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  1. Well.


    As of today it is my 5 year anniversary on Doomworld. I've seen a lot of great things, talked to a lot of great people, and scrapped a lot of great maps.

    I remember signing on to Doomworld to upload a Doom map I was proud enough to release to the public, Europa.wad. Looking back, it's not too great of a map, but at the time I remember being incredibly proud of my techbase with an incredible crate room, as well as custom skybox with Jupiter looking way too small.


    The next map I released was 4 months later. This one I still am proud of, despite the combat being dull. The gray, blue, and metal rooms contrasting the NRFTL inspired hell brick rooms took a lot of effort, and I still fondly remember making the map. Perhaps at some point I'll revisit this map, give it a good touch up or two.


    It would be almost two years before I interact with the community again, this time a deep dive into hosting a community project. Oops! All Techbase was a wild, bumpy ride. While I don't think I'll ever host a community project again, I just can't be bothered, I do think it was a pretty fun experience that got me involved with a decent community. It took an entire year to fully come out, and it showcased a fair amount of my growth as a mapper. Special thanks to @JBerg for uploading to idgames on my behalf, I don't think it'd be up there with out them. 


    It was also around this time I started dipping my toes into MIDI software. I downloaded Anvil Studio, which I still use to this day, and started my hand at composing. My first song isn't that great. I didn't fully understand music to the extent I do now, so there were plenty of mistakes. Namely a 3/4 baseline over 4/4 everything else, and it not sounding too great because of it. Polyrhythms are good when they are intentional lol. I grew a lot musically, even being proud enough to release a MIDI album.


    Throughout the course of my time here on Doomworld I have met a lot of people, a good amount I consider friends.


    @Egg Boy for hosting projects, collecting textures, and for the being the carry through our record breaking Left 4 Dead 2 "speedruns"

    @Bobby "J for good advice and insight when mapping, midi-ing, and monster placing. I can't wait for Bobby to Saturn X.

    @T.Will for having plenty of images for inspiration, and for some absolute bangers of maps. I know it just came out, but Spaghetti Complex and Tozan are some my favorite maps by you.

    @Skronkidonk for having the best bars within the squonker community, as well as being a visionary for fantastic designs and doomcute related sectors.

    @DCG Retrowave for help with anything vanilla and MIDI related. Whether we need a midi checked for compatibility, or if I fucked up a DeHackEd file and need someone to look it over. 

    @AD_79 for some excellent MIDIs, being fucking hilarious, and teaching me the block function on Doomworld exists. The forums are much more peaceful now.


    Also since I'm here, I might as well list my top 5 favorite Wads so far. I will only do one per "series" so three of the five aren't just the scythe series.

    1. Back to Saturn X

    2. Scythe X

    3. Cold Front

    4. Vanguard

    5. SIGIL

    Thank you everyone for my time here on Doomworld, here is to another five years!

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    2. real slush59134

      real slush59134

      thank you for stay-yin here. mate.

    3. JBerg


      Thanks mate, it's been a real pleasure.

    4. DCG Retrowave

      DCG Retrowave

      I love you ZeMystic :D :D :D :O :D

  2. ZeMystic

    Post your Doom textures!

    I absolutely loved how these looked so I palleted them. The first two needed some tweaking (the first one still does outside of the remap tool), the third one turned out awesome, and the fourth isn't as pretty anymore :(
  3. ZeMystic

    Your Top 20 Wads of the past 4 Years

    Thanks @Egg Boy for this image :)
  4. ZeMystic

    DOOM REFIRED: A (WIP) DOOM II Community Project

    This looks absolutely fantastic! can't wait to play the final release y'all.
  5. ZeMystic

    Mayan Reynolds | Now on Idgames

    If we ever make Vigor II, we'll double the evil marines and add the Afrits in. As a treat. I'm glad you had fun with it! Mayan Reynolds was fun to make and it was a blast watching you play through it.
  6. ZeMystic

    Favorite shooter after 2000?

    Alright, small list: - The Entire Halo Franchise, because I grew up on it. Banger soundtrack. - Call of Duty Black Ops II/III because I really enjoyed the Zombies game mode. - Titanfall 2. best single player campaign ever!!1! of all time!!1! - Half Life 2 including it's episodes. They're super fun and I enjoy the puzzles and story it has.
  7. ZeMystic

    Midi and MP3 Albums by Doom Community

    Here is some MIDI albums by @northivanastan Here are some Midi Replacement Packs by @Doomkid and @northivanastan And because I'm not above self-advertising, here is my MIDI album.
  8. I just checked to make sure for E1M5 that it doesn't have inescapable pits, I did tag the elevators for them. I just made them deep because I like falling lol. Also thank you on E2M8, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not fully sure how I'd increase the flow of the map, but I'll be happy to take a look around in the editor before the next beta comes out. Thanks for the notes and feedback @Gokuma!
  9. I don't think I'm too comfortable with our midis being switched without at least asking...
  10. Congratulations on the Idgames release!
  11. @msx2plus those are fucking fantastic.
  12. ZeMystic

    Moonlit District | Now on idgames!

    I think you're missing the point of the phrase still. It's still getting fixed.
  13. Imp in an untagged teleport trap.
  14. ZeMystic

    Member Appreciation Thread

    I appreciate @Clippy and @Biodegradable for playing and recording maps. I appreciate @Doomkid for teaching me how to use WhackEd4 with that one video of his. I appreciate @Egg Boy for making good resource packs and texture edits. And I appreciate you, @TheMagicMushroomMan for making this thread.
  15. ZeMystic

    Doom 1 or 2?

    A real-life skeleton costs $3,000, or a felony. A Doom 2 Skeleton costs 5 doll- fuck it I already did this bit.