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  1. Hello Just wanted to share something weird that happened to me today. I was trying to make a door just a while ago, and when i tested the map and opened it this appeared. That wall/texture was also operable and when it slid up it was dragging the corridor behind it upwards as well, as if the sector behind the door was also part of it. Also strange was the fact that if i opened the door from the opposite side, it worked as intended. I suspect that it might have to do with "lower unpegged" settings or whatever, i still need to check more closely. Sorry about low brightness.
  2. Sorry for not checking in for a while. Yes, i was getting really frustrated because i had tried a bit of doom builder 2 last year and i had no such problems with brightness. I haven't made any progress in the past few days because of work but i want to get back to it soon. Thanks for the help so far :)
  3. Oh, ok, thanks a lot. One problem i ran into yesterday had to do with changing a sector's brightness using ctrl+mouse wheel. Every time i entered visual mode or tested the map no changes in brightness were visible, even though the brightness does change in the top view mode. Sorry for asking such basic questions. Cheers.
  4. Just one more question: if/when i have questions regarding doom 64 mapping specifically, is there an ideal place where i should ask them?
  5. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  6. ACS, Macros, things i need to look into, i guess, since i'm at a bit of a loss. Opening the specific maps in the editor sounds like a good idea but i don't know how to do that :( Opening the Doom64 wad file doesn't yield a map list. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello. I wanted to begin learning some Doom 64 mapping but it seems that tutorials for this particular installment are non existent. I just wanted to ask if following a doom builder 2 tutorial might be worth it or if it is a waste of time in this context. There seem to be some differences, mainly the sector lighting controls, which i haven't figured out yet. By the way, I got the editor form the official DoomEX site, by Kaiser. Thanks in advance.