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  1. ZeMystic

    I made another map!

    I've never been good with monster placement and health placement. I just placed what felt doom 2-ish. Doubling the monster. Would be a great idea. Leave the current monster set for Hurt Me Plenty. The pinkies in the switch room could be changed, maybe some projectile monsters. As well with the looting, I'll find a more creative idea for it.
  2. ZeMystic

    I made another map!

    Hi guys! Remember me!? No? Fantastic. I made a neat map again. This is meant for singleplayer, and co-op, and is played with PrBoom+ I think it plays fine, lemme know what you guys think! To download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1c0d5g50r4mu787/test.wad?dl=0
  3. ZeMystic

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Is there a version that runs on Windows 95?
  4. ZeMystic

    Thoughts on HDOOM?

    How the hell do you wiggle eyebrows? :P
  5. ZeMystic

    [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    This is easily a 10/10 so beautifully done, all of it fits so well and works perfectly. Please never stop making maps.
  6. ZeMystic

    My first doom map!

    Hey suitepee, thanks for testing out my map! I noticed in the description of the stream archive, you played delta domain! I was actually invited onto this project so thats always nice. I gave you a follow, and i look forward to watching your streams!
  7. Running games on an android device has always been a fetish for me. The ability to play anything, anywhere is amazing! Lately I have been thinking about doom on android (Yes I know D-Touch is a thing.) But would if an official port of Doom came to be on Android. What would the touch screen controls look like?
  8. ZeMystic

    Does anyone here know of some good doom wads for a newbie?

    Ancient Aliens isn't a newbie beginner wad, That wad is hard as hell. Do you know the pain of mike tysoning an arch vile with out a zerk pack
  9. ZeMystic

    My first doom map!

    Thank you so much, Phade102. I spent my morning fixing the issues you saw in my map. I feel both the shotgun and chain gun should be used, but I added shell boxes in the exit room, for use in the next level. I removed the Computer Area Map secret. I removed the obvious texture change in the Supercharge secret, The window in the yellow key hallway was enough hinting towards it. I fixed the deaf imp, and the crate textures. Fixed the texture misalignment in the Yellow Key hallway. Also added an extra little surprise in the Yellow Key hallway. The outdoor area now has a big beautiful wall, and i raised the area outside the wall to have the Cacodemons still there. Thank you for your feedback. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b45lsff3ixratu9/Europa.wad?dl=0
  10. ZeMystic

    My first doom map!

    Hi! I am ZeMystic. This is my first finished DooM map. It ain't long, and it isn't too difficult. Id love some feed back. Id reccomend playing with GZDoom or Zandronum. EDIT: New version up! https://www.dropbox.com/s/b45lsff3ixratu9/Europa.wad?dl=0