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  1. StraightGib'nEm

    Anyone know a good conveyer belt tut?

    Sweet. Appreciate the help. Ima check this stuff out as soon as I'm home. Looks like good stuff. Thanks to the both of you And also boom and udmf is what I map in mostly
  2. StraightGib'nEm

    Anyone know a good conveyer belt tut?

    Have looked for a long time and can't find a conveyer belt tut. I've also looked for pusher and puller tuts and I cant find those either. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. StraightGib'nEm

    Kyle873's Doom RPG in opentouch?

    So i've been tryin to play doom rpg in opentouch. It'd b pretty kick ass. Except I can't get it to run. I believe it has something to do with the gzdoom.ini being that u have to point to the gzdoom.exe. Any help with this would b appreciated Edit: Or maybe I'm having trouble finding the path to gzdoom.ini. Not sure how that is with android
  4. Yeah sorry about that. Map 01 is the correct one. I'll fix it when I get home. And thanks for the link.
  5. Hey I really appreciate the feedback. The cheating deal is aight. Helps me gauge the difficulty curve. Yeah I was trying to think of something crafty to do with those flesh walls. Kinda a difficult texture to use in a tech base. I'm more than happy to contribute. Again no worries on the cheats. I'll drop an iddqd myself if need be. Name- It's Green! Song- anything will do. I couldn't quite think of anything Sky- I used episode 2 skybox for inspiration (the one with the buildings). I haven't quite learned all the fancy boom linedef actions yet. In fact if u know of any documentation or anything I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for the input riderr. Still working on detail so I'm not quite done there. My main worry is game play. Just hope it's entertaing.
  7. Well I got my map done. I would have liked to have done better, but I'm still pretty noob in boom so there's some lighting techniques I should learn. Been playing 1024 lately for inspiration so it's kinda a quicky. Any feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Tested in zdoom and prboom with no problems TexExCP.zip Got some screenshots here
  8. It happens in the standalone. I managed to get it working with the pk3 though. Thanks though. Very sweet mod BTW. U guys did a hell of a job.
  9. Hell yeah. Totally phyched! So I'm not sure what's going on, but both chapter 1 and 2 crashed when u get to the main hub as soon as u look at the big building. Could be my comp, but it's an Alienware alpha with an i3 so I figured it could handle. Runs the levels just fine though. Any with this would be greatly appreciated. This is one of the best doom mods of all time... Totally bummed.
  10. Lol I'll make u proud. Thanks man It's truly not. Pretty happy with this set
  11. I'd like to give this a shot if you'll have me. Looks like a pretty fun project
  12. This is gonna be epic! Was definitely left wanting more at the end of boa1. Damn good mod that was.
  13. StraightGib'nEm

    Doom the way YOU did (for real this time)

    Thanks for the pointers mosshopper. I suppose I was trying to accommodate for speedrunners and 100% if u really want it. I myself am a 100%er so I can't resist the urge to leave a demon trail on my way out. Which is probably why I didn't think to lock the player in. But a lil more elbow grease should do the trick. Thanks for the feedback
  14. StraightGib'nEm

    Doom the way YOU did (for real this time)

    Been working on this Threshold of Pain map. Still needs some polish though. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. ThresholdOfPain.zip
  15. StraightGib'nEm

    Doom the way YOU did (for real this time)

    I'm cool with boom. Started my project in zdoom (udmf) out of habit, but it wouldn't take too much to rebuild. Got some screenshots of some stuff. Still pretty alpha at the moment.