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  1. I made a heretic map!!!

    get it here,

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    2. scifista42



      I see you've got everything in a thread already. Still would be good to post some enticing screenies here and port info just to have all relevant info included with the announcement.

      I honestly think it was good enough to simply post a link to the thread. Duplicating information from the thread to multiple places seems like an unnecessary work, possibly bothersome if the author wanted to update the info later.

    3. Fonze


      Posting the only 2 real pieces of relevant info: port and screenies, is "unnecessary work" and "possibly bothersome ... [for] later?" Go home R2D2; you're drunk.


      I know this has been posted before, but I can't help but think of it




      All announcements should totally contain just those 2 pieces of bare bones info. If I'm on my phone I'm not necessarily going to click any and all links I come across because of all the direct downloads within the doom community; I don't need to download a wad I won't play on this device. Now if I were on the comp it'd be a different story, (and I could mouse over the link anyway) but on mobile it's often not worth the time it takes to check things, especially when so many links are seen on the daily. I'll just make a mental note to check when I get home, which may or may not actually wind up happening depending on levels of distraction. As for info changing later: intended port shouldn't change, even more-so for a heretic project when our only 2 real options are zdoom or vanilla(+), (and that change would be such a drastic one to be done mid-project that of course an author would re-announce that in big, bold letters knowing most players who are already familiar with said product would still be thinking of it as a _____ format wad) and most heretic projects are unfortunately zdoom just for decorate. As for screenies: I mean if the quality is so vastly different in the shots later on, then a release + announcement now is premature anyway, but that aside, this is a status update which will be burried soon, if not already, so there would never be a point to update it; just make a new one. Also, to top off the hilarity of your comment further, we cannot edit statuses in the first place. Hence why that meme came to mind. You're a smart guy and I respect you greatly for your near-encyclopedic Doom knowledge, but on this one you are wrong.

    4. scifista42


      I admit, I didn't distinguish between brief and full info, and I didn't consider the problem with viewing links on mobiles. My opinion about the claim that "an announcement in a status should contain more info than just a link" has now changed from "it certainly doesn't need to if the author doesn't feel like it" to "I'm personally all OK with just a link, but those who think otherwise may have valid points, so I will respect them and won't argue against them, at least until I become more sure about whose points are stronger".


      By the way, I really don't like this meme, not because it features R2D2, but because no matter that it's a robot, I find it disgusting what it's doing.