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  1. In this little thread we will post doom/heretic/hexen/strife mod ideas that are incredibly ridiculous and stupid! Here is my mod idea: A Hexen MMO!!! Just imagine it,a giant world map with tons of different enemies and weapons with months of content on Zandronum XD
  2. SOSU

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I preffer Heretic over both Dooms just because of Aesthetiques.
  3. SOSU

    Doom Eternal PC requirements?

    Then GTA 6 comes out and supports everything except Vulkan :P I just hope Doom Eternal works smoothly on PS4 since my PC can't handle shit :D
  4. SOSU

    There shouldn't be an objective marker

    I thank god every day for objective markers :) Modern games feel so visually busy to me i can barely see shit in them let alone find some red key in a red room or something simmiliar like that xD
  5. SOSU

    Things that brighten up your day

    The knowledge that there could be a big tiddy goth gf out there somewhere for me I like to learn new things, that's always fun :D
  6. SOSU

    Doom Eternal TV Spot Trailer

    At the end rap man sounds like he's saying "Gayyy!" is this symbolism? Like who cares about some tv commercial, let's just be happy the game doesn't have that kinda ost xD
  7. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

  8. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    @Cell How about purple prose Doom ;D @Solmyr Eternal Doom has a map like that!
  9. SOSU

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    I shouldn't be coming here... i have too much to talk about Dx I'll just say one before i pull out my list... In the northern part of my city a catholic church, an orthodox church and a mosque are pretty much right next to each other :O This symbolizes Albanias religion tolerance more like it's because there was no more free space around the city when they started building them :D Oh and we have the biggest catholic church in the bal- oh poop i got my list out Dx
  10. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom Eternal 2 The sequel to Doom Eternal in the Doom engine with even more new weapons, enemies and items :D
  11. SOSU

    Hey where is your new avatar from :D?

    1. seed


      Hellsing, one of the things Alucard can morph into is a female character :D.

  12. SOSU

    Favorite Quake Game?

    Mine is Quake 1 due to the fact that i'm edgy c:
  13. SOSU

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    The SSG isn't that cool kids :/
  14. SOSU

    The artbook for Doom Eternal has been leaked

    Is Khan Maykr supposed to be like a pun? aLlSo I dIdN't KnOw ThAt ThE gAmE wIlL hAvE mOnGoLiAnS
  15. SOSU

    Console Wars: Doom SNES vs 32X

    I dunno gamers but do we really have to compare poop with salt on it to poop with pepper? Dx
  16. SOSU

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Doom might be cool kids but Quake to me will always be cool beans :O
  17. Very Awesome map :D I enjoyed it's interconnectivity, it's texture use and creative enemy placement (ghosts yay :D) Though there are a few tiny problems with it: In the blue key door the wall that opens the monster closet doesn't have a flat on it. The 3D box sky doesn't really work when you can loop up, i recommend switching the map to episode 2 or replacing the sky with the episode 2 one using mapinfo. The last door leading to the exit can't be open again if closed once, make the door open function repeteable and the teleporter is unaligned. Fix these and your map is A-OK :D
  18. Back around 2014 when i first started watching Youtube videos i could barely stop binging them, barely any videos i got recommended were boring and they were all fun to watch, nowadays though i spend more like searching for something to watch than to actually watch anything and if i watch something it's probably a video i have already seen once before. I know that most videos i watched then are still on the site and that there are still lots of great channels out there but this i find is a problem. Do you share the same problem as me? Do you think this is because of Youtube algorithms or whatever or does it have to do with Youtube content creators OR do you think i'm just being nostalgic to some game reviewers and have standards too high for my own good because of that?
  19. A Fox Profile Picture :O
  20. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Iron Man Doom! Weapon Replacements: Fist -> A basic punch Chainsaw -> A barrage of punches Pistol -> Repulsor Ray Shotgun -> Repulsor Blast Super Shotgun -> Pepulsor Blast with both hands! Chaingun -> Repulsor Rays with both hands! Rocket Launcher -> Unibeam Plasma Rifle -> Little rocket spam BFG 9000 -> The big ass lazer he used in that one issue where he fought Technovore :O (Also in Capcoms Marvel games with Iron Man or War Machine in them) Iron Man would be able to double jump and hover in the air for an amount of time, the second jump would release Repulsor Blasts from his boots damaging enemies below him, I have some ideas for a new bestiary but having something like multiple Whiplashes would look weird :D
  21. I bet that is mirrored and it actually says "MOOD" with a reverse D :D
  22. SOSU

    demons killed over the years

    But where do they go when they die :O???
  23. Watching your glowy hand :O
  24. My sleep paralysis demon Dx [I get sleep paralysis on specific occasions (long story) but i never actually see any demons lol]