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  1. So I had to ask a question like this before here and here this time what I want to do is disable the player bleed effect on brutal doom when you’re at or below 25 health. I’m making this hardcore difficulty mod that forces you to beat a level with only 100 health no armor and no health packs. At the end of the level your health is reset to 100, I might bump it up to 200 after play testing it for a bit I’ll see. This however leads to very long spends of time running around with lower than 25 points of health causing the blood trails the player leaves to become somewhat annoying and potentially performance impacting. If I could just find the function that activates the player bleeding or the player bleeding function itself it would be easy enough to turn it off but ales as usual brutal doom’s code is an impenetrable maze. So if anybody knows were the code for player bleeding is I would very much appreciate it. I’ve already look and around and tried disabling numerous functions in player.txt no luck so far. By the way I’m playing BDv20.
  2. brakenwagen

    Match music file to map

    How about this is there a console command in zdoom that will show you what music file is currently playing that would do the trick.
  3. brakenwagen

    Match music file to map

    that doesn’t answer the question the data for what music file goes to what map must be stored somewhere so how do I look at that data.
  4. brakenwagen

    Match music file to map

    In slade (or any other editing software) is there any way to tell what music file is assigned to a map. For example I have the Doom Core wad open in slade and am trying to find the music file for map 32 without having to listen to every music file in the wad.
  5. brakenwagen

    Search all code in a wad

    I have been slowly teaching myself to read doom code by making a bunch of edits to the brutal doom code and one problem keeps coming up. That problem is when something is referenced and I have no idea where to look for it. Now when that something is built into zdoom I can just look it up on the zdoom wiki but then other times it something within the mode itself but in another file. Is there any way in slade or some other editor to find the code for the thing being referenced? For example I was looking at the code in the brutal doom starter back map set and found the code for the first boss’s attack (ACTOR BossBelphAttack: BaronBall) the damage type is listed as HKFT. HKFT is not in the zdoom wiki so it must be something defined in the wad itself but how to I go about looking for it without having to ask the forums every time I see something I want to edit.
  6. brakenwagen

    Spawn something on top of another spawn

    could you give me an example I'm trying to use the WeaponGiver but it just makes the game crash this the code i have so far (this is meant for brutal doom by the way). ACTOR WeaponGiver Replaces BIG_FUCKING_GUN { States { Spawn: BFUG A 0 A_SpawnItemEx ("BIG_FUCKING_GUN") BFUG A 0 A_SpawnItemEx ("RailGun") } }
  7. Ok here is what I want to do I want to take an actor (a gun) and make it spawn with the BFG NOT REPLACE IT but spawn with it so that when you pick up the BFG you get both guns.
  8. brakenwagen

    Brutal Doom Imp Jump attack

    I’m looking for the piece of code that determines if the imp performs its jump attack anybody got any ideas.
  9. brakenwagen

    how to make a simple ACS script

    I tried but the LOADACS can’t find the complied script in the acs folder (that’s were slade puts it). According to this page I need to put the compiled script in-between A_START/A_END makers. So I tried that still nothing. Finally I figured out that the name of the file itself needs to be the same as the library being called in LOADACS (I simply named the file TestCode when it should have been PRINTMSG). At least now I know how to get a script running now I can try different things and see what I can do with the code. Thanks for all your help.
  10. brakenwagen

    how to make a simple ACS script

    I have been trying to find out how to do ACS scripting and have been following this tutorial and using slade but have been having no luck. Based on the web page the script should be print hello world in the console every time I enter a level (unless I’m reading it wrong). I just want to do something simple (anything) to see if I can make a script and have it work at all printing something to the console seems like the easiest thing to try.
  11. brakenwagen

    Brutal doom code question

    figured it out thanks for all your help scifista42 couldn't have done it without you, even managed to get rid of the Revenant getting chopped in half and still fighting (another annoyance). One more question when I made modes that changed monster health my old method of just loading up the new txt file over the old worked so why didn’t it here? You would think that changing health would exhibit the same behavior as changing the death animations but it doesn’t.
  12. brakenwagen

    Brutal doom code question

    Got it working but why is it in DECORATE.DyingGuys.txt I’ve spent hours looking through DEMONS.txt since it would seem like the logical place to put it. I heard people say the guy who makes this mode is a sloppy programmer is that why we have this spaghetti code, or is there a good reason for it being there. Or is that that’s just the style people adhere to because the original doom code was done that why or do I just need to get good. If you’re interested in the end I got working by commenting out this line of code TNT1 A 0 A_Jump(90, "PutAFight") But now I have a new problem I thought I could just extract DECORATE.DyingGuys.txt into my own pk3 file load that after the original pk3 and it would override the old txt file with the new. But that does not seem to be working and I’m instead forced to create a whole new version of the original pk3 and load that instead. Is there any way to get txt files with the same name to override each other according to load order?
  13. brakenwagen

    Brutal doom code question

    I’m new to doom editing but I have managed to do some things like change the health of enemies or there speed. But right now I’m trying to find a line of code in Brutal doom that decides if the pinky daemon dies or goes into a berserk mode at death. I’m sure I could figure it out if I just only find the line of code were its decided.