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  1. Terrcraft

    Custom monsters, GO or NO?

    I think custom monsters are underrated. I get the reputation because sometimes it's off-putting but I really wish people would experiment more with them and even boss/final boss monsters. Because honestly its hard for a final boss to be worse than ios
  2. Terrcraft


    Ok so if steve nelson died 9 months ago than who made this? Who is credited in the .txt and wiki page, who wrote the journal that starts the day after the obituary? Veddge made a post in a different thread asking if the map took the author over, than says in the jorunal that this map did? All I have to say is that this ARG/Mystery is very cool. And the fact that this all seems so purposeful that he was setting this up in the past and we had no clue.
  3. Terrcraft


    Thank you veddge for making this. Im sure Tom would be proud.
  4. MyHouse.wad for machaward and dootaward not even fucking kidding
  5. Terrcraft

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Fragport

    MAP03 is better than map02, especially with the water-raising gimmick MAP04 finally has us exit the mines and back into the open air, although I wish there was a trickle of water from the MAP03 area, good but not notable, a lot of vast valleys with low detail or monster count. MAP05 is the best of the mapset up to this point. with the houses and monster closets, along with the boat exit at the end really achieves the atmosphere the megawad is going for. MAP06 would have been better than MAP05 in my book if I didn't need to no clip to get the blue key. but the ship was well designed, albeit a few too many 64x64 hallways below deck. and the ending with using a romeros head to blow up the ship engine was pretty cool. MAP07 is an ok pace-breaker but not really that notable but it is still better than MAP02.
  6. Terrcraft

    IronEagle Competition 53: City of Doom

    UV died on map03 complevel 2 dsda doom Anyone who makes a map like that with 30 slow elevators you need to backtrack through should be mocked map02 nearly made me fall asleep at the keyboard IRONEAGLE_dsda-doom_cod1-11.zip
  7. Terrcraft

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Fragport

    This wad I was planning on playing soon anyway so this came at the right time Played on dsda cl2 with midipack Map01. Decent opener in a prison area I think? Kinda clunky but not bad. Map02 after map01 continuesly into the mines. Neat environments especially the lava ravine at the end. Had to switch to software because of a few rendering homs. Much to my 120 fov in hardware rendering chagrin. First 2 maps are ok but nothing special
  8. Terrcraft

    dead.air - v2

    figured out you need to copy the link and cut off the end and then you can get it from the site. http://static.angryscience.net/pub/doom/maps
  9. Terrcraft

    dead.air - v2

    Deeply sorry to bump this old thread but the download link is broken. Does anyone know a mirror?
  10. Terrcraft

    PUSS XXV: Lunacy (Beta v2 Out Now!)

    Map Name: Prying Open My Cheese Eye [version 1} Author: Terrcraft Music: MIDI cover by astolfloater of resonance by HOME (https://soundcloud.com/astolfoalter/home-resonance-midi-updated) Format: Boom cl9 Build Time: 3:26 plus getting some last monsters in Co-op Starts: yes Difficulty Settings: yes, some co-op stuff too Comments: Place in any slot necessary, this is my 1st actual map let alone speedmap so I spent more time than I would have liked figuring out how to use UDB and SLADE. Load with resource pack 4a. Bugs: IDK how to make a conveyor belt move the player faster in boom. Overall, although it isn't a cacoward winning masterpiece of fine doom mappage. I'm happy how this turned out. Pryingopenmycheeseeyev2.1.zip
  11. Terrcraft

    Roger Ritenour's Earth Wad (Too Dark)

    What source port are you using?
  12. Terrcraft

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    biotech version 2 map01 UVpacifist in 0:08 biotechv2map01uvpacifist.zip
  13. probably would need to be at least -complevel 9 so a voodoo doll could constantly pick up partial invisibility spheres. I think the final map in magenta spire does this.