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  1. spiritmaze

    accidentally replaced a file on hard drive

    SSD partition files differently. When files are replaced, there are hidden previous versions of the files partitioned in the hard drive. But the internet is so confusing with all the conflicting information. This is all new knowledge for me too. I only started researching it today and it's quite interesting. Making sure data is permanently scrubbed from your computer is actually an industry in itself. To permanently scrub data you have to overwrite the entire hard drive with a special code to remove all shadows of it. This is important for government computers and protecting state secrets etc, and avoiding hackers.
  2. spiritmaze

    accidentally replaced a file on hard drive

    i saw the extra info you added. Yeah that's exactly right, but apparently this is not always the case. Having a SSD makes a big difference in how files are overwritten apparently.
  3. spiritmaze

    accidentally replaced a file on hard drive

    Yeah that was some irreplaceable personal stuff on there. I'm not overly precious about these things, but it would be good to know if there's a way to retrieve overwritten files. Starting fresh is the last resort, and the least desirable.
  4. spiritmaze

    accidentally replaced a file on hard drive

    doom mapping stuff and videos were within the folder. Maybe a mod needs to move this thread to another section? I figured the most tech savvy people would be in this particular section of the community. Also, you're wrong about the file space on the hard dive being an indication of whether a file is still there. When a file is deleted then the harddrive marks it as free space available for new data, but it doesn't actually overwrite it until new data is loaded onto the harddrive. Writing new data onto the hard drive would permanently overwrite it. Think of it like erasing something you've written in pencil, but still being able to read what you've written because of the lines the pencil has pressed into the paper. If you were to write a new sentence of the erased sentence, then that would permanently obscure the original data. The total space on my hard drive is 2 terabytes, so plenty of room for it to hide my replaced file.
  5. Hi guys, An urgent question here about recovering replaced/overwritten files. I was moving some files into my external seagate hard drive and annoyingly I accidentally replaced a folder there that had the same name. This was done on a mac, not windows (usually windows just merges the files if they have the same name). After the folder was in the process of being replaced I realized instantly what was happening and I cancelled the action while it was still transferring the files, but it was too late and a new image for the folder was created, overwriting all the old files in the folder. I was not able to undo this action. This is a major flaw in the OS X operating system. I've done quite a bit of research online about this matter, which is a surprisingly common disaster for some people. Replacing a file is much much worse than accidentally deleting a file. Deleted files can be recovered quite easily, but it seems overwritten files are a lot more complex. Files that are overwritten are analogous to writing something in pencil, rubbing it out and then writing something new on top of it. But there are conflicting reports on this and it seems there are many people online who have recovered overwritten files, however there's also many reputable sites that claim that overwritten file recovery is a lost cause. However, there's a few things that might save me. Firstly, the original file was huge- at least 20 gigs. The new folder that overwrote it was tiny by comparison at around 500 megabytes. This means that potentially only 500 megabytes of the 20 gigs was overwritten, if that, because i cancelled the transfer after 10 seconds. Hopefully a large bulk of the original 20 gig file is still hiding somewhere on the external hard drive. Here are the specs: - I was using a macbook air, dragging files onto a seagate external hard drive. The replaced file was on the seagate, replaced by a file dragged over from my mac. - The file destination was the external hard drive so I'm assuming if there's anything to recover it will be on the external hard drive, not the macbook. - MacBooks use a destination file system that is HFS, however the seagate apparently converts it NTFS. I'm unsure if the file destination is HFS or NTFS in my case, and if this makes much difference to ease of file recovery. - I have not touched the hard drive since I replaced the folder by mistake. I have advoided writing anything new to the hard drive incase it overwrites hidden data I might be able to salvage. - I think my seagate is a SSD, which apparently is beneficial in the likelihood of recovering overwritten files. In conclusion, I think my biggest likely saving grace here is that I didn't overwrite the 20 gigs with an equivalent huge file. Intuitively this feels like the original files must still be buried somewhere on the hard drive, but I am far from a computer tech. I'm hoping the extremely tech savvy people on Doomworld can assist me with a prognosis and possible course of action. And yes, I know I should be backing up my files. Ironically the seagate was acting as my backup hard drive and I was dragging files there in order to back to them up. Ouch.
  6. spiritmaze

    Deep Sea wad - need play testers and opinions

    your improvements work wonders for this map. I enjoyed the first version, but this newer version is much more intense and satisfying. The added archviles dispersed amongst the lower tier monsters plus the hell knights in the maze were a good move and enhance those sections a lot. Only thing I think this map would benefit from is some custom monsters. I think arachnorbs would be a cool alternative to those annoying cacos. If I don't take care of those cacos early, they are a thorn in my side for the rest of the map.
  7. spiritmaze

    What are you playing now?

    Half-life, currently up to blast pit. (inspired by Doom so it's relevant)
  8. spiritmaze

    Bad Religion - released

    nice architecture
  9. spiritmaze

    Deep Sea wad - need play testers and opinions

    huge improvement on your first map, I must say. Really good gameplay. I enjoyed it
  10. spiritmaze

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    Demon Forest - but only for the second half of the map.
  11. Ok so I managed to finish this....you are right, that was a very difficult map. I also read in the text file that the is your first map? Nice work. I had special difficulty with the first section with all those demons and not enough bullets to kill them. A berserk pack might be nice, but then it might be too easy to hide out in the trees and tyson punch them all. I also liked the friendly chain gunners, especially the room where you can lure the demons into the withering crossfire. Devastatingly effective! Absolutely love the river section behind the yellow key card door, but sorry I did cheat once. I had to use idclip when I fell into the river because there's no way up and the floor isn't damaging. From there I stuck to the edge of the river cliff, using the river crossings/bridges until the final slaughter near that weird tech structure in the middle of the green lake. This was the highlight of this map and there's a really creepy ambience in this section. To be honest, I didn't like the first part. It was too hard and confusing finding all those different keys. I almost rage quitted a few times. But it was worth it. I felt satisfied solving the puzzles by the end. One of the best things about this map is the music! Is that your composition?
  12. Cool screenshots and story. Downloading now.
  13. spiritmaze

    After Doom (Doom 2 custom map)

    I count myself as an After Doom fanboy and I am eagerly awaiting more maps from this extremely talented guy.
  14. spiritmaze

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Thanks for confirming - My imagination after all >_< I have embarked on Episode 2 today and it is spectacular. The new enemies are an interesting touch.
  15. spiritmaze

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    I have finally gotten around to playing this wad (huge fan of Valiant and Lunatic). I have finished the first episode, and as expected I am very impressed. This is also much harder than Lunatic and Valiant. Are the enemy attacks higher damaging in this, or am i imagining things? I feel even the imp fireballs deal 50% more damage than usual, and riflemen feel way more lethal. If I get caught with a mancbus volley with full health then it almost wipes me out in one go. Adds a nice extra dimension of challenge.