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  1. Pretty salty Estonian weeb on my favorite country called : Estonia.



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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      ^ Sounds like someone's butthurt...



      absolutely totally no offence intended (even though it may seem so)

      seriously I'm kinda aggravated by you and all the DW elite here constantly moaning about how status frickin' updates don't match their standards which are closer to a thesis or something. Can't you just let the people release small bits of creativity or just their own personality or something on this goddamn forum? If people posted only "legit" status updates, I'd stop visiting here in, like, April.


      I mean ffs, what happens under statuses like these is this:    a one-liner status spawns a multi-tome in terms of length response (not in this specific one currently, but in some previous statuses) worded with witty-ass and quite hard to comprehend (to the barbaric myself at least) vocabulary that basically criticizes people for posting stuff that does not live up to their colossal expectations of something called "status update".


      "standards people could relate and be held accountable to." -- is this a goddamn trial or something, Jesus Christ


      Thank you for listening, also please excuse the messy English.

      Once again, no hard feelings? :]


      p.s. I am aware of the irony of this response also being a multi-tome witty-ass one, funny ain't it?

    3. Marcaek


      Hiding statuses because the administration doesn't want to enlist more moderators is definitely the right choice

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @bzzrak I'm anything but butthurt. Speaking of things I am not, I'm also not against having totally not doom related status updates, within reason that is. That's where I draw a different line than others do, and I do not care how many people disagree with me, I draw the lines for me personally where I see fit, and I articulate where and why I draw them, so people know where I'm coming from.


      However, I'm not in 100% favour of hiding or removing status ups entirely, but then again it takes moderators to keep a subset of people from spamming exclusively non-content updates all the time several times a day at times even. I'm not going to ask anybody to work for free just because, so I roll with the punches like everybody else does, but not without saying what I think, and I'm also not going to offer to do such a task myself, because I don't know this community well enough to be able to even remotely resemble something that I would call a moderator, there's better people for this than me anyway, imo. And since there's currently no way, software wise, to ignore status updates or toggle them etc, meaning I can not weed out what I don't want to see, because nobody else can either (and trust me people would use that feature extensively if it existed), I am okay with Ling's decision to hide them for the time being or for much longer, it's his call to make anyway. In fact, now that they're hidden, people can post their updates willy-nilly without bothering anybody at all. That's what people bargained for as it would appear, the downside is that the odds of seeing something doom-related went from like 5%-10% to exactly 0%, unless people are following one another and get notified. So when I set up my "preferences" properly, I have the freedom of choice, and everybody else does as well. It's almost as good as a win-win, so why would I be butthurt at all?


      As a kinky sidenote: I wouldn't even complain about being butthurt because I'm into "that stuff". I love me a good spanking, among other things. My sexual life makes 50 shades look like a bedtime story for toddlers, and I'm not exaggerating.


      Obviously this came at a cost, but that cost isn't within my responsibilities, I have no say in this matter, other than what my opinion is. Moreover, I didn't make the choice to push things as far as they have been. You're aggravated by me because I voice my opinion on a forum which by the way I have no manner of administrative control over. Up to this point I was actually hoping status updates would be kept as they were, but with the little caveat that there'd be some form common baseline to keep the worst spam in check that has gotten us to this point. That's not to say I'm a saint. Of course my opinion and my "actions" are based on what I visit these forums for, and I primarily come here because of Doom, but believe it or not I don't expect status ups to be 90% doom, or 60%, but 25% seems reasonable, which we're far away from as far as I can see. At least I go as far as wearing my bias on a sleeve, right there for everybody else to see. I'm probably one of the last people on earth to give people shit for having to vent about their RL-situation once in a while, for example. In fact, talking about stuff that pulls people down or brightens up their days is also what a community is there for. Unfortunately status ups don't work for this purpose as well anymore, unless of course people set up their follows accordingly.


      Not flooding the sidebar for the sake of it is some kind of baseline courtesy people should be willing to afford others who do a little bit more than sniffing their own farts like we are doing here more or less, right? Actually, the majority of people here does it, so why is a subset of notorious spammers acceptable? I'm not talking about the content, or the lack thereof. I'm talking about the lack of content at a pretty high margin over a relatively long period of time by a subset of users who are unwilling to hold back on status ups just a little in the interest of others. That was what made status ups a progressively less potent feature to use as time passed... And I've seen it coming, just like others have as well. We arrogant elitists saw it coming from a mile away, not because we're the brightest and best, but because it's the internet, so what did you expect to happen? That's my stance in a nutshell, anything people wish to see in what I say that goes beyond this is wishful thinking at best, or personal bias at worst.

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