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Everything posted by SOSU

  1. I'll give my top 10 yay :D!!! 1. Luftëtari i madh i Shqipërisë Skënderbeu 2. Nëntori i dytë 3. Uka i bjeshkëve të nemura 4. Gjenerali i ushtrisë së vdekur 5. Muri i gjallë 6. 2 Krisma në Paris 7. Dy herë mat 8. Beni ecen vetë 9. Mimoza Llastica 10. Pharmakon
  2. In this little thread we will post doom/heretic/hexen/strife mod ideas that are incredibly ridiculous and stupid! Here is my mod idea: A Hexen MMO!!! Just imagine it,a giant world map with tons of different enemies and weapons with months of content on Zandronum XD
  3. So Yugioh Master Duel came out today unexpectedly and ever since i found i just have this incredible feeling of (team) satisfaction.

    Now i just need to think of what Archetype to make a deck for xD

  4. Is there anything you feel has been lost during the time you've spent as a Doom fan? Maybe a sense of wonder or how the community used to be?
  5. SOSU

    Ever miss the analog world?

    In a few years people will be missing the early days if tiktok (i think people already miss vine?) It's not that it was better back in the day, you just think it was better.
  6. SOSU

    What do you miss about Doom?

    "What do you miss about the Doom" Lmao my english skills are deteriorating xD
  7. I am in love with the first two encounters :D (and the gamecube game!) I love the music, the wacky enemies, the gameplay with lots of monster killing, the different enviourments, with egypt, india, medievalz roman and all those other settings. And i love that it's a Croatian game, it's always good to see fellow balkaners penetrate into western (we're kinda western but also kinda not) pop-culture, plus ypu can tell it's from this part of europe with how uncanny it is xD
  8. I liked the other girl from Eva more :O
  9. Well Chocolate Doom has a very tasty sounding name :)
  10. SOSU

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Bitcoin bad vs Bitcoin good A 6 year long Doomworld debate :o!! I only know that with how things are going Crypto will be just like Chinese history, when China unites (Banks) it will later be divided (Decentralization) and then it will be united again (Some "Big Coin", either Bitcoin or some other one that isn't as popular or doesn't even exist yet that will take the world by storm) and then the cycle beigns anew.
  11. SOSU

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Iron Man yay :D!!! He's my favorite superhero ever! You should watch the vhs video on it too :) Here you go Also, you might like "Understanding Comics", though it's not a book on how to draw.
  12. Necroplasm is a 4 map single episode demo for my upcoming 16 map long vanilla Heretic megawad! DOWNLOAD Info: Vanilla WAD tested in Chocolate and Crispy Heretic and (G)ZDoom. Contains a 4 map long episode replacing E1 of Heretic. The maps replace E1M1, E1M9, E1M7 and E1M8, E1M1 sends you to E1M9 after exiting it so the episode ends in E1M8. Every map has difficuty settings and co-op starts and are made with Wand-Start in mind. It took around 1 month to make all maps. The 2 other episodes each featuring 6 maps will be added on a later date after i finish them. Screenshots: Bugfixes: Fixed the Missing Player 3 start in E1M8. Fixed the slime in E1M9 changing to the wrong flat after it lowers. Moved the torches more to the walls. Added 4 Deathmatch starts to every map but they were played haphazardly and i do not recommend trying to Deathmatch on these maps, they were not designed for it. Credits: @Lüt for playtesting. Raven Midi Pack Project for the soundtrack Specifics: E1M1 "Liquidation" by @Viscra Maelstrom E1M9 "Encrypted" by @Jimmy E1M7 "Death Clause" by @mrgrimsdale and Jimmy E1M8 "Die for Pathoris" by @Dragonfly and Jimmy For people who would like to check my WAD out but are not fans of the normal Heretic balance i recommend trying out The Wayfarer's Tome
  13. And so i came back from Uni :O

    Now it's time for me for albanian uni life full of going to school to learn things i already know :D!

  14. I made one from a Megaman X3 track i like and it was super bad because i am not a musician and didn't know how to use the tools :D I'd post it but I deleted it after a while.
  15. Wait they just now reviewed them?! Crazy xD
  16. SOSU

    is earth the true hell?

    Hell is other people :DDD Now for a theistic response: Personally i am Catholic, and in Christianity creation is inherently good and evil is only caused by the opposition to God (there are an entire lineage of pseudo-Christian religions that consider existence and matter to be evil and wrong like Gnosticism, Manichaeism, the Bogomils, the Cathars but those have been refuted since the early days of Christianity up through the middle ages) (Don't worry i am not trying to convert anyone here :'') ) When Christ tells of the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, the depiction of hell in it implies that hell is separation from God. The fires of hell are then self inflicted, the rich man doesn't even ask Abraham for help to espace from the fire, he just asks him to bring Lazarus down, to serve him just as he was served during his life. The fire of hell is the fire of sin, of pride and gluttony, of avarice and lust, it's the fire of imperfection that engulfs us.
  17. SOSU

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    I bought a watermelon today :D
  18. I dunno what dairy queen is or what fan food is but i guess from the name that it's the queen of dairy and those are healthy so i hope their queen is too :D
  19. SOSU

    Favorite Half-Life game

    My favorite Half-Life is the full one :) Or The best Half-Life is my favorite :) Or My favorite Half-Life starts with an H Can't think of any more xD
  20. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Ah, Vietnamese Doom was my stupid mod idea :'')
  21. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Vietnamese Crystal is a romhack (?) Of Pokemon crystal that is a hilariously weird and crazy translation of the game.
  22. SOSU

    Half Life was never good

    If Half Life never came out we'd have 20 years of classic and that'd just get samey Dx Now we have the classic stuff and modern stuff so everyone wins yay :D
  23. Nice Juste profile picture :)

  24. Gamers in my opinion we should first define what "Golden Age" means in the thread :O As it could be interpreted as many things (when there were the most CRPGs coming out, when the best ones came one, the first boom of CRPGs, etc...) we need a general definition for atleast this one thread and then discuss it :)
  25. I like good games and dislike bad games :)