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Everything posted by Slimz

  1. Madness Combat 66 is Fan wad for MDKrinkles... --------------------------------- Required for rifle -Smooth Doom. --------------------------------- --------------------------------- MAPS --------------------------------- MAP01 Is a Tutorial map MAP02... You need kill a sexy fat man. MAP03 Unknown Mission... etc... --------------------------------- DECORATIONS --------------------------------- +Trash bag! +Boxes! +Gore! +Props! --------------------------------- Screenshots... ---------------------------------
  2. It always crashing. I use windows 10 PRO and SLADE always crashing then executed.
  3. Do you always needed freaking 8-BIT blood for your 20 views videos or screenshots? Do you want have exprience of playing DooM with 8-BiT Blood? Well here is! I am still working on this mod and sounds will be edited or replaced something else! (Yes I know heres few sprites are not 8-bit blood , I will later fix it!) https://mega.nz/#!xNZV1SQT!oDK6HOkTm2nUq3dE0I3QbJt-BQS1v-hDqrM5AXaShDQ <--- Download <----
  4. Slimz

    Random Image Thread

    My friend drew this.
  5. >Gets warned by Adware cause Dew is pretty jerkass 

    >Best way to get warned with best offendable quote

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    2. Slimz


      They can just ban me right now.

    3. Linguica
    4. Memfis


      Who the heck is Dew? I don't know anyone named like that.

  6. Slimz

    Worst Doom Level

    Its E1M7. The most hated thing I hate cause jesus christ this took me like 10-20 minutes to finish that shitty map with CS:GO mod
  7. Slimz


    I don't know. I just like Baron has red Blood. Well Cacodemon with blue blood pretty fits.
  8. Updated Version of 8-BIT Blood. https://mega.nz/#!ZERW3K5b!ovOMnEajPIEAqwLfA0Q3s-3RdxEB9HwpzL8AWSfMKf0 <--- DOWNLOAD! Changes -Added 8-BIT BLOOD! -Sposnored by Felix (Ketchup from Estonia. help) So yeah I updated 8-BIT BLOOD with trashyyyy 8-BIT Sounds. Enjoy!
  9. Slimz


    I don't know if I can do it. :/
  10. Adding sounds on 8-BIT BLOOD....


    You just forgot to add 8-BIT sounds.


  11. Slimz

    8-BIT BLOOD (Used Ketchup)

  12. Slimz

    my first map

    Better screenshots 1920x1080
  13. Slimz

    8-16 bit Music Replacements

    Now I have atleast cuka.
  14. Getting salty comments from mean people on here. Acting like tumblr 21 anime feminist. Posting my old broken doom wads to get warning. false warnings.
  15. Pretty salty Estonian weeb on my favorite country called : Estonia.



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    2. Tristan



      As a kinky sidenote: I wouldn't even complain about being butthurt because I'm into "that stuff". I love me a good spanking, among other things. My sexual life makes 50 shades look like a bedtime story for toddlers, and I'm not exaggerating.


    3. Slimz


      Okay what the fuck was just happening right now? copypasta or sack of shit?

    4. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Did your teacher require a specific wordcount for this essay?

  16. I found sexiest thing in the world On Doom History.



  17. Thats how Spiral Knights Born...

    Also I try making new wad today!


  18. Just don't question on it...

  19. I gonna quit DoomWorld Cause Serious reasons.

    1. CzechMate29200


       which would be??

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      I understand you :[

    3. Slimz


      I got weirdly reason warned cause I asked whats the worst fandom you seen and admin warned me cause of it.

  20. Slimz

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My Fact of my life : I eat only bacon.
  21. Your PFP scared shit out of me.

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    2. Slimz
    3. Endless


      The Wall is a master piece. 

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      If you're reading this Tritnew... it's not funny anymore.

  22. Slimz

    Chester Beddington of Linkin Park committed suicide.

    What the fuck? Really? Thats making me really sad now!