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  1. thedemonsarecoming

    worst wads in your opinion

    Press Conference http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11883
  2. thedemonsarecoming

    Another Megawad

    In part of my level, you go into a dark, underground slimey tunnel place. The rest of the level is in a base...that ok with the theme for that level?
  3. thedemonsarecoming

    The /newstuff Chronicles #117

    Yes. And my next level with totally blow all of you away =P
  4. thedemonsarecoming

    Continuing the trend of posts about young 'uns...

    True. Also, you never know, this kid may have done something to them to deserve it.
  5. thedemonsarecoming

    When did you first play doom?

    Twice, counting this one.
  6. thedemonsarecoming

    When did you first play doom?

  7. thedemonsarecoming

    Another Megawad

    I'm probably the crappiest mapper on DooMworld but if ill take map01. If this megawad is even going to happen...
  8. thedemonsarecoming

    The /newstuff Chronicles #117

    Why? Yes. =)
  9. thedemonsarecoming

    The /newstuff Chronicles #117

    Well, I think that the press conference maps were the best ever =)
  10. thedemonsarecoming

    Projectile Editing

    Are the ones with an X under Bright Sprite the Firing sprites?
  11. thedemonsarecoming

    Projectile Editing

    Do I do this in DeHackEd?
  12. thedemonsarecoming

    Projectile Editing

    Is there a way to change what type of projectile a monster shoots, and its behavior in attacking? I'm trying to get former sargeants to shoot arachnotron plasma. edit- Also, is there a way I can make it so that they drop plasma guns?
  13. thedemonsarecoming

    From NES to computer

    All you need is a VGA cable thingy, right?
  14. thedemonsarecoming

    DOA Volleyball?

    Its stupid, dont waste your money.
  15. thedemonsarecoming

    Anyone like DooM 64

    I played DooM64 once a long time ago...All I can remember really is the cool intro cinematic thing.