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  1. I agree! Hopefully with the release of some good GZDoom based games (supplice looks great for example!), we can prove to the world that its a very capable engine.
  2. We still going on about a hash tag that was just used to get an audience...? Selaco plays like a retro shooter despite its FEAR elements. So boomershooter is very appropriate. It's just a hashtag.
  3. Hey all, I recently got back into Doom again and downloaded some custom wads (Winter's Fury, Scythe etc). What I noticed is that my performance is pure garbage in a lot of scenes. I even manage to hit 20-30 fps on big areas without any action going on (First level of Winter Fury's 3rd Episode). Older wads like the original Doom II run fine. I've had this issue a few years ago as well so it's not a problem with the newest version. My computer uses an Intel i5-3570k with a Nvidia Geforce GTX1070. I run all games fine, but GzDoom is a nightmare at times. Any idea's on what could be causing the problem? I already tweaked with the ingame settings (disabling anti aliasing, ambient occlusion, texture enhancing etc) EDIT: Problem seems CPU related. When running the game in 320x240, the framerate remains the exact same. Which is odd since I run other games at 2k just fine
  4. I was wondering how this is done. I'm working on a puzzle section for my level and I want a floating text label that explains what a specific button does. Quick mock-up I made with photoshop: I'm well known with ACS and have some minor Decorate knowledge
  5. DoomeDx

    Floating text labels with GZDoomBuilder, how?

    I tried that and it was not very appealing. It also seems unnatural because its fixed and doesnt rotate along with the player. Ive seen a WAD that had floating labels. I just forgot which one it was. But I know it's possible
  6. Explains a lot, since the issue was a lot less intense 3 years ago. Probably been way overused after 6 years of heavy usage. Ah well, was planning on making an upgrade soon anyway.
  7. Most WADS I see online look great and have plenty of demons to kill. All fine for those who enjoy that sort of thing! But what are some good WADS that dont rely on just slaughter and pure mayhem in every room you enter? Because that is what most of the WADS (including the WADS in cacowards) feel like. I prefer my maps to be more like Ultimate Doom Episode 1/2/3. Action packed with plenty of key searching and room to breathe. Thank you!
  8. Many thanks for all the suggestions. Got them all downloaded. Seems like i've got some WADS to play!
  9. Haha no I haven't. Ill download those and give them a spin! thanks
  10. Is this possible? I am aware that IDTech1 has limitations when it comes to detecting height and that you are (technically) playing in 2d space in terms of how walls work. But with the massive improvements that GZDoom provides, is it possible to only detect projectiles impacts when it's on the bottom side of a linedef? https://imgur.com/a/L08pw I created destructible crates and everything works well, except for one thing: They also break when shooting above it. Any ideas on a fix? Script: str items[100] = {"GibbedMarine ", "stimpack", "shellBox", "clip", "cell", "medikit", "RocketBox", "ClipBox", "HandGrenade", "ThrownGrenade1Trap", "GreenArmor", "Stimpack", "HealthBonus", "DeadMarine", "shell", "Stimpack", "backpack", "ExplosiveBarrel"}; str crateHits[3] = {"dest/hcrate1", "dest/hcrate2", "dest/hcrate3"}; str crateBreaks[3] = {"dest/crate1","dest/crate2","dest/crate3"}; script 3 (int wallID, int particleID, int health) { if (health <= 0) { str item = items[random(0,26)]; SetLineSpecial(wallID, 0,0,0,0,0); SpawnSpot("CrateSmoke", particleID); playSound(particleID, crateBreaks[random(0,2)],0,1.0); Sector_SetTranslucent(wallID, 0, 0, 0); /// ANIMATION //// setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t1crate"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t1crate"); delay(3); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t2crate"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t2crate"); delay(3); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t3crate"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t3crate"); delay(3); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t4crate"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "t4crate"); delay(3); /// ANIMATION END //// Floor_LowerByValue(wallID, 100000000, 37); Setlineblocking(wallID,OFF); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_TOP, "-"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_TOP, "-"); ChangeFloor(wallID, "WOOD8"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "WOOD8"); setlinetexture (wallID, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_BOTTOm, "WOOD8"); SpawnSpot(item, particleID); if (item == "ThrownGrenade1Trap") { SetFont("BIGFONT"); HudMessage(s: "LIVE GRENADE !!"; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, CR_green, 0.5, 0.32, 3.7); } } else { playSound(ParticleID, crateHits[random(0,2)],0,1.0); SetLineSpecial(wallID, 80,3,0,WallID,ParticleID,Health-1); } }
  11. I based my knowledge on this video:
  12. Hello! I'm working on a pretty big WAD with multiple segments. It is possible to travel back to previously completed maps to search for secrets ofrimportant things the player might've missed. However, when travelling back to a previous map (using the ChangeLevel() function in ACS), everything is reset. Monster placement, item placement etc. How do I keep things as is?
  13. My map has special keys that can unlock cabinets that contain weapons and ammo. I want those keys to carry over to the next level, however, it doesn't work as intended since it keeps reverting back to "0'' when the new map is loaded. CODE: Cabinet Script #library "cabinet" #include "zcommon.acs" bool PowerOn = FALSE; global int 2: cabinetKeys; script "cabinetKeyFound" (void){ cabinetKeys++; HudMessage(s: "Cabinet Card acquired"; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, CR_GREEN, 0.5, 0.27, 3.7); HudMessage(s: "Card Count:", i: cabinetKeys; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, CR_GREEN, 0.5, 0.32, 3.7); } Map01 and Map02 import the cabinet library using... #import "main" #import "cabinet" #include "zcommon.acs" Any ideas on how to make the variable carry over to the other map? I've been trying things for over an hour
  14. Fixed it. I was importing the variables while also using a LOADACS lump. Apparently that causes problems. All good now
  15. DoomeDx

