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  1. ZeMystic

    Quakecon 2023

    Definitely won't be able to make the trip this year but I do plan on going next time :) I'll try to catch the livestream when I'm free! Have fun at QC23' y'all!
  2. Glad you got this out :) Had a blast playing through this!
  3. Ahhhh, definitely overlooked not shooting at the zombie men. I moved the sound trigger to a different point in the level so that It would be harder to skip! Nice catch! Can't have fucked up looking crates! Those are important! Thank's for the feedback y'all! I went and updated the download link for the new version.
  4. Map name: Getting Drilled Author: ZeMystic Midi title and composer: I Aint Eatin' No Vegetables - ZeMystic Source port used: DSDA Difficulties: Yes Coop starts: Yes A short description of your map (this is optional): A small brown base built with like some rocks and shit. Pretty scythey. DOWNLOAD!!
  5. Played through Surge Disposal to gauge the difficulty. Fun stuff! Can I take the MAP01 or MAP02 slot? which ever you prefer.
  6. ZeMystic

    Why do people make Doom maps?

    My first introduction to mapping was from my dad setting a laptop in front of me with a download link to the first doom builder and an article talking about how game devs are learning level design by creating doom levels. I didn't play with it much because I was like ten or something and anything that uses more than six buttons was confusing. It wasn't until the eighth grade that I took more interest in mapping, after discovering my dad's old copy of Doom '95 in the basement and beating the first two games through the Doomsday source port. With a copy of Zandronum and Doom Builder I attempted to make my first map after skimming through Sublimely Elegant's Doom Builder 2 tutorial. It was obviously steaming dogshit the best map ever made of all time with no flaws what so ever. I spent plenty of free time placing blocks in Minecraft and smacking my sister with tanks in Halo: Reach's Forge mode but nothing was ever this complex; especially since I started with ZDoom in Doom 2 format like the tutorial told me to. In spite of my initial frustrations, something about placing my own linedefs and monsters really grabbed a hold of me. I never had this level of creative freedom before and I felt like I could create whatever the fuck I wanted to make. For the formative years of Middle School and early High School, I wasn't exactly in a good place both at home and in the classroom but I was able to find joy in placing imps in a closet and drawing shapes coated in STARTAN (the best texture of all time). It wasn't until 2017 that I started interacting with the community here on Doomworld and downloading buckets of custom content. I remember being blown away by the mods such as Complex Doom or Brutal Doom, and whatever level set the Zandronum server was using (usually Alien Vendetta). I finally created a Doomworld Account in 2017 (a little over six years ago jfc) and released my first doom map, a pretty generic techbase set on Europa. It got some positive feedback and I ate that shit up. I mapped off-and-on for a few years until I decided that it would be a good idea to host a community project, which you should always do and is always a smart idea. Some how, the project turned out to be a success and through it I met some important people that kept me tied to the community. I can boil down the reason I map into three distinct reasons. First, I have always been a creative spirit and Doom mapping was my first experience of full-blown creativity, the ability to receive feedback, and to have my work acknowledged. Even better, if that work has the slightest bit of an impression as many wads before have had an impression on me. If I die and all I have to show for who I am are the maps I have created, then I will be a happy box of bones. Second, is the connection I have between my hobbies and my dad. My dad was a pretty avid gamer as I grew up and the majority of the hobbies I have now were once held by my dad. He would talk about rocking my rocking chair with his foot while he played Halo: Combat Evolved, or how he and his friend would play the first Team Fortress together with the classic Medic and Heavy Duo. I vividly remember him playing Trick And Traps while using a flight stick like a dumbass and struggling to make the turn because it handled like a tank. I don't think I've ever heard my dad say so many heinous things in such a short timeframe. If it wasn't for him setting the laptop in front of me, I don't think I would be making maps. Third and I think most importantly, is the friends I've met through mapping. I managed to carve a small way into this community and through it, I have met some fantastic people who I look up to and can call my friends. Not just people who I meet occasionally and make maps for, but actual friends who dick around on cowboy game and procrastinate the ever loving shit of their maps. I'm really thankful for the time I've put into mapping and the community I've been a part of for the past six years and I am thankful for the friends I've made and the thing's we've created.
  7. ZeMystic


    I am thoroughly entertained by this level of conspiracy theorizing and I would like to add a bit more to the pile. Among the list of posters in the first few places there are two accounts that are brand-spanking-new after the first release. First is member @downstairs who, on March 3rd, created an account to reply to this forum post with "i beat it in 2 minutes, really quick." and has last logged in on Monday, May 1st. Not much more to say on this account, the only suspicious thing about it is the creation of it and the lack of interaction with other forum posts. More interestingly, is the account who played a role in the original discovery of some key areas. @Speedy Eggbert joined on March 8th after the post started gaining traction. Their first post was a "discovery" of how to retrieve one of the artifacts. Was this a genuine discovery? Or was the author trying to guide our hands through the use of a yellow, skating puppet? Speedy Eggbert's only ever interaction outside of this forum post was a response to a status post about being named after a level editor of a game called Speedy Eggbert. Now who else do we know here that makes levels for video games? We are on to you @Speedy Eggbert(If that even is your real name). We are on to you. @Kevansevans now has the chance for the funniest "your mom" joke of all time.
  8. ZeMystic

    Comfy Maps (or, favourite maps to just exist in)

    The opening room of MAP01 of Ancient Aliens always felt comfy to me. think one of the most important factors in the comfiness of the map is the contrast between the desaturated textures compared to the bright and saturated skybox. The contrast between the small, stone hut being illuminated by two green torches and the dark and compact rock helps bring your eye to where you need to progress, assisted by a small treasure trail of some health vials. The sky texture that has been chosen for the first episode is irreplicable to the mood and atmosphere of the wad, and I can't imagine any other sky being a suitable replacement. Another key factor in the coziness is the ambient wind in place of the midi we get once the actual level starts. The lack of MIDI really lets you take in all the oozing atmosphere of the opening shot and I gobble that shit up like Arby's.
  9. It took me a while to get to playing this with finals week and a new job, but holy shit edz you released another banger! You really paid attention to how encounters would play and designed some delightfully devilish situations. I also appreciate the return of the space ship from your last episode. I hope that this is something that continues in future projects. Keep up the fantastic work!
  10. 1. The Afterman: Descension - Coheed and Cambria 2. Maps of Non-Existent Places - Thank You Scientist 3. Periphery IV: Hail Stan - Periphery 4. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 5. Run The Jewels 3 - Run The Jewels I totally could've added multiple albums done by the same band, but I wanted to keep things interesting.
  11. Every copy of Volumnus is personalized I'm always down for horror, I'd love a copy!
  12. I'm looking forward to this Eduardo! I'm attempting to wait until it's all released in order to play it one go, but I will probably cave in and play level release by level release. It looks absolutely stunning so far!
  13. ZeMystic


    Read through this article, fucking phenomenal guide for players through progressing through the map! Good work Jimmy et al!
  14. ZeMystic


    I've been thinking about writing a guide down, but don't fully know if we've found everything.