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  1. Agnes

    imp :P

    Well, I'll welcome more drawings from you if you take criticism to heart and put some effort into it next time. If you don't want advice, don't post your drawings here.
  2. Agnes

    The Devil's Work

    Truly excellent. Love that grungy look and the choice of colors, which makes the red more apparent.
  3. I found some old code of mine from about two years back and decided to see if it was still viable. The shotgun seems to work, but there were some minor issues with the USP 9mm, so I decided to remove it for now. One room with a demon thrown in for good measure. About 700 words total. Heh Story file and interpreters in case ZPlet doesn't behave. Type 'help' if you're not familiar with IF.
  4. Agnes

    Long Overdue Art Thread

    Depends on how slight, I guess. The latter would be the safest (and may boost your traffic ;)) Great cybie and mancubus, BTW.
  5. Agnes

    Does your dad play Doom 3?

    No such luck. I talked him into playing Zork once, and I think that's the closest I'll get.
  6. Agnes

    Interactive story!

    >Take the unlocked door Taken. :P But seriously, if you're only going to provide a few choices each turn, you should make sure they make sense.
  7. Agnes

    Another art contest?

    Well, if there's a genuine interest for another contest, I'm sure it could be arranged :) I'd prefer the writing contest to end first, though, in case someone would mind having both contests running at the same time (if they'd like to enter both, I mean).
  8. Agnes


    No, it'll be a proper text adventure where you'll use commands like go, examine, take, drop, ask, tell, etc.
  9. Agnes


    Very nice and detailed. If you added some stronger highlights and more defined shadows in order for it to pop out more, it would really be something. It seems a bit flat now. Also, if you added a darker background, the fire would dominate more.
  10. Agnes


    I've actually sized it down a bit this time. It might be that the rest of the body is too wide, so it makes the head seem smaller in comparison. Proportions according to Loomis
  11. Agnes


    Thanks :) Heh. Well, you're a systems engineer hired to lead the design and implementation of the computer system of a lunar research station. Suddenly, you find yourself reconstructed by the computer, which would mean that your original self has died. With no memory of the last few hours, you must find out what happened. Then things get nasty.
  12. Agnes

    A crap load of Doom sketches

    The first one is the best, IMO. The grimy colors look like they've been taken straight from a Doom screenshot. More, please :D
  13. Agnes

    Quake Fiend model

    Awesome :D You seriously need to get yourself a better camera so you can do these justice.
  14. Agnes


    Well, these last couple of months, I've been working on some interactive fiction heavily inspired by system shock 2. Creepy people running around with wrenches in dark corridors and that sort of stuff, but a little closer to our own time. My brother wanted me to illustrate it, but the locations alone will amount to more than thirty illustrations if I decide to do them all, so I'm trying not to spend that much time on them. Here are the six I have so far... Two rooms + outside