    Skybox problem (SKY, MAYBE?)

    Hey guys! Until recently I started working on outdoor environments. However, when I use the F_SKY texture, my skybox is a blue placeholder sky with the text ''SKY, MAYBE'' on it. This happened ever since I played with the MAPINFO file from my wad. How can this be fixed? Thanks!
  16. DoomeDx

    Skybox problem (SKY, MAYBE?)

    Nvm i was stupid. Fixed it!
  17. DoomeDx

    Skybox problem (SKY, MAYBE?)

    Well, I can see the skybox in Visual mode. However when I start the game I get this error "Script error, "Toxicity.wad:MAPINFO" line 7: titlepatch: Unknown top level keyword" My Mapinfo file looks like this: map MAP01 "Introduction" { Sky1 = "SKY1", 0 } titlepatch CWILV00 Noinfighting Any advice?
  18. Hey all, After spending lots of hours with Snapmap (200+ total. Maybe you played my level once, The Last of Doom?), I decided to go back to Classic Doom and have some fun with Doom Builder. I soon realised just how flexible it is. Being able to do pretty much anything without limitations is amazing. A got a friend to assist me with this (hes doing some custom texture work for the WAD) and went for it. The result is in the video below. I use Project Bruality for the video (sorry I know people hate it!). Usually when testing, I play the game full vanilla to test map balance and such. I also made some modifications to the game myself through ACS and modding. The zombie sounds have been replaced by Fear Replica chatter for example, I just love their voices lol. I could go with some feedback though! Compared to the real pro's out there, I have a looooooooooong way to go! (FYI I put the keycard at the beginning to skip to the newer section of the level)
  19. Hey all! I am working on a map that relies highly on action and atmosphere. When working on atmosphere, sound is crucial! Now I already have the OGG files I want to use for the sounds (computers humming, steam pipes blowing etc) and I want to play them when players enter certain rooms. What is the best way to do this? I currently use PlaySound and it works but I want the sounds to be location specific. As in, when I move further away from the source of the sound effect, I want the sound effect to become quieter. I use GzDoomBuilder. I got a degree in programming so no need to go easy on me in terms of coding language.
  20. DoomeDx

    Best way to handle ambient sounds?

    I know, that's what I did and the sounds are working fine. But the problem is that I want the sounds to be location specific. When you stand near a computer console, the beeps should become louder. Move away from the console and the sounds should become softer. Giving the illusion that you move further away from the sound source.
  21. Hey all! Basically I have this room with 4 doors. One door opens, 5 monsters come out, next door opens, repeat process. The script works, however, when multiple monsters are killed simultaneously, the script doesn't seem to register every kill. It only registers one. Here is how I did it: Every monster executes the "processingKills" script when killed (Using action 80). The script: script "processingKills" (void) { int doorDelay = 80; trapRoomKills++; print(i: trapRoomKills); if (trapRoomKills == 4) { delay(doorDelay); Door_Open(30, 64); } if (trapRoomKills == 9) { delay(doorDelay); door_open(31, 64); } How can I make it so that simultanious kills are registered properly? When I kill 3 monsters with a rocket, it should count as 3 kills rather than just 1. I have a history in programming. No need to hold back in terms of code languages.
  22. DoomeDx

    Execute script when room is clear, how?

    Done, that did the trick. Thank you
  23. DoomeDx

    Execute script when room is clear, how?

    I officially feel dumb since I knew that function exists. Thanks a ton!