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  1. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    @DooM_RO Hey man,ithink I found a way to solve this issue and revive this CP!!!You don't need to decide between using GZDoom or Boom if you can have 'em both (kinda),use Eternity!!!It's basically the middle point between Boom and ZDoom with a few GZDoom features :D you can use flats on walls an textures on floors,move those flats (udmf only) and it feels like Boom!!!
  2. In this little thread we will post doom/heretic/hexen/strife mod ideas that are incredibly ridiculous and stupid! Here is my mod idea: A Hexen MMO!!! Just imagine it,a giant world map with tons of different enemies and weapons with months of content on Zandronum XD
  3. I have been thinking recently,what are all the different possible map themes which can be made while only using vanilla IWAD texture (from any idtech game)? The ones I got so far for Doom 2: And here for Heretic: You can double or even triple the themes by combining 2 or more with each other! Please add more themes you can do with IWAD textures down below!
  4. @TheMightyHeracross Adding theme combinations to the list would make the list gigantic,by just adding "unique" themes it can be much more compact (though I will add a line in the list just for your combined themes idea)
  5. >Makes 27 maps in 9 days >The maps are limit removing The fuck. Anyways looks really cool!I will be playing it later :D
  6. Kuadrat is a small E4M1 replacement for The Ultimate Doom. Info: It's a vanilla WAD tested in Chocolate Doom and (G)ZDoom It features a single map wich replaces E4M1 It has skill levels´╗┐. The map was made with pistol-start in mind.´╗┐ Screenshots: Credits: rdwpa and Aquila Chrysaetos for playtesting. Download Kuadrat.zip (For the ones that don't like mediafire) Thanks for playing!
  7. Well that sounds bad.I will upload the map here on DW then...do you know of any better alternatives to mediafire?
  8. OK updated the wad by fixing the bleeding midtexs and adding the exit sign (i forgot that that one even existed due to me being used to the Heretic texture set)
  9. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Please don't get this thread locked guys :""")
  10. HUMP mini has been finally released on idgames! Get it there/In the post op. (It has been on Idgames for a while now but i wanted to wait for it to get repuploaded description which didn't happen...for now.)
  11. DOWNLOAD: (Version 1.2) -idgames link -Runs on Chocolate Heretic (And every other Heretic compatible source port) with the heretic.wad (Registered) Screenshots: Original Post: Mapper List:
  12. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A mod that is this ^ but with the Italian opening instead :D
  13. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A Doom 2 TC for the Doom 64 TC for Doom 2!
  14. SOSU

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Oh no we can't change the sky textures :'( Might try this but i barely could this for 5 days when i made PMAD...
  15. World^2 Something like "UAC labs" or something like that.
  16. Finally got my PS4 Pro :DDD

  17. :OOO
    Hi Phade! :D

  18. Working on a small E4 map for vanilla :)
  19. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE i was playing Mayan Mishap just a few hours ago!!! Looks cool,will play later since i can't use my pc for now...(hope these maps don't have 200+ monsters)
  20. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    it's not like everyone want's to use the textures on floors and ceiling and vice versa,you could create a second texture pack with just the textures and flats that were "reversed" that your map uses.Later on you could add textures into the wad for if someone needs it in their map.While it's more convenient to use GZDoom and be done with it it limits your audience,not everyone uses GZDoom,some preffer ZDoom,some Eternity (you probably could play the project on these two but still) and others PRBoom also the ability to move flats in GZDoom isn't THAT cool if you consider that most don't give a shit about that anyways :)
  21. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    Ehh it's my problem for being a bit shit in explaining things in english,just look at some guides on Doom editing here in Doomworld and in the Doom wikia :)
  22. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    It's quite easy,just copy the texture intbetween FF_START and FF_END and the flats into TX_START and TX_END (you need to turn the textures into 64x64 ones for the latter to work) if i remember correctly.You need to put the textures inbetween PP_... too if you want to use textures in vanilla (?) so i recommend doing this in Boom more than vanilla (or your plan on making it in GZDoom) since it's much harder to do something wrong or break limits in it :D Also i maybe will participate in this project depending on the general quality of the maps (if this cp gets filled with pros then i'm out)
  23. SOSU

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    You could just modify the flats/texture into textures/flats in slade and use them as what you want them to ;D
  24. SOSU

    Level design tropes you use

    I always start with a grand idea of making something for ZDoom with custom stuff but lazyness kicks in and i just make it for vanilla :(
  25. Looking back at it the DMC series is edgy as fuck :D