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    there's a foreign exchange program in my school

    Everyone that wants to join will do a test

    The highest ranking person will go to america for a year for free :O

    Should I go?

    I don't want to since i need to live with an american family for a school year >_>

    And I fear that an american kid will come to my home

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    2. SOSU


      1.My family live by kanun rules so I am supposed to live with them all my life because I'm the youngest son in the family.

      2.Because the internet is an Albanian only club ehh? XD

      3.I already am B)

      4.You mean like that one time I sat in school listening to the teacher?Ahh those memories~


      But yeah I might go I just hope I don't win (I don't allow myself to sabotage me).

    3. bzzrak


      1 Talk to your family about it. A year absence doesn't mean that you won't ""live"" with them anymore. I mean, you go on vacations too right??

      Besides, I think they'd be very happy and proud af if their son got the chance to go to America for a year.

      How are you gonna go to university in a few years if you can't leave home? (N/A if you live in Tirana, hahah.)


      OR you could make a hole in your dad's condom and become the second youngest son. #lifehacks, IKR? :]


      2 Dear god, do you realise that none of this internet shit is real, right?

      I'm really honestly sorry for saying the following: how the hell does a human being devolve to even thinking shit like that?? No offence intended. We still cool???


      Not one of us on here actually exists. We're all alt accounts of a single 37 year old neckbeard living in his mom's basement in Cow Creek, Iowa or something. I'm not even kidding.

      Excuse the language, and I know this sounds like it came straight out of 4chan, but we are actually all fucking losers and utter failures here. By "here" I mean on literally every single community on the internet.

      Go out there and meet some real people. Real people made out of flesh and bones and whatever. Real people who see the sun once in a while. You don't need to associate yourself with bullshit like gaming and Doom and whatever. Life is so much more than this shit. Do you really want to be a goddamn gamer in life? Is that really what you are?


      One day you'll ponder above it all, and realise that as a teenager, all you did was spend time with some dickheads on the other side of the planet that obsess over a game that's 25 years old and that are not even actual people. You're gonna feel SAD. "Sad" as in "depressed and suicidal" like 95% of us on here. Alexa, play Despacito.

      Pleasew make my prediction wrong, man. I believe in you. Do something good for yourself. Don't make yourself play despacito lol


      3 ...yet you think you can meet people on the internet...


      4 Are you really comparing the infinite wisdom of my ethereal benevolent being with your puny school teachers? I am disappointed.

      I don't even know what "ethereal" means.



      I probably come across as an asshole but that's not intended I swear


      Also I won't be convincing you anymore since I have things to do, buzz rack over and out

    4. SOSU


      Oh boy that was edgy :O