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  1. Just played through it for the first time. Total time about 40 minutes (I got lost), found 2 of 4 secrets, killed 229 of 237 monsters. I'll start by saying I really enjoyed this a lot, and all the criticism I have for it is minor compared to how much I loved it. Your architecture/geometry feel great and I have no problems with any of the texturing. Even if the map had nothing else going for it (which it sooo does), it would at least be great to just look at. The only real problem that comes to mind is the lighting. Sometimes you have lights or lamps that are clearly meant to be working, but nothing around them is lit up and it just looks a little weird to me. But not a big deal. As you said, this is not a difficult map at all. I'm not very skilled at Doom so maybe others will say it's too easy, but for me it was in the Goldilocks zone of not too easy and not too hard. This is a rather large map, which I like. I said above it took me 40 minutes to beat, and a lot of that time was spent not knowing where to go next. Often times I simply passed by something important without noticing. I can never tell if that's the map's fault for not being clear enough or my own fault for not being observant. I imagine that on my next play-through, it'll be something closer to 20 or 25 minutes. Those are all the comments I can think of right now. I will end by saying again that I loved the map. I will play it many times in the future, and I look forward to seeing the final version of the project that this is a part of.
  2. Sedaheht

    Technotoxin - Work In Progress

    Thanks for playing! Fifteen minutes is about what I expected. The final version will be between 20 and 30 minutes. Is that too long? I personally like long levels but maybe other people don't. I feel it's especially reasonable here, since this is intended to be the penultimate level in an episode, a last big push before the climactic battle in E1M8. I've already tweaked a lot of the monster placement. Much of what you saw was the result of me haphazardly placing things on a whim just for the sake of not having large empty corridors. As for texture alignment, I am aware of the keyboard shortcuts but thanks for letting me know. The thing is, I often delay texture alignment until I'm confident that the geometry on which the textures are placed is not going to change. In general I don't focus on small details until after the larger concepts are set in place. I don't think I'm gonna post an updated version for a day or two; not until I've made substantial progress. PS) I'm not sure what video you were trying to show, but on my end it shows up as private.
  3. Sedaheht

    Technotoxin - Work In Progress

    Hi, this is my first post here. I'm a casual Doom mapper (primarily a mathematics student and researcher) and this is my first time sharing any of my creations. What I'm sharing today is a map whose physical appearance is heavily inspired by the first episode of the first Doom. I know this is not an exciting or original concept; I have better things in the works, but for now this will do. It replaces E1M7 in the original Doom (you'll have to manually skip to it, sorry) and unless I'm mistaken it requires only DOOM.WAD, an engine to run it (I use GZDoom), and of course my wad: https://www.dropbox.com/s/td6gxx9f6nvwggv/AoDtest1.wad It is UNFINISHED but CAN be beaten. I started building it three days ago and have spent maybe 18 hours total on it. Notable problems: Some switches do nothing (yet), several boring empty spaces that I just haven't had time to fill, too many former sergeants (maybe you disagree, let me know), and many misaligned textures and wonky architecture. Among many other things. I emphasize that despite the current flaws, the level can be beaten. And even though there is a lot of work to be done, the overall feel, flow, and essence of the level is apparent in its current form. There will be no major changes to, for example, the order in which keys and their respective doors are seen and subsequently made accessible. I share this because I want feedback. I feel I do a pretty good job of noting the problems, but I'd like other people's perspectives too. So please give any feedback whatsoever regarding any aspect of this work. I will give all suggestions a reasonable amount of consideration. Also the name, Technotoxin, is something I thought of in about 3 seconds but I think it gets at the heart of the matter: computers and slime.