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  1. ZeMystic

    TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack - Now in development!

    Can't wait fellas! Maybe this'll give me an excuse to finally replay TNT: Evilution
  2. ZeMystic


    How do I dislike a Doomworld Post
  3. ZeMystic

    UAC Storage Station - a fairly large new map

    Hey ZedMarine610! I'd recommend reading this real fast, and updating your post up to standard. Cheers!
  4. ZeMystic

    Name your current favorite band/artist

    I've been listening to a ton of Cleopatrick, their entire discography is in one of my playlists. They have the raw feeling kind of rock that I didn't know I needed. They have one of the best sounds I've heard, with only a guitarist/vocalist and a drummer.
  5. Have you been anywhere in rural united states????
  6. Ultimate Doom needs a lot more love then it usually gets. However, when a megawad comes around for the Ultimate DOOM, it usually is an absolute bop see: These are all fantastic fucking megawads for ultimate doom.
  7. ZeMystic

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    - Most of the Valve Games - A fair amount of other boomers shooters because they're very similar to doom. - Call of Duty Black Ops III (specifically for the zombies game mode.) - Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Counter Stike: Global Offensive/Valorant - I really like the toxic shooters, they're great!
  8. Like many mappers out there, we all run out of inspiration when it comes to coming up with fancy gimmicks that show off our flashy skills as a Doom Mapper™. If any one has "gimmick" ideas that they would love to share then absolutely do so! I'll start! Idea #1 Idea #2
  9. ZeMystic's Fireblu Dildos! No. Mystic's "Don't Get Fragged" Arcade! FEATURING Arcade cabinets that can provide cover! A rewards shelf for scoring so many frags tickets! ALTERNATIVELY Id probably put up a billboard like this but its just Hell or SUPER HELL!
  10. Something like this probably, with the color scheme and lighting things. This album is very aesthetically pleasing.
  11. ZeMystic

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    If im not playing doom, then im playing toxic asf tactical shooters. CSGO and Valorant are my usual go-tos and I'm terrible at them.
  12. Honestly I think @Bucket's In The Red fits perfectly for the Chasm! I've always intended The Medicine Man Creeps to be map02 styled song. Hell I even stole the name from the midi itself, Healer/Medicine Man. Stalks/Creeps. In the Red has that Chasm feel that fully matches the aesthetic. I would love everyone else's input however!
  13. ZeMystic

    Earthless: Prelude - RC1 released.

    Great now I have to put off playing all the other wads in my list when this comes out. Thanks jimmy!
  14. ZeMystic

    doom 64 opinions

    It's probably my favorite doom game? Maybe? It's for sure my least played one though. It's way more consistent in quality then any of the other IWADS excluding probably plutonia, and it has fantastic atmosphere. I like the different aesthetic, but I still think I prefer Doom's kind of cartoony look.