging my patience :/
  7. Just a short bump, Ive uploaded entire gameplay on my channel :)
  8. Oh, I died in my playthrough. Sometimes.. Over, and over, and over again :D There were few moments that Ive almost gave up - 1) In Recycling fight with Mancubuses, I haven't ever realised that you have a timer until the area gets rather.. polluted, and I needed to rush to beat em up with flashlight which deals 40 dmg against 1000 hp of Mancubus. 2) Hell - As funny as it sounds, three imps on the beginning gave me a really hard time. Also few moments later, two imps together with lost souls all over the place 3) CPU Complex, the very beginning with bazillions of monsters 4) Caverns Area 1 - Commandos with Miniguns are impossible to kill with flashlight, and there are really lots of them there. If I would mark the hardest moment in my playthrough, this would get the first reward. :)
  9. Brilliant. More games like Doom or more Dooms
  10. Well yeah, I was getting shocked myself sometimes about monsters' strange behaviour.. Trites blowing up themselves, pinky getting stuck all the time, chainsaw zombie running on electric tracks and stuff like that :) Moreover, while playing I was often using other monsters to fight between each other, and until know I can't really figure out how it works. Ive even made a little research: 1) Some monsters are - as I would say - aggressive, some are passive. Aggressive ones which will fight back: Cocademon, Revenant, Arch-Vile, Hell-knight. Passive - supposedly - are the rest. I do not know about Mancubus, he has always popped up in places without aggressive monsters. Frankly, he showed up only alone or with Cherubs. 2) Aggressive ones will not fight another aggressive type. Exception to this rule is Revenant, which attacks everyone except his own types. I may be wrong in some cases, but I really admire those "rules" among demons. On the top of that, if you spend a little time with monsters it seems each has its own life and own "issues". All of this makes this game so unique :D
  11. woah, doom 2 maybe really impossible to pass, taking in consideration moments - I barely remember doom 2, but for example cyberdemon with bazilions hp in a small room :P Idea nonetheless challenging, may give it a try some day :)
  12. cheers man :) Ive just recently started to actively post videos, and im open for any suggestions for games or any improvements I could make, so both negative and positive feedback is mostly welcome :)
  13. Hey, I think some of you might be interested to watch this challenge :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY5nW_OEktQbrm1AzPsGEQw All monsters killed with bare flashlight, fists and artifact (2 exceptions - Guardian of Hell and Sarge, as it was impossible to kill them without guns). Please leave me some feedback what I could improve before I may start doing RoE. Thanks in advance, No Super Weapons