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  1. I understand a lot of spanish for someone that doesn't understand shit in italian xD

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    2. SOSU


      Well it's weird for me because i'm albanian :D

    3. leodoom85


      Weird that you understand español, because it has the same origin. If you can understand it, talvez tu podrias aprender ese idioma....

    4. SOSU


      tbh italian and spanish even sound different,italian and greek sound more simmiliar and greek is supposed to be a language isolate xD both sound like "fasili papili padopapilis" whereas spanish sounds more like "e mota bueta zalite" 
      Language is weird like that,even though japanese and turkish have no connection both sound simmiliar with japanese sounding like "kyzyme dayo karatary" and turkish sounding like "kyzym hazym chokdyzel"

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