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Status Updates posted by SOSU

  1. SOSU

    Hey where is your new avatar from :D?

    1. seed


      Hellsing, one of the things Alucard can morph into is a female character :D.

  2. You are a spinal tap fan too? The loudest band in England :D

    1. Boaby Kenobi

      Boaby Kenobi

      Yes indeed. In fact Spinal Tap influenced me to always play Doom at 11.

      1 louder! :)

  3. As a kid i disliked Tintin quite a bit and never cared to watch the show/movies due to them being kinda boring :V
    But nowadays as an edgy linkin park teenager i appreciate it much more due to it's somber tone and franco-belgian  flair :D

    (By that i mean i will start getting into the shin/megami tensei series by starting off playing the first megami tensei on nes even though i am not that big of a fan of role playing games but the S/MT franchise always had themes and atmosphere that appeal to me.)

    1. reflex17


      I haven't played that series but I've watched a few streams of the Super Famicom ones. The music in these games is very well done imo.

  5. More evidence that we live in the best timeline :D

  6. So i am in my second week of last year of highschool :O

    Soon i shall escape the freudian nightmare of albanian high school education and eternally fall into the stygian abyss of albanian university life.

    1. Misty


      Or study abroad :p

    2. SOSU


      No thanks i wanna finish university with money left :v

  7. Why did you decide to follow me? Am i that cool? :D

    1. reflex17




      the other day I just went through a bunch of members, following people who's posts I've liked in the past. I've been around the forums for a long time and I'm sure I've missed a few, but I followed you because your posts are interesting. Even though you've been around for awhile you stand out as a 'newer member' because you're mostly positive and well informed (except for Heretic being garbage lol j/k) :-P

  8. Cat in my opinion you should just make a single thread for Doomer Boards Wads and then update it every time a new one comes out :P

    1. Catpho


      Yo Sauce. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think separate threads give the wads a bit more of that sweet exposure (tm)

  9. Dororo finale tonight :O i wonder what ending they'll use...

    1. Urthar


      The ending was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of pacing and direction, but the series as a whole has been outstanding. It's the closest thing I've seen in anime resembling a Akira Kurosawa movie.

    2. SOSU


      I preffer the scrapped ending were 


      Dororo herself is the last demon :OOO

      The series is good i just disliked the modern animoo aesthetic since i love the tezuka artstyle and the ops :O

      Party isa ova now...

  10. Do you use your avatar because you find it cute or because you find the meme about making everything in the callarts style funny :o?

    Or maybe both?! :OOO

    1. Jayextee


      I drew it myself as a riff on the CalArts style meme... and then accidentally liked the thing enough to avatar it.

      So, um, both. ;)

    2. SOSU


      Oh awesome! I really like it :)

  11. Most of you may not know this but I'm one of those people who say they are 90s kids but are born in 98 but replace 90s with early 2000s and 98 with 2002.

    I really like the late 90s to ealy 2000s aesthetic with the geometric cartoons and bad CGI and the chrome music video aesthetic but never had a good name for it until I saw Rebeltaxis latest video about upcoming games where one of the games had an "Y2K aesthetic" and now I finally have a name for THE BEST AESTHETIC and can't wait for that particular part of 2000s nostalgia to kick in :D

  12. Oh boy there will be a DK IV comic...

  13. SOSU

    Are you excited about the Batwoman live action show :D?

    1. seed


      I'm definitely curious to see how it ends up being. The trailer was notoriously poorly received but that's no surprise considering its nature.


      Wouldn't be the first time people shit on a show, only to change their mind later. Something similar happened to Titans.

  14. Looking at your avatar i am happy to see a fellow Elric fan :D

    1. Payload4367


      Hell yeah, some of the most unique and engaging books I've ever read.

  15. SOSU

    Is pink the new purple :D?

    1. Misty


      Just loving Lain :p

  16. Yesterday i got City of Heroes and i'm loving it!

    Out of all 3 mmos i played (WoW, DnD, and this) CoH is my favorite yay :D (the others i found boring)

    I made my superhero OC "Unholy Diver" in it and am having a blast fighting bad guys and looking at all the creative superheroes other players made :) (there are a ton of edgy ones :O)

  17. Found this on my PC :D


  18. I fucking love Iron Man for some reason :D

    1. Xyzzy01


      I don't; I'd rather save my game mid-map before I suddenly have to do it all over again!

      just kidding

  19. So i stopped playing cookie clicker D:
    Switched to idle wizard on steam yay :D
    It seems more fun than CC

  20. I started playing cookie cliker :''')
    I like how i can play it as a "backround game" and do other stuff while playing it :D

    1. Catpho


      "Grandmapocalypse" is a great addition to my vocabulary

  21. Back to basics =]:o

  22. :)

    Also i think i found the albanian little brother of Frank Zappa xD

    1. Doomkid


      LOL who knows, maybe Frank got busy in Albania once and that is his estranged son!

  23. Did you flip your avatar upside down :o?

    1. Jaws In Space

      Jaws In Space

      Yeah I flip it around every August 3rd.

    2. SOSU


      That's pretty fun :D

  24. I expect my notifications to be rather large nor that i am following you :P