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  1. a_spooky_skelo

    Different textures in game compared to Doombuilder

    Nevermind, I only just realised I had the textures under FF_START rather than PP_START
  2. a_spooky_skelo

    Different textures in game compared to Doombuilder

    It's GZDOOM and they aren't sprites. That's 8 linedefs in a crisscross pattern.
  3. I wanted to create a tree for my map, so I imported the textures into Slade and added them to TEXTURE1. In Doombuilder they seem fine in visual mode (https://i.imgur.com/iKzU1z3.png) but in game, they seem messed up and different (https://i.imgur.com/IRx75au.png) what is causing this issue?
  4. I am making a Soviet Themed mod where your facility is raided by the US. However, I haven't been able to find any American Soldier sprites anywhere. Does anyone want to lend me a hand? I will give credit to the Original Mod Author in a Readme or Endtext depending on preference.
  5. I'm sorry if it's obvious and I'm missing something, but I want to get weapon models from Red Orchestra and put them into Doom. How will I go about achieving this?
  6. a_spooky_skelo

    The map I made for the Vinesauce Level Editor Contest!

    Thanks! I always try to put several secrets in my maps. Which ones did you find?
  7. This is the Wad I made for the Level editor contest! I want to improve as a creator so can you guys give your criticism on this? It's the third wad I ever made and there are still some glitches which I left in due to the time limit. Oh and I would have uploaded this sooner but unfortunately I reset my computer without remembering to put this up before hand, I had to wait for Joel to put it up on his website before I could upload it here. Mining Base Alpha by A_Spooky_Skelo.zip