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Status Updates posted by SOSU

  1. So Yugioh Master Duel came out today unexpectedly and ever since i found i just have this incredible feeling of (team) satisfaction.

    Now i just need to think of what Archetype to make a deck for xD

  2. And so i came back from Uni :O

    Now it's time for me for albanian uni life full of going to school to learn things i already know :D!

  3. Nice Juste profile picture :)

  4. How come you started following me now :D?

    1. ReaperAA


      uh... because I realised that you are a big Heretic nerd :D


      And this place needs more Heretic nerds like you

    2. Endless


      Did someone say Heretic nerd? I want one.

  5. Thanks but why ya following me now :D?

  6. Man i love being part of this community :)

  7. Last year i played Lego Worlds on PS Now, now i bought it and i feel like my life found meaning again :DDD

    It's the best Minecraft bootleg(o) ever made!

  8. ;)

    1. BrassKnight


      ngl this is me when im rejecting god

  9. Hey :D




  10. SOSU

    Seed you a furry :O?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SOSU


      Oh sorry misstyped xD

      Meant to say "But how did such a plot twist occur" because i wanted to ask how you realized it :)




    3. seed


      Ah, I see now.


      Well it's not a very interesting or even exciting story, actually. I just realized that I was just kinda ignoring it, since in my mind was stuck on fursuiters primarily, and needing one, which you actually don't - though I won't pretend I wouldn't like one, but I don't have 2000$ or more to spend, and also lacking the skills to make one myself.


      Then, realized I was a "furry fan" for far too long - there's no such thing really, that's known as either a "furry-in-denial" or "closet furry" most typically. I was practically the former. Then the final conclusion came after admitting that being "so serious" all the time was more damaging to myself, and wanting something more positive in my life. So it all came naturally.


      I should have probably embraced it years ago, but better late than never 🦊.

    4. SOSU


      Ah that's cool :D

  11. Aww yeah haven't touched my pc in weeks and now when i try to turn it on it doesn't work :DDD

  12. How did you get into writting reviews again :O?

    1. kmxexii


      -I took a very long break, which always helps, this one was just longer than even my pneumonia-related break in 2013

      -Europa 2 was something like half-written and it continued to bug me  (unlike the various other bits that I have lying around in draft form like a 100% finished Chris Klie author retrospective lol). It wasn't like I had a tough time saying anything about it back when I stopped, I just had several real-life type things vying for my attention and it became super-convenient to put it off but the further away I got from the playthrough the harder it became to write

      -I started playing the Doom 64 re-release for a Doom64 EX comparison and because I was jonesin' for the Doom 64 feels and when I got to the Kaiser bonus campaign I said "fuck it, I'm writing the level-by-levels"

      -I was jonesin' so hard for the Doom 64 feels that I rolled straight from there to Beta 64 and started doing write-ups for my level-by-levels there, too

      -About halfway through that I took a long, hard look at Europa 2 and knew that I had to power through in order to get it off my plate since my associated malaise had built in for about a year

  13. Started learning music theory and been playing around in a DAW, for now i suck (that's expected) but i hope to be able to make songs soon, my end goal would be to make stuff like my favorite musicians Michiru Yamane, Shoji Meguro and the ever so specific "X-Video Game Company Sound Team".

    While i am a big fan of Metal bands like Cirith Ungol, Satan and Goth (and derivatives) bands like Siouxie and The Banshees and Horror Vacui but my heart will always belong to Japanese video game music :)

  14. So yoh doin' a thread on the KFC console or :O?

    1. [McD] James

      [McD] James

      There already is one.

  15. Finally finished strange Journey having started it back in May this year but stopped playing during summer and most of fall, spent all night fusing and grinding and gaining the best gear i possible could and while doing a test run of the final boss RNGsus helped me with Mem Aleph not doing any of her dangerous stuff to let me finish her off. Now with that finished my 3DS is useless again... Until i start playing SMT IV that is.

  16. So today i got the idea to write a Castlevania and Shin Megami Tensei crossover fanfic and i'll be trying to write some of it tonight, wish me luck or something because i don't even know how to connect the two, the timeline date mostly don't match for characters to cross over without them being too young or old (or dead or not born yet)

  17. Devilman Lady more like Demondude Lass

  18. Today i spent a few hours playing Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey on my 3DS again, hadn't played the game since spring this year, summer was a turbulent time where i did a lot of life changing stuff so i didn't really have time for the good old JRPG grind, i own the DS version even though there's a remake for 3DS because i am not a few of the more "Anime" art of the remake and prefer Kazuma Kanekos china doll art style much more. Last time i played i was exploring the what i presume final dungeon where i will face Mem Aleph but had a hard time with my demon party being too weak for the area so i spent a good amount of time fusing and negotiating with demons to have a party better equipped to traverse the areas, then when it finally came time to continue i ended up retreading a lot of ground and trying to explore every single square in a giant room with water that pushes you in the direction it flows without you being able to fight against it once you stand on it, it was incredibly tedious and the time playing took my 3DS' battery nearly out without me even having finished it but thinking back it was great fun though that is on B4F and the dungeons ends at like B9F so i still have a lot to explore...

    Oh and the Cacowards are very soon, i wonder what will be nominated this year, haven't been active so I've got no clue about the big releases this year, to be honest i am more excited for the 25 years of Doom article that hopefully will get released alongside it like the last few times, the "Roots of Doom Mapping" one especially was a blast to read with it's insights on the history of mapping and i'd love to see another article in the same vein as it.

  19. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated was the shit!

  20. I like how ONEMANDOOM lasted for nearly a decade but you never reviewed one of the most important wad ever Scythe 2 :)

    1. kmxexii


      never say


    2. SOSU


      This is getting exciting, good thing i told you this!

  21. SOSU

    I think you are really cool Gez :)


  22. Man i love being part of this community :D <3

  23. Blood has Death Wish, Quake has Arcane Dimensions, Doom doesn't have an equivalent. Why? There's too much good stuff, can you imagine that?!

  24. I read all of you know what's awesome? Doom and found out at episode 50 that you were the author :''D

    1. scwiba


      Yeah, I admit it. It was me.


      Thank you for reading though!

  25. Cute cat man :)