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  1. Hey I just wanted to let y'all know that based on the info given here, I was able to get my teleporter ambush working A-OK! The four revenants I wanted to spawn in the places I told them to are now activating properly because of it, as I was able to direct the sound properly. I'd like to thank everyone who's responded as it immediately clicked when I got the chance to read through the comments.
  2. As of late, I've become interested in mapping in Doom Builder, so I've taken to creating my first Doom Map! Things are working out smoothly, as I've learned many of the basics via Doom Builder (doors, secrets, rising stairs, teleports, etc.) but at the moment I'm at a stand still in my map because I can't figure something out. I have four branches leading to a central raised platform, and with the line triggers, I have these four branches raise to the center platform where a Super Shotgun lies. I have this concept in mind where the player will go on to the central platform, pick up the super shotgun, and then monsters teleport at destinations I set. I've read here that it's possible to do this via a sound trigger or sound piping of that nature. But I just can't see to get it right. Monsters either don't respond fast enough to the speed I want them to, or they just don't teleport at all. One method I tried was merging a distant disconnected room from the current room to the central platform so they act as one sector. After that, I place a Zombie soldier on the central platform with the SSG, so when you shoot it, it alerts the enemies I have to start patrolling in the distant room to walk over the trigger which teleports them to the main room. I've cross referenced another thread on doomworld which referenced the map Spiralunky, and looking at it via Doom Builder I was all sorts of overwhelmed. I sort of got what was going on, but I just haven't been able to execute what I want exactly. tl;dr I want enemies to teleport to platforms when I pick up a SSG on a central platform, how do I do this with a disconnected room?