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  1. ZeMystic

    What enemies can you make with dehacked.

    I was thinking vanilla only, but dehacked is dehacked go for it
  2. ZeMystic

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

    That's fuckin c u r s e d
  3. Well quake had memorable bosses, becuase there were only two and they sucked.
  4. I have lately dabbled in making custom enemies through dehacked and I was wondering what people have made so far using vanilla dehacked monsters? I made a nightmare imp, just threw a fuzz effect on an imp and made it shoot caco balls. Which replaced the keen enemy.
  5. ZeMystic

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

  6. The day Doom gets turned into a soulsbourne game, it'll be too late for me.
  7. ZeMystic

    Most replayable games

    If someone put a gun against my head and told me to beat Arena again, i'd probably just get shot. At least until OpenTESArena is finished. Also for my games i'd pick: -The majority of the Halo series. -Half-Life. -Dark Souls 1 (haven't beat the other two yet, so I can't form an opinion.) -Minecraft (huge zoomerâ„¢) -The Elder Scrolls Series, except the aforementioned. (Including Battlespire.) -Most Doom Engine games, (haven't beaten hexen or heretic.) -DUSK (top tier boomer shooter) -Rocksmith is fun for guitarists, so like guitar hero and stuff for those. -Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  8. The DOOM II bestiary is a work of art, being recognizable from a distance. You've heard the spiel before, so I'm not gonna continue preaching what you already know. If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic, what would it be? What would it look like, what does it do, etc?
  9. ZeMystic

    Is this the total canon for the life and times of Doomguy?

    the TNT Truck better be canon or we riot
  10. ZeMystic

    Post your Doom textures!

    Have anybody in game pics, that looks stunning
  11. ZeMystic

    Post your Doom textures!

    Thats fucking cursed, thanks!
  12. ZeMystic

    Help finding a tree texture.

    That's one way to do it!
  13. ZeMystic

    Help finding a tree texture.

    You are a beautiful boy. Thank you.
  14. ZeMystic

    Help finding a tree texture.

    I have been working on a small side project, and wanted to find a texture that was a wall of trees, similar to the tree walls in dusk. I have searched a good bit of Realm667, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know where I could find a texture like this?
  15. ZeMystic

    Drums not working in MBF through Dosbox.

    It is 2.04, and it runs on windows fine, but through magic dosbox its being a huge pain