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Everything posted by SOSU

  1. SOSU

    How and/or when did you become a fan of Doom?

    Back in ancient greece me and my time traveler friends played it with Socrates once :) that's when i came to y'alls current time to make maps for it :D
  2. SOSU

    How would you describe Doom wads/mods in 5 words?

    User created content for Doom.
  3. Back to basics =]:o

  4. :)

    Also i think i found the albanian little brother of Frank Zappa xD

    1. Doomkid


      LOL who knows, maybe Frank got busy in Albania once and that is his estranged son!

  5. Did you flip your avatar upside down :o?

    1. Jaws In Space

      Jaws In Space

      Yeah I flip it around every August 3rd.

    2. SOSU


      That's pretty fun :D

  6. SOSU

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    Very kewl :o
  7. Amazing Alliteration All of you!
  8. First Person Shooter Game :)
  9. SOSU

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    How do you like a post 2 times in domworld? >:( These look amazing jabba can't wait to play :D
  10. @Misty Without looking at the poster i could immediately tell that those recent pics where from a map you made :D Dat style
  11. Rule 69: No orthogonal lines! I'd love to see a cp with that rule :)
  12. Pretty kewl megawad :)
  13. SOSU

    Whats your favorite animes

    Watch mob psycho 100 if you aren't already,i find it to be better than even OP Man :D
  14. Thats' how i tend to deign skill 4 :) (I am not the most skillfull when it comes to fps)
  15. Some of us get a boner from the idea of stuff being able to be played on choco/dos.Don't know why though xD
  16. What songs remind you the most of the decade they were made in? When it comes to the 80s the italian opening of Fist of the Northstar is as 80s as it can get And when it comes to the late 90s/early 2000s Freestyler is as great as it can get
  17. Now we just need a wad that replaces the vanilla textures with the Doom 64 ones and we can play Doom 64 inside Doom 2 >:D (for the 5th time)
  18. I expect my notifications to be rather large nor that i am following you :P

  19. I once wanted to make a Heretic wad inspired by Blood omen :) Also you might know this but Blood omen 2 is a basically a combination of the 2 games Sirens and Chakan 2 Sirens was supposed to be a FPS on the quake engine So Soul Reaver Doom would be a TC for an FPS by id of a game of a series of which one game in the series of the sub series has one of it's roots in an FPS on a Id engine xD
  20. SOSU

    Bus Slayer - An AI that plays Revenant Bus

    Now we need Bus slayer slayer bus,a version of revenant bus that basically destoys the A.Is attempt at beating it xD
  21. In this little thread we will post doom/heretic/hexen/strife mod ideas that are incredibly ridiculous and stupid! Here is my mod idea: A Hexen MMO!!! Just imagine it,a giant world map with tons of different enemies and weapons with months of content on Zandronum XD
  22. SOSU

    DOOM SLAYER en mortal kombat

    How is he supposed to fight :O?Basic military martial art oves together with his guns and chainsaw?One rocket launcher rocket would kill most humans in the games xD Vocês entram no meu nível e falam português!
  23. SOSU

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    You mean like in the BeSt dUkE NuKem gAmE